Worry Your Way to PEACE Of Mind (Paradox Explained)

Worry your way to a peaceful state of mind sounds like a paradox but it's one paradox easily explained. Let's begin with a little bit of science.

Science has discovered that our brain translates every thought we think into a chemical equivalent and then delivers those chemicals (for better or worse) to every major organ of our body by way of a messenger molecule. This explains why we feel the way they do.  This discovery has enormous implication in our lives. Let me explain.

Every time we worry our brain translates those thoughts into bad chemicals that are then delivered to every major organ of our body by way of the messenger molecule. These bad chemicals compromise our immune system and makes us susceptible to serious illness.  

Our body when not compromised with 'worry thoughts' has an AMAZING ability to heal itself. That, in part, explains why some people with terminal cancer are able to achieve fully restored health.  

I have interviewed several people who made a complete recovery from 'terminal cancer' and to a person they told they gave up worry thoughts completely. They credit giving up worry thoughts along with forgiving themselves and others (for the things that have gone wrong in their life) as the reasons they achieved fully restored health.

From my conversations with these cancer survivors and from my own personal 'life experiences' I can tell you the easiest way to give up worry thoughts is to worry like hell. 🌝 I shall explain.

Telling someone who is worrying that worry is not good for them or that they shouldn't worry when they are worried is ludicrous.  When you tell them such nonsense you are really asking to squash or pretend they are not worried when they are.

The quickest way through worry is to go with it rather than resist it.  You see when you resist 'worry thoughts' they increase in strength and power over until you have no control over your worry thoughts at all. However, if you really get into worry, if consciously worry, your worry thoughts will starting melting away from you like magic..  

Let say you are worried that you might have cancer. Instead of resisting that worry, really, really get into it per this example

I am afraid I have cancer, I am really, really afraid I have cancer. What if I have cancer, I might die if I have cancer. 

I am so terrified of cancer. Why am I so terrified of cancer? 

Everyone has told me what an awful disease cancer is, they advertise it on TV all the time so I must fear it.  

But if I fear cancer doesn't that make my fear grow stronger and gain in strength and power over me?  

Okay, I am afraid I have cancer but I don't want to go to the doctor's because they are paid to find things wrong with me.  

But I should go to the doctor's because everyone says I should but it is my life and I don't want to go. 

Would I go to the doctor's if I was not afraid I had cancer. 

If I was not afraid I had cancer, I wouldn't be worried about having cancer. And if I wasn't worried about having cancer I would have no reason to go to the doctor.  

Is my fear of cancer causing me to create cancer inside of me. Have I already created cancer inside of me. If one person cured themselves of cancer, I can too.  

I have nothing to fear but my own thoughts and boy do I ever fear my own thoughts. I need to stop fearing them.

I either have cancer or I don't. If I don't, I have nothing to worry about and if I do, worry won't make it better. What should I do, what should I do... I am so confused. 

Is my resistance to my of fear of cancer causing me to create cancer inside of me?  It feels like it is but what do I know I am just a stupid person who doesn't know much of anything.

Stupid or not, it is my life, I have to do what feels right for me to do regardless of what other people think. I have seen too many people I know have cancer who went the traditional way and died from the toxic chemical they were given.

Cancer is big business, a multi-billion dollar industry, they have no profit motive to cure cancer. They talk about the people they save from cancer but they never talk about the people who die of cancer because of the toxic poisons they take to kill the cancer. Besides, if I have cancer, whether I live or die, the professionals still get paid. 

No one can have the interest I have in saving my own life, I have to decide what is best for me. If I turn over the health of my body to a doctor. If I give up all responsibility for my body getting well and its dies because I trusted a doctor rather than myself, it is no sweat off  the doctor's nose if I die.. His life goes on...

I could use the doctor as my consultant but be the person who makes the final decision about what's best for my body. I could do that or I could just quit worrying about it and go on with living my life. 

I have read of people with terminal cancer who did just that and in the process of giving up worry and going on with their life their cancer went POOF for reasons the doctors cannot explain

I don't want to go to war with my body. I want to live in peace and harmony with my body. I need to think better thoughts about my body...
Keep your rambling worry dialogue up until you either get bored with the worry or you begin to feel lighter and brighter instead of heavier and depressed when you are resisting your worry.

The alternative to really get into worrying about a situation is to use worry as an ALERT signal to shift your focus to thoughts and actions that make you feel good about being you.  

If worry has got you by the throat, going through it, as described above is the fastest way to get out of it.  If you got questions about going through worry to dissolve it, post a comment below.

“If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something about it, then there is no need to worry. If it's not fixable, then there is no help in worrying. There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever.” ― Dalai Lama XIV

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” “Worrying is carrying tomorrow's load with today's strength- carrying two days at once. It is moving into tomorrow ahead of time. Worrying doesn't empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”― Corrie ten Boom

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