How To STOP Your MIND from Making You A Victim

If you want to become the master of your mind, you must first become the skillful OBSERVER of it.  This takes practice but it is so worth it.

Being the OBSERVER of your mind is the ability to step back from thinking about the 'thoughts' running through your mind to simply OBSERVING them. You observe the thoughts running through your mind the same way you observe children at play in the park. You sit quietly somewhere as a spectator and watch your thoughts float into your mind and then back out again.  

Watching the positive thoughts is easy to do. It is not so easy to watch the negative thoughts because your fearful 'reflex reaction' to them is to run away from them rather than OBSERVE them.

The trouble with trying to run from your negative thoughts is that you can't.  They will hunt you down with the ferociousness and appetite of a hungry lion until you pay attention to them by OBSERVING them.


Negative thoughts and feelings have no power over you at all. They have  ZERO power over you except for the power you give them.  

When you are thinking about the negative thoughts running through your mind that is when you are an active participant with your mind rather than an independent OBSERVER of it. It is during those times that you unwittingly (thoughtlessly) give negative thoughts power over you. 

The negative thoughts your mind serves up to you, without your conscious permission, are both powerful and convincing because they are thoughts living in your subconscious mind outside your immediate conscious control. Negative thoughts living in the subconscious mind  will always be stronger and more powerful than the positive thoughts in your conscious mind until you STOP agreeing with them.

Thoughts living in your subconscious mind have lived there a lot longer than the positive thoughts living in your conscious mind. Some of your negative thoughts  have been living in your subconscious mind for years. Those thoughts  remain in your subconscious mind because you give them power over you by agreeing with them. For a negative thought to make you feel bad, you have to agree with it. It is not possible for a negative thought to make you feel bad once you quit agreeing with it.

Negative thoughts are LIES about yourself that you have accepted, down through the years, as the truth about you.


First the bad news, any time you agree with a negative thought you give that thought power over you.  Now for the good news. 

As the OBSERVER of your negative thoughts you are no longer giving them power over you. Instead your are allowing those thoughts to come up into the LIGHT of your conscious mind where they will dissolve naturally if you allow them to harmlessly pass you by like clouds in the sky. This takes practice, lots of it, but it is worth it because this practice will make you the master of your mind rather than continuing to go through  life being victimized by it. - Frederick Zappone

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