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What do you do when you feel lower than a snake's belly and all of your mental tricks to getting yourself back into that feeling good state of mind again FAIL YOU?  The first thing you do is you don't resist it.  

Your resistance to your mind driving you crazy gives the negativity your mind is dishing out to you more power over you..  

It is only our resistance to the negative stuff  going off in our heads that gives it the power to consume us and turn us into anxiety-ridden, insecure, suicidal, scared little kids.  Feeling that way is not the problem, our resistance to feeling that way is.


Right now for reasons I do not fully understand my mind is dishing out 'negative trash' to me left and right.  I can't stop it and I cannot reason with it. Any attempt to do so makes it louder and stronger.

However when I embrace* those negative thoughts, no matter how petrifying and scary they may be, they loosen their grip on me.  

* Embrace means to accept something willingly. 

To embrace unwanted thoughts take a step back and become the non-judgmental OBSERVER of them... Observe your thoughts like you would observe the action taking place on your TV screen. 

In my case as the OBSERVER of my own thoughts I see drama unfolding, not in my life, but between my ears.

The Mental DRAMA unfolding between my ears.

My greatest physical weakness has always been my teeth. Every other part of my body I have been able to 'process and heal' on my own but my teeth are a different story. This is a result of being severely traumatized by dentists during my childhood.  


I have something going on with one of my teeth that holds the 'bridge' in my mouth in place. I fear losing it because if I lose it that means I will need dental implants. The thought of needing dental implants brings up my fear of not having enough money to pay for them. 

That fear triggers my fear of not knowing how to generate money from my writings to meet an unexpected financial obligation. That fear triggers my fear of going into debt which then triggers my fear of going around with no upper teeth if I don't go into debt.  That fear is then followed up with the fear of people seeing me without teeth. That fear  triggers the shame I will feel for not having teeth or the money to pay for them. 

The problem with 'fear triggering fear' is after a while your fears begin to overwhelm you. This makes you feel like you're going to die if you don't immediately solve the problem that triggered fear in you in the first place.


At this point I have two choices in regards to successfully dealing with my feelings of fear. I can either get caught up in the mental drama that is playing itself out in my head or I can become the OBSERVER of it and pretend I am watching a scary movie of my own creation. As the 'observer' of my mind's drama, I feel inspired and empowered to become bigger it. However if I keep myself embedded in my thoughts, I will end up feeling discouraged and defeated and become the victim of it.

Frederick Zappone

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