You are being MANIPULATED out of your money and Don't Know it.

In 99% of the cases, the donations you make to a cause are not 'free will' donations, they are manipulated out of you by someone who understands the moment they can make you feel like the victim feels or can make you feel like you could be that kind of victim someday, you will donate money to their cause.  In other words, they use your emotions against you without you being aware of it. They use your emotions to separate you from your money.  This is called 'emotional manipulation'

This practice of emotionally manipulating money out of you is not uncommon. Many people who want your money, whether it is for a 'cause' or to get you to buy a retail product, will use your emotions without your permission to get you to do what they want you to do because they want you to do it, which is spending money on their cause, product or service.  

Making emotional financial decisions is the #1 reason why people have financial problems. Look at your life and you will see that if you didn't spend money emotionally, you would be financially prosperous today. 


I apologize for asking for donations because I am forbidden to ask for them.  How I know that to be true is that is every time I ask for them, I get this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I get this guilt feeling that I am violating a family rule, a rule that says when I ask for a donation I am asking for charity and in my family receiving charity was a big no, no.  

My family was very prideful and would not allow other people to contribute to their welfare in any way. This was something I didn't understand back then and I don't understand to this day. However, when I ask for donations, I am not asking for charity, I am asking you to exchange a little bit of your energy with me.  You see money represent 'energy' to me.  I spend energy writing these articles. You spend energy making the money you do and when you donate money to me because you have found 'genuine value' in my writing, we have exchanged a little bit of energy with one another.  

If you want to donate to me because you found that the information I just shared with you has genuine value for you, donate now.  Suggested donation $5.00,  $10.00, $25.00 or $50.00

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