God is my SOURCE for everything, Money Too!

God is the source of the money and love I receive from other people.  He picks and chooses who will love me and give me the money I need to pay my bills. And because I fully trust God, He lavishes me with love and money from sources unexpected, unexpectedly.

Anything that is hard in my life for me to do, God does for me. I always do what I can do and what I cannot do, God always does for me. 

My job is to be grateful for God and to keep him alive (conscious) in my own life. My job is not to convince other people God exist.

My job is to keep myself open to the love, protection and guidance that God offers me every moment of every single day of my life. 

My job is to share the God of my understanding with other people and let them decide if what is true for me about God is also true for them. 

My job is not to argue with people who think about God differently than I do. My job is to love all people exactly as they are, exactly the way God loves me, unconditionally for all eternity
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