Unhappy? Dissatisfied? Don't Know What To Do About It?

Comment: I am unhappy and I am not sure what to do about it?

Answer: Don't do anything about it. Don't judge yourself for being unhappy and don't try to run away from it. Just be with it. 

Chances are you are unhappy because you have been so busy pursuing something you thought would make happy but in reality the 'pursuit of it' has made you more unhappy than you were before you started.

Many people use their unhappiness to motivate themselves to become happy.  If you are unhappy, using your unhappiness to help you achieve something you think will make you happy will only make you unhappier. 

Instead of being unhappy about being unhappy or resisting your unhappiness which will only make you more unhappy, be with it. 

STOP,  BREATHE and be with your unhappiness. 

If you do that, you will notice your unhappiness is either a result of you doing something you really don't want to do OR it is because you are pursuing something that is just not yours to have.

To be happy, you first have to OBSERVE or notice what you are doing that is making you unhappy and then do the opposite of it.  That's the simplest and most effective solution to your unhappiness. Notice what is making you unhappy and then do the opposite of it. For example.

If waiting for something is making you unhappy, don't wait.
If wanting something is making you unhappy then don't want.
If doing nothing is making you unhappy, do something.
If you judge yourself harshly, allow those judgments to pass you by.
If thinking too much is making you unhappy, think less.

You get the idea, stop and think what is making you unhappy and then do the opposite of it and your happiness will be restored to you.

AUTHOR NOTE: I know this is a stupid article, at least my 'super critical mind' judges it to be that way but that's all I got this morning.  

I am not going to make myself unhappy because I don't have a better piece of writing to give you or because my super critical mind has just judged what I sharing with you as something stupid. 

My happiness is dependent on me loving and accepting myself, exactly as I am, moment by moment, rather than making myself wrong for how I am thinking and feeling in any given moment of time.. That's why when my mind is being super critical of what I am doing, I don't make myself wrong for my mind judging me, I simply accept it and allow the unwanted judgment to harmlessly pass me by, like clouds in the sky, and it does.

Unconditionally Loving The IMPERFECT You

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