How I'm Handling My Fears About AMERICAN Politics

I am no different than a lot of people, what is going on in American politics is scaring me.. What's worse is that the American people are scaring me.  We as a nation have become so divided in our thoughts and political beliefs about Trump that fear mongering in America is at an all time high. We have lost our ability to be civil with one another about our differences of opinion over Trump.  

The truth be told, I don't know what to believe these days because everyone seems to be twisting the facts for their own purposes. I honestly don't know if Trump is a saint or a sinner, only time will tell. In the meantime, I choose not to participate in conversations with people that could increase my fears about American politics.


When I feel fear, I don't resist it, I allow it to harmlessly pass me by like clouds in the sky and it does.  My journey on the path of self-love taught me how to do that. My journey taught me that when I am living in fear I am not loving myself, I am abusing myself.

The biggest lesson I learned, on my self-love journey,  is that fear is only a problem for me when I resist it. In fact, when I resist fear it grows in strength and power over me. It causes me to become stressed out and if I don't rein in my fears they can make me a basket case.  However, when I face my fears head on they dissolve naturally.

The other lesson I learned on my self-love journey was to trust and honor my positive feelings more than I was honoring and trusting my negative feelings. I was giving my negative feelings way too much power, in my life, causing me many a sleepless night. 

I learned that I had somehow allowed myself to become afraid of my very own thoughts and feelings and the fear of my own thoughts and feelings didn't end until I starting embracing my fears. 

I did that by literally loving my fears to death. By doing that I starting loving my fears right out of existence. 

It was when I got sick and tired of being afraid and scared of every little thing that I embarked on my personal self-love journey where I would learn to love everything about myself that, in the past, I had resisted, disliked or hated in some way.

Because of my self-love journey I have learned how to live in peace and harmony with the good and bad parts of me, with both the saint and sinner sides of me.

For those of you are who interested everything I learned about making fear disappear from my life I put my experiences on how I did that into a program I created called the 21 Day Self-Love Program, you can read about it by clicking here.


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