Seeing My Circumstances the Way GOD Sees Them

I feel I am blessed to see the circumstances of my life from God's point of view rather than my own. For example, while many people see obstacles, roadblocks and sickness as a problem or a curse, I see them as God's way of slowing me down to enjoy life more. 

I see obstacles, roadblocks and sickness as opportunities to improve my thinking so I can bless my problems rather than curse them.  

I have observed that when I bless my money troubles God turns my lack of money into abundance. I have also observed God turning my fears into love and my sickness into health.. This happens every time I am willing to bless my troubles rather than curse them.

It is my experience that all troubles are gifts in disguise. When I bless my troubles I am invoking the power of God/Universe to show me the good side to something that I have judged to be bad. 

Once I do that I let go of my judgment and focus exclusively on those things that make me feel good about being me.  

In the process of doing that, often times, something that I have judged to be bad simply disappears from my life for no logical reason I can explain or it turns into something good for me in very mysterious ways.

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