Why Feeling Bad NEVER gets us Anything GOOD.

Feeling bad every time I didn't get the results I wanted delayed me getting the results I wanted and in worst case situations prevented me from getting the results I wanted altogether.

I would support people in feeling bad if it moved them even one inch closer to getting what they want but it doesn't, it moves them miles away from what they want. Feeling bad is the way people keep what they want at a distance from themselves, always just outside their reach.

The only reason people feel bad is because they carry the 'mistaken belief' that somehow, some way, feeling bad will get them what they want.

That mistaken belief comes from being a child when the adults in our lives would shut us up by giving into our bad attitude and give us what we wanted rather than training us in accordance with how 'universal law' works.

The Universe doesn't reward bad feeling with good things. the Universe rewards bad feelings by making us feel worse. It only rewards good things to us when we feel good. 
Conscious mind DIRECTS, Subconscious Mind DELIVERS


Things going WRONG, Push the RESET Button

When things go wrong as they sometimes do.
When things aren't going according to plan.
When people are disappointing you.

Go to the RESET position.

This is the position that makes the
things going wrong in your life, turn out right.

Question: What is the RESET position?

Answer: The reset position is:


Repeat it over and over again to yourself when things aren't going according to plan or are outside of your control.

The best way to repeat it to yourself. over and over again is to record it on your phone and play it over and over again using a headset while doing other things. I am doing it right now as I write this message to you..


1. Whether you totally accept or believe in the words I LOVE AND APPROVE OF MYSELF, they will calm you down.

2. They will keep you from focusing on DON'T WANT.

3. They will connect you to Source (the organizing intelligence of the universe) is very real and tangible ways.

4. No matter how badly you feel before you employ the RESET position, after you ACTIVATE the reset button you will begin to feel peaceful and centered once again. You will begin to feel your real power once again.

Do I have things that go wrong in my life?  Of course I do. The difference between myself and many other people is I don't make things worse by having a bad attitude about it.  The moment I noticed things going wrong that are outside my control, I revert to the RESET position and stay there until things start going right again and they always do.

The RESET position takes you back to the position where you experience yourself as perfect in every way. It is the state of your wholeness.

The Reset position is the way you were when you were born into this world before your mind became programmed with information that made you doubt, then forget your own magnificence, brilliance and power. 



My 'Real Life' GRATITUDE experience.

I want to share with you my 'real life' experience of the INCREDIBLE 'attracting power' that comes from the attitude of gratitude.

I made the decision to make my 21 Day Self-Love program available to people for a donation in the amount of a person's choosing. I did this so money would never stop anyone from benefiting from my life experiences if they wanted to take advantage of them.

I receive donations as low as $.01 for my program. 

And I express gratitude for the smallest donations I receive. I also treat people who donated little money, for my program. as if they had donated lots of money.  Why?

My gratitude for small donations and treating the people the same as if they had made a large donation, attracts larger donations to me from other people who already have the prosperity mind-set.

As I have discovered, you cannot out give the generosity of this generous universe in which we live. If you are generous with your money and grateful for the money you have, the universe gives you more.

The trick in being grateful is that you must find a sincere way, in your heart, to be grateful for small amounts of money you receive if you want to see small amounts of money turn into large amounts.

As an example of what I am talking about. The story from my blog (see link below) will help you be grateful for little money so you will end up attracting all the money you need. To read the article, click on the title:

2 Cents made Him a MILLIONAIRE



How I Make All Negative Thoughts Go POOF!

Negative thoughts are like a bunch of WHINY little kids screaming at you:

 'LOOK AT ME, look at me, pay ATTENTION to me'...


Negative thoughts are never quiet, they are always rude and intrusive. There sole purpose is to get us 'off our game' and have us focus on what we don't want rather than what we DO WANT.

Don't let them....

Negative thoughts operate independently of who we are. They operate on automatic pilot outside our conscious control. The negative thoughts we experience are not our thoughts at all but the thoughts of others masquerading as our thoughts, pay them no attention at all.

I do that by recording the one thought I currently want to FOCUS my attention on and play it over and over again while I do others things.

For example, as I am writing this message to you I have my headset on playing the one thought I want to currently manifest into my physical reality.  I am playing it over and over again for three reasons.

FIRST, because it is what I want. It is a 'feel good thought; that only makes me feel better and better as I listen to it over and over again.

SECOND, replaying it over and over again keeps me centered and free of all negative thoughts because the recording is louder than the little negative voice in my head that loves trying to rain on my parade.

THIRD, I know it is my Conscious mind that DIRECTS and it is my Subconscious Mind that DELIVERS the results I want 

Playing my thought/intention over and over again is anchoring what I want in my subconscious mind. Once that happens, what I want immediately begins manifesting itself into my physical reality.

The thought I am playing over and over again is simple and it is real for me.... When playing thoughts to anchor in your subconscious keeps them simple and real for you in present time. This is my simple thought.

I am receiving donations, in abundance,
right now, for my 21 Day Self-Love program

Make it REAL in your mind and it has no choice but to manifest itself into your physical reality because the LAW is: Everything is created twice, first mentally, then physically.


My Happy Easter Intention For You

My intention is for you to have all the money you want. 

I want it to come to you easily with no effort or struggle at all.  I want you to no longer have any issues or fear around money. I want you to experience as much joy paying your bills and taxes as you do spending money or receiving money from sources unexpected, unexpectedly. I want financial prosperity to never again be an issue for you. 

Money gives you the physical freedom to come and go as you please. To travel the world over and to share your abundance with others.

The Universe expresses its love to us in many different ways and that includes money. Money can be an individualized expression of the Universe's love for you if you are willing to ALLOW it to be so for you.

Money is not all the evil things people call it. Money is harmless, in and by itself, it is our intentions that gives money a good or bad name.

I have never had a money problem in my entire life...

I have had self-love problems in relationship to money but never a money problem.  You see, people use money for many reasons and that includes as a excuse to love themselves less, to beat themselves up, to criticize themselves for not having enough money or for not knowing where their next dollar is coming from... It is only when I love myself sufficiently does money flow into my life with no effort at all

Love yourself sufficiently and you will attract money in abundance to yourself. Love creates feelings of abundance inside of me which attracts abundance to me...and it will do the same for you.

Frederick Zappone,
21 Day Self-Love Journey,