Taming the 'Pity POOR Me' Part of Our Mind

We all have a 'pity poor me' part to our mind.  The way you tame it is not by resisting it but by embracing* it like you would embrace a small child who just scraped his knee.  Resisting the 'pity poor me' part of our mind makes it stronger and makes it persist longer.

*Embraces means to accept something willingly. 

When you catch yourself in the 'pity poor me' frame of mind, go with it. Write down what the pitiful part of you is saying to the grown up part of you.  Shower it with compassion, understanding and love the same way you shower a small child when they have been wounded in some way. And just like a small child who has been cared for, you will find yourself naturally easing back into that feeling good state of mind again. 🌝

Frederick Zappone

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