The Attitude that Guarantees Your SUCCESS


When all else fails you, persistence will see you through to the success you want. There is nothing like persistence to wear away the obstacles and roadblocks that are between you and what you want.  More importantly, your action of 'persistence' sends a loud and clear message to the universe that you will not be denied and upon hearing your 'intention' strongly worded, the universe begins working behind the scenes of your life orchestrating people and events in your favor so your success is guaranteed. 

                                 --- Frederick Zappone

I know a lot about success and as a result of the immense amount of knowledge I have acquired over the years about achieving success,  my Feeling Good (No Matter What) Newsletter was born.  

My newsletter isn't for everyone.  It is for people who are committed to achieving the success they want, no matter what. The newsletter is for people who understand the better you feel, the easier it is to think creatively and the easier it is to solve problems.

In this day and age with so much negativity in the air, a tool like my newsletter, will give you the 'slight edge' over your competition. When others are focused on the negativity around them, you will continue to achieve great success during hard times. The reason you will is because my newsletter will keep you focused on the one thing that makes all the difference between your success and failure, in life, and that is your persistent attitude of excellence in all that you say and do.


Subscribe now to my Feeling Good Newsletter. A subscription to my newsletter normally runs $50.00 a year but as a reader of my Inspired Living blog, for a limited period of time, you can subscribe to my newsletter for $15.00.   -- Frederick Zappone 

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