Unhappiness is an 'Alert Signal' You Are Off Your PATH

We all have an unique path to travel through life that will give us all the benefits, perks and rewards our heart yearns for if we stay true to our path. Problems for us begin when we believe the path another person (celebrity, athlete, etc.) is traveling is better than our own.  

You see if you believe the path another person is traveling will get you the love, health, fame or fortune you want faster than your own path, that is when unhappiness with your own path sets in. 

Believing another person's path is better than your own is the first great act of self-sabotage.  You see if you loved yourself sufficiently, you would clearly see the path you are on is the perfect path for you and will allow you to achieve all the health, wealth and prosperity you can handle.

Being unhappy about anything is an alert signal that you are moving off of your own path. Moving off your own path will result in you thinking the wrong thoughts and take the wrong actions for you.  

These wrong thoughts (and the actions you take as a result of those thoughts) will continue to flood your mind until you quit following the path other people are on and get back on your own path. 

It is only by traveling your own unique path that you will find the freedom to be a 'full blown you' and achieve the success you want doing what makes you happy and makes you feel really good about being you.

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