Why I Fully Trust God.

Here are a few things I know for sure about God. 

God is not something we have to prove to others. It is only something we have to prove to ourselves. And once we prove to ourselves that God is real there is no need to prove to others what is true for us. 

You cannot see God but you can feel his presence, power and energy coursing through your veins. God is not judgmental. God only wants us to be happy.  God is not found in religion, He is found in our hearts.

God is kind, benevolent, fair and just. He protects us at all times and under all circumstances if we fully trust HIM.  The reason I fully trust God is because when I do, I always feel good about being me. When I don't fully trust God, I feel rotten about being me.


Just because we fully trust God doesn't mean that we don't have to do our part to make our life a heaven on earth because we do. Any thought you think or action you take that makes you feel good about being you is you living and working in harmony with the power, presence, an intelligence of God living within you. 

There is nothing that can separate us from God 'grace and power' except thoughts of fear. Thoughts of fear  cut us off from God's power, guidance and protection. This explains why we feel so vulnerable and alone when we we thinking  and/or entertaining thoughts of fear. 

For myself when 'fear thoughts' start to overwhelm my mind, I turn them over to God to handle for me and then go about thinking thoughts and doing things that make me feel good about being me.

 - Frederick Zappone

Self-Love Thought Mastery Program

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