Take Charge of Your Emotional Health.

We experience life through our emotions and feelings.  Everything that happens to us impacts how we feel and how we feel impacts our health. Contrary to what many people believe, feelings and emotions are not some mystery to be endured, they are our most valuable asset to be explored and understood.  

The short and sweet of it is this; feelings are our 'internal guidance system'.  Good feelings means we are thinking thoughts and taking actions that are moving us towards what we want. Bad feelings means we are thinking thoughts and taking actions that are moving us away from what we want.  

One of the biggest problems people have with their feelings is that, often times, their 'emotional system' gets so overwhelmed by people, events and circumstances that they don't know what to make of what they feel. When you feel overwhelmed, confused or in heavy doubt, that means your 'inner guidance system' is not working properly. And much like the hard drive on your computer when it is not working properly, you have to reboot your feelings to get your emotional system in good working order again.

During my growing up years since the people in my life rarely talked about feelings and emotions, I was left on my own to figure out what all of my feelings meant, especially the negative ones.  What I discovered is that most people didn't understand their negative feelings. In fact, most people were afraid of their negative feelings. As a result they would numb, medicate and sedate their feelings with pills, booze, food or prescription drugs.  They would do this rather than take the time to understand why they felt the way they did.  And because people weren't taking the time to understand their feelings, people were overdosing on drugs, commiting suicide, or taking the lives of others in record numbers.

As a result of observing how people treated their own feelings and not liking the price they were paying to medicate and sedate their feelings, over time, I became a self made expert on feelings and emotions. 

As a result of the knowledge I acquired over the years,  my Feeling Good, No Matter What, Newsletter was born.  My newsletter is for people who want to better understand the part their feelings play in regards to their infallible inner guidance system. My newsletter is for people who no longer wish to be depressed.  It is for people who wish to eliminate fear and doubt from their lives. It is for people who want to heal the hurt, humiliation and shame they experienced as a child. Finally, my newsletter is for people who want to supercharge their attitude and re-ignite the fire and passion within them that makes living life the grand adventure it is meant to be..

My newsletter is also for parents who want to make sure their children grow up to be emotionally healthy and emotionally strong.  My newsletter is for people who have been hurt, abused, used and misunderstood by other people. My newsletter is for people who want to strengthen their emotional system so no one outside themselves has the power to hurt them again and yet at the same time be able to keep their heart's open to receiving all the love from others they can handle...

The moment a person can make you react emotionally, in an negative way, is the moment, they have power over you.  My newsletter shows people how to take back any power they have inadvertently given away to others down through the years.


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