The Powerful and Crippling Relationship Between Money, Shame, Pain, Embarassment and the Law of Attraction

Today, I wrote a series of six different articles, including this one, about why people find it so hard to make the money they want. The simple fact is worry thoughts produce 'negative creative thoughts' that cause you to unconsciously push away from yourself money-making ideas and opportunities that would work for you.

Here is the problem, if you were shamed, embarrassed or people got angry with you about money during your growing up years and into your late twenty's, you are programmed to fail financially regardless of how hard you work to become financially successful.

The articles I wrote today will release and remove from you the unacknowledged shame, pain and  embarrassment you have about money that, so far, have stopped you from becoming the financially independent person you've  always dreamed of becoming.


When it comes to shame, pain and embarrassment around money, no one has had more of it than I've had.  I don't blame anyone for it because none of the people who shamed or embarrassed me around money had any idea what they were doing to me. They were just doing to me, unconsciously, what others had done to them. Some of the shame and pain I experienced around money was so severe that thoughts of suicide floated through my head.

The fact is, it's the spiritual birthright of each of us to 'thrive and prosper' financially but that cannot happen as long as people are stuck with self-defeating beliefs about money that push money away from them rather than attract it to them.  


My articles (see list below) includes information about my Money Secret Program and my Money Coaching PDF file. 

My program and coaching file will give you the REAL LIFE education you need about money so you are free from the 'mental and emotional' constraints that have stopped you (or at least slowed you down) from become the financially powerful person you are meant to be.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: My Money Secret Program is not a money maker for me.  It is an educational program available to you by a donation in the amount of your choosing.

My Money Secret Program and Coaching PDF file that comes with it will set you straight about the true nature of money. As a result of reading my information,  you will no longer be baffled or confused by the bullshit other people have fed you about money that, so far, has prevented you from being in full control of your life and your financial destiny. 

Enjoy your Money Reading Adventure and if you have questions or comments be sure and post them. All thoughtful comments will be posted and responded to, the disrespectful ones will be deleted.



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