Insights About Being Defensive.

When we are being defensive, often times, our solar plexus clinches up or it might be our back, shoulders or some other part of our body. When we are being defensive we close ourselves up tight. Emotionally, it feels negative.

The problem with being defensive is that we cuts ourselves off from the 'organizing intelligence of the universe,' that I call God, that supplies us with the wisdom, guidance and insights we need to handle whatever life throws our way.

The next time you are feeling defensive, ask yourself what you are defending. Chances are, you are defending your feelings so you won't get hurt again but in the process of defending yourself, the irony is, you will get hurt again.

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Head's Up About Unhappy People

Unhappy people try to make you unhappy too when they criticize, belittle or
disapprove of you because that's what unhappy people do when they're unhappy

Be Thankful

Be thankful that all of your effort, struggle and worry does not give you what you want. If it did, you would always have to do those things to get what you want. Instead, be happy and you will get what you want effortlessly. Too simple you say? Okay then, go back to being unhappy, effort, struggle, and worry yourself to death, it makes no difference to me.

-- God

P.S. You still don't understand the value of my law of attraction that I created especially for you, do you? According to your thoughts so shall it be for you....and it always is...


Abraham's Insights With Humor and Laughter

Audio compilation of some of Abraham's Funniest Moments


What you tell yourself Becomes Your REALITY...

It is hard to believe that what you tell yourself becomes your reality but it's true.

The way you say it is, is the way it becomes for you. You are rarely, if ever, wrong about what you tell yourself and others about your life. Change your thoughts (your story) and when you do, your life will change too. According to your thoughts so shall it be for you....and it always is.

Say it long enough and you word will become LAW in your universe.

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- Frederick Zappone - All American Guy and 'Feel Good' Guru

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'Spirit' Guide Speaking To YOU.....

Understanding the POWER of Your Thoughts..

This Cure for Depression WORKED for me.

Book Recommendation

Feel It Real!: A Guided Approach to Bringing the Law of Attraction into Your Life


Simple Way To Raise your SELF-ESTEEM

When you feel your self-esteem is sagging, write down what you know to be true about yourself. Write down the virtues and qualities you have, in other words, your strengths, your good points. It doesn't matter if anyone else knows what your virtues and strengths are. . It only matters that you know what they are and believe in them. If you do believe in the qualities you have, by the time you are finished writing them down, your Self-Esteem and state of mind will be back up where you want it to be.

As an example, earlier today I had some negative thoughts pass through my mind causing my self-esteem to sag. Here is what I wrote down about myself that I know to be true.

I am a generous person, loyal to a fault.

I talk straight to people in a thoughtful way and I don't bullshit

My word means something, when I give it, I keep it.

If I have to lie or cheat to get money, I'll do without.

I respect myself enough not to let the criticisms of others destroy my peace of mind.

Like the Boy Scout, I once was, I am trustworthy, extremely so..

My friends know they can count on me being there for them simply by asking.

I do good things for others not because of what they can do for me but because it feels good to me.

I am a kind person who takes fully responsibility for my negative feelings and never blame another.

I possess tremendous inner strength and perseverance and use it to help myself and others.

I know that the love and confidence I have for my children is the love and confidence God has for me.

After I finished writing my list down concerning the good things I knew about myself,, I felt my self-esteem rise back up to where I like it to be. This is a simple method of raising one's self-esteem that worked for me. Give it a shot, it may work for you too.


Good Quote

The moment you stop fighting to retain your habitual
notions is the same moment you feel higher help. V. Howard

NO Gain in Pain......


Feelings: The Language of the SOUL

Feelings connect you to the spiritual side of yourself.

Feelings are like a foreign language to many people. They don't understand them and don't want to. Often times, people dismiss their feelings as not that important when it comes to their happiness and success when in fact their feelings are the most important thing.

When your thoughts and feelings are in harmony with one another miracles will happen in your life. Your health will improve for no logical reason you can explain, your relationships will get better naturally and prosperity will increase in your life with effortless ease.


It is easy to live in harmony with yourself when you trust your good feelings MORE than your bad ones. Feelings are black and white. Things either FEEL good to you or they do not. Thoughts that feel good to you are the right thoughts for you. Thoughts that feel bad to you are the wrong thoughts for you.

Good feelings means you are thinking thoughts that are taking you in the direction you want to go. They are taking you in the direction of your dreams and the things you want to have in your life.

Bad feelings mean the opposite. Bad feelings means you are thinking thoughts that are taking you away from where you want to go, away from your dreams and the things you want in your life. Happiness increases the more you trust your good feelings and leave your bad feelings alone.

Our spirit guides (our personal messengers from God) speak to us through our feelings. For a more in depth understanding of the relationship between feelings and the spiritual side of yourself, check out 'Spirit Guide Speaking To You,' click here


Money Quote of the Day

If you can't let money FLOW through

you, it can't FLOW to you


If you want money to flow into your life naturally and effortlessly, in order to buy the things you want, you have to create ways for money from other people to reach you. That's what pipelines of prosperity are.

As examples, listed below are four of my pipelines.Two of them are free. The free ones allow me to create a relationship of trust with people. As a result, over time, when people are ready to purchase products and services like mine, the odds are in my favor they will purchase them from me than rather than from stranger on the street.

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Get Used to It!

Some times you want something so badly that no matter how hard you work, what
you want never comes to pass. Get used to it, accept that what you want hasn't happened
and maybe it never will. This will set free to create your future life exactly the way you want it to be.

Are TV Drug ADS making you SICK?

Are TV drugs advertisement making you sick? You better believe they are. Have you ever heard of auto-suggestion?

Drugs companies, with their authoritative drug commercials, are programming your mind that you either have the condition they are advertising there drugs for or you will have it. Some nights on TV over 75% of the commercials are drug or medicine related.

Do you realize the USA rank #1 in the world when it comes to obesity and mental health problems? Did you know after the federal government, the health care industry is the LARGEST industry in our country?

We are one sick nation pretending we are the most prosperous and powerful of all nations. Did you know that the amount of drugs people are flushing down their toilets is now showing up in our water supply? There are now measurable levels of Prozac in many of our cities water supplies.

Drugs advertised for a man's sex drive puzzle me. They say if you have an erection for over 4 hours you should see a Doctor. It makes me wonder what you are to do with the other 3 hours while you waiting for the fourth hour to roll around so you can call your doctor..

I guess while you are waiting, you can go shopping, golfing, out to eat, dancing. No one will notice your erection and if they do, you will become an instant advertisement for Viagra or any of the other sex related drugs on the market..

By the way, have you noticed after drugs companies woo you with the benefits of taking their drugs, they tell you what the side effect are. In most cases, the side effects are worse than the condition you were being treated for. Of course, they will give you another pill for the side effects and before you know it you will be taking enough different drugs so that they become a time bomb in your stomach blowing you up to hell and back when you least expect it.

Do you really think Elvis, Heath Ledger or Michael Jackson thought the prescription drugs they were taking would kill them? I don't think so. I think they were lulled into a false sense of security about drugs they were taking that killed them by the doctors and drug companies involved.

Too bad people don't realize their are an abundance of healthy alternative to getting well without having to rely on drugs with their many known and unknown harmful side effects.

You think you are a smart, independent thinker, but not really if you are taking more than a couple of meds a day. If you are, the drug companies are making a fortune off your insurance company and then you wonder why health-care is so expensive. Isn't is obvious, we are sick, sick people living in a sick, sick country where money comes before people and profit is more important than the currency of a wealthy heart.

By the way, you really only need one drug to make everything right in your world. I take it myself and highly recommend it. Here's an Ad for it:



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UR Expectations are Killing U, Here's Y!

Expectations have zero value except to cause upset. If you look into your own life, you will notice that almost all of your upsets are related to expectations of yours that are not being met. 

This is especially true when it comes to other people. The expectations we have of other people cause us to be disappointed over and over again. Instead of having expectations of the people in your life, let them surprise you and be grateful when they do. Expectations of others are an indication that you are a control freak otherwise you wouldn't have expectations of others in the first place. 

The 'organizing intelligence of the universe,' in most cases, does not permit expectations to be met until we fully appreciated what we have. Expressing sincere gratitude for what we have guarantees the universe will bring more good things into our life for us to be grateful for.

"I am open to the guidance of synchronicity and 
do not let expectations hinder my path.” Dalai Lama

“When one's expectations are reduced to zero, one 
really appreciates everything one does have” - Stephen Hawking 

“Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you 
are a good person is a little like expecting a bull not 
to attack you because you are a vegetarian” - Dennis Wholey


God Questions YOU CAN'T Answer

I say you can't answer these questions because although you might have answers, are they genionely the right answers for you or are they answers others have given you that you have accepted as the truth without questioning the trustworthiness of those answers in your own life.

Does God cause us pain and make us sick?

Does God makes us rich or poor?

Does God heal us and make us well?.

Or does God do nothing and just observe us making our way through life?

Are we nothing more than amusement for God or are we something more important that? And if we are, what could that possibly be? If God is God, he needs nothing from people like you and me.

Are we ultimately responsible for what happens to us or is someone else? And if it is ultimately someone else, is it God or the devil.

How much say so do we have over what happened to us? A lot , a little or somewhere in between?

And do our thoughts have anything to do with the crippling beliefs we have about God that cripple us in life?

98% percent of what goes wrong in this world is a result of human beings doing it to each other.

Is it possible when God created us as human beings, it was his first experiment and he made a big mistake?

Can you answer any of these questions without quoting scripture and verse? Many people can't.



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Maybe You Didn't Really WANT IT!

When we blame God for not getting something we wanted that means we really didn't want it in the first place but pretended that we did. There is nothing more painful than blaming anyone, including God, for not getting what we want. When we release the blame we always discover, for reasons only known to ourselves, that we didn't really want what we said we wanted in the first place.


I am Baffled By The Word EGO, are you?

I have heard the word ego used many different ways and have read many different definitions of word ego. As a result, I am baffled by the word ego. What is ego really and where does it live? Is ego a word someone made up to describe a condition and if they did, what is the condition? Is ego a bad thing and if it is,why is it bad? Any thoughts you have on the word ego would be appreciated by me.

I want More MONEY Honey!

If you are like me, you would like more money. You might even like to make it on the Internet but everything you come across on the Internet is either a scam or an offer to make you money that requires you to put up money first. 

The link below is a very simple money making idea that is revolutionary in approach and is neither a scam nor does it require you to put up money to make money.

In fact, this company only makes money when you make money. It one of the few money making opportunities I have come across that is worth checking out...

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Can You Help me find a REAL God?

When I ask for your help in finding God, I am not asking you to convert me to your religion or your way of thinking. I'm asking you to share with me 'your truth' about God as you understand him, her or it, as the case may be.

I am interested in finding a real God, a God as real as you are. I am not interested in hearing about some phantom God that a bunch of people made up for their own selfish, self-serving, interests.

I am also not interested in anyone telling me I am going to hell because I have not accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. The last thing I need, right now is some righteous, holier than thou, person trying to dazzle me with all that they think they know.

I am looking for the God within you to speak to me about whatever you feel inspired to share with me right now. I know that what I am asking, for some of you, will take courage.

I am asking this of you because I have lost my connection to God, the source of my life. Without that connection, my life is not worth living and NO, that does not mean I am suicidal.

My connection to God, when I had it, gave my life meaning and purpose. My connection to God made life and everything in it richer for me. My 'God connection' was the sugar and spice, salt and pepper of my life and I want it back.

Will you help me reconnect to God, in your own words , without quoting scripture or biblical verse?


P.S. I don't know about you but when God speaks directly to me through the heart and mind of another person, it rings true for me so deep within my soul that the hair on the back of my neck stands up. Shortly after that I begin to cry tears of happiness, joy and relief.


Your thoughts and comments about this article will be most welcomed by me. You can leave them anonymously if you wish - Frederick Zappone


He Died on the Toilet (Truth and Humor)

My best friend died on the toilet where we worked and I was the one who found him. Death is certainly no respecter of one's dignity. Emotionally, death is a messy proposition. Even at its best death is messy. My mother is 90 and in her final stages before dying. It helps that she has lived a long, good life but still...

In regards to death and what happens to us after we die, so many unanswered questions. The answers people give about death are speculation since the people giving the answers are among the living and haven't experienced death personally and come back to tell us all the details about it. 

There is no excitement about someone dying like there is when someone is being born. While the process of birth is filled with happiness and celebration, death is filled with confusion, pain and separation. 

No wonder people avoid talking about death. What's to talk about. We can only speculate what it is like to die and what happens to us after we arrive on the other side. And while many people have firm beliefs about what happens to us after we die, they are just beliefs and in the end whatever we believe about death, we all could be wrong. 

Death is the great equalizer.When we die whatever power, money and wealth we have acquired along the way stays behind when we make the journey to the other side thereby making us equal to one another like we once were before we arrived here. For me, the best way to handle death is with humor.

Money Is Important, You Can't Live Very Well Without It.

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Comment About The Thoughts You Like Best.


Seeking approval from others means you are not approving of yourself. If you
were, you would never have the need to seek approval from anyone outside yourself.

When you approve of your own thoughts and action, other people will too.

The story we tell ourselves is the life we create for ourselves.

When we tell ourselves the way we think life is, life becomes that way.

Our thoughts have the power to imprison us or set us free. The best part is, we get to choose the way it will be.

Contrary to the belief of many, you do not have to do a thing to win God's love and approval of you, you only have to accept his love and approval of you as your own.

Click on the comment link below to leave your comments.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

The story we tell ourselves is the life we create for ourselves. When we tell ourselves the way we think life is, life becomes that way..If you want more money to come into your life, change your story about money. Here is an example

There's plenty of money. Nothing has gone wrong. Everything that you want is lined up for you. Whenever you're ready, it's right here for you. There is nothing you need to do; you've done all the work. All you need to do is relax and allow what you want to flow into your experience. You want to begin to listen to the drum of Source within you. You want to listen to the call of Source. Source is calling you in the direction of what you want.. And the way that you know you are moving in the direction is because things start lightening up for you, meaning that things begin feeling really, really good to you. - This story about money courtesy Abraham-Hicks


Gratitude and the Law of Attraction


I want to share with you some information in regard to the Law of Attraction and Gratitude. If I succeed in sharing this information with you in clear and simple terms, it will make a difference in your life, maybe all the difference

I am a law of attraction believer, no, that’s not true. I am a proponent of the law of attraction, no that’s not true either. I am a knower, I know without doubt that the law of attraction works every single time without fail.. Whatever thoughts we focus our attention on the most we attract those thoughts back into our lives in the form of people, places, events and circumstances.

Life is a mirror and reflects our thoughts back to us with a 100% accuracy.

According to our thoughts so shall it be….and it always is…

As you sow, so shall you reap….

I have tested the principles of the law of attraction over and over again in the crucible of human experience, mine. In each case, WHATEVER I focused my attention on the most, good or bad, came true for me.

That being said, the bad experiences woke me up and made me become the ‘deliberate conscious creator’ of my life. These days I focus my attention only on what I want. During the times I am waiting for what I want to become my reality I focus only on doing things that FEEL GOOD along with silently express gratitude for what I have.

When I feel the people around me trying to pulling me into the negative state of mind, I focus on what I am grateful for in my present moments of living rather than complaining about what I don’t have. The more I express gratitude for what I have, the faster what I want, that I have focused my attention on, becomes my reality.

Gratitude makes your ATTITUDE soar and it SPEEDS UP considerably the time between thinking about what you want (more love, health or money) and the time it manifest itself into your physical reality.



The Fastest Way Out of a Bad Attitude
is Expressing Gratitude For What You Have.

The One Magnificent Thought


Why You Should NOT Criticize Yourself.

Criticizing yourself or making yourself wrong when things
go wrong for you causes more things to go wrong for you.

How To Feel Good About Yourself

You Don't Want MONEY, Here's Why

This little bit of wisdom in regards to money works for me so
I thought I would share it with you so you can see if it works for you.


People say they want money but that's not true. It is not money they want, it is what money can do for them, that is what they want. If you focus your attention not on money but on why you want money and how you will feel when you have it, you will naturally and effortlessly create and attract more money into your life.


When you are working on getting what you want, check in with your feelings from time to time. Good feelings means you are thinking thoughts that are taking you in the direction of what you want. On the other hand, bad feelings means you are thinking thoughts that are taking you away from what you want. If the thoughts you are thinking don't feel good to you, they are the wrong thoughts for you.

-- Frederick Zappone

P. S. Create PIPELINES of your PROSPERITY For Yourself.

If you want money to flow into your life naturally and effortlessly, in order to buy the things you want, you have to create ways for money from other people to reach you. That's what pipelines of prosperity are.

As examples, listed below are four of my pipelines.Two of them are free. The free ones allow me to create a relationship of trust with people. As a result, over time, when people are ready to purchase products and services like mine, the odds are in my favor they will purchase them from me than rather than from stranger on the street.


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It is not money I want, it's what money will allow me to have
and how I will feel when I have it. That is what I want.

Life is easy when your attention is focused on what you DO WANT and difficult when your attention is focused on what you DON'T WANT.


The One Magnificent Thought (OMT)

Sometimes when your life is sucking really bad something happens to you that you did not expect that forever changes everything about your life. That happened to me.  

At one of the lowest points in my life, completely unexpected and out of the blue, I was struck with a thought so simple, so profound, and yet so powerful that it turned my life upside down for the better, for the much better. I call this thought the One Magnificent Thought. 

The reason I call it the One Magnificent Thought is because of the power of this solitary thought has changed everything about my life for the better. Because of the One Magnificent Thought, I have better health, better relationships, more money and a closer connection with the Source of my life that I call God. 

The One Magnificent Thought (OMT) has and is making it possible for me to have everything I have every wanted out of life that I could never have  before the One Magnificent Thought entered my mind and became part of my conscious thinking process. The only way I can describe the OMT  is that it is a gift from the universe the  I will be eternally grateful for.  

If you want to read more about the OMT and what it can do for you, Click Here



How Pittsburghers Speak (Music Video)

I'm from the Pittsburgh area, grew up in the area
and can verify this is the way Pittsburghers speak


How to Win the Lottery

Being satisfied were you are and eager for more is the fastest path
to winning the lottery, or anything else that you want. Amplifying the
well being that you are already living will soothe you and will put
you into that place to receive what you want. - Abraham- Hicks



Repeat After Me, Money is a Piece of Green Paper

Money is a piece of green paper. Repeat after me, money is a piece of green paper and in and of itself, it has no power at all.

Money is a symbol of the things people want but, in and of itself, it has no power at all. Logically this concept is easy to grasp but emotionally not so easy... People have more emotional bull dung around money than almost anything else including sex.

If money is a piece of green paper then why do so many people want it? They want it because of what it represents. Money represents power, freedom and love.... AND that is what people want....

When people don't have money, it makes them feel powerless, unloved and they are left with the feeling they don't have the freedom to do what they want to do when they want to do it.

Focus on power, freedom and love and money will come to you in abundance. You create the feelings of power, freedom and love within yourself and when you do that the symbol of those things called money will start showing up in your life spontaneously.

Focus on your inner power, focus on your inner freedom and focus on the love that already exist inside of yourself and money will no longer be an issue for you.

BUT, BUT, you protest, I want money first! You want money first because emotionally your are convinced that without money you can never have any real power, freedom and love in your life. If you believe you must have money first in order to have the things you really want, the world has fooled you into believing the lies around money rather than the truth about money.

If you FEEL you have "the right" to experience yourself as the powerful, lovable, free person that you are, money, the symbol, will begin flowing into your life, naturally. of its own accord.

When you begin FEELING prosperous, in your inner world, you will begin experiencing prosperity in your outer world.


Viagra and Breast Implants

A recent study shows there is more money being spent on breast implants and Viagra today than on Alzheimer's research. This means that by 2040, there should be a large elderly population with perky boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.


This Message Brought to You Courtesy Of

Zappone's International Gourmet Food Center

Bet you never Thought of MONEY this way.

Here's a mystic truth about money. You don't have to know 'how to' make money, you only have to want it along with feeling good about wanting it.  If you do that, the 'organizing intelligence of the universe' will either guide you to the money you want or the money you want will find its way home to you in ways you cannot logically explain.


No More Therapy Or Pills For Your DARK Thoughts

Making the dark thoughts vanish from your mind is a lot easier than you think but it does takes practice

First off, a dark thought is any thought that makes you feel poorly, badly or uncomfortable in any way. A thought becomes a dark thought the moment you become afraid of it or fear it in any way.

When you are afraid of a thought, you resist it (fight/argue with it) and in resisting it, it becomes a dark thought. Once it becomes a dark thought, it begins the process of becoming stronger and more powerful in your life until at some point you are no longer in charge of the dark thought, the dark thought is in charge of you.

I don't know if many people are seriously interested in making their dark thoughts go away so I will not take up space here going into detail about the many ways to make dark thoughts vanish from your life naturally.

I will however, in the comment section, answer every question you have about transforming your dark thoughts into ones that make you feel lighter, brighter and more positive than you ever thought possible regardless of the circumstances that currently surround you.

-- Frederick Zappone

FYI: If you are a do-it-yourself and want to vanish your dark thoughts naturally without posting your questions here, check out the 'One Magnificent Thought' (OMT) self-help program by clicking here


Interesting Law of Attraction Story

When I was seven years old I had a birthday party and all of my friends and cousins were invited to attend including my youngest cousin, Gino. I was selfish and didn't want Gino there because he was only four. He was too young to be around us 'older' kids and besides he cried a lot.

A week after the party Gino got hit by a car and died. I felt so guilty not wanting him at my party. I felt worse remembering how I ignored him while he was there. I thought about Gino's death, off and on, during my growing up years and then completely forgot about him.

When I got married and had my first child, not expecting it, thoughts about Gino dying so young flooded my mind. This triggered me to started worrying about my own child. I worried too much.

I didn't know back then that worry was fear thought. I didn't know anything about the law of attraction or how it worked. And I certainly didn't know how we attract tragic events to ourselves with our worry thoughts. Eighteen months after my son John was born, he died unexpectedly.

Months later, after getting over the grief of losing my first son and still not knowing anything about the law of attraction, I had another child followed by three more. All fine and healthy children, full of all the good things little children are made of. And in spite of my good fortune, I worried about them.

For 30 years I worried and fussed over my children all along not knowing what my worry thoughts were doing. Once again tragedy, unexpectedly, hit me when my 30 year daughter, Beth, died suddenly leaving behind a husband and four little girls ranging in age from 8 to 1 1/2 years olds.

I was devastated, I lost all will to live, felt guilty as hell and started worrying about my surviving children. And then I found out about the law of attraction and how my worrying killed my children.

At first, I felt tremendous guilt. After working through the guilt, I realized I couldn't be held responsible for not knowing my worry thoughts (fear thoughts) contributed to the death of two of my children.

Now that I know about the law of attraction, I am responsible for how my thoughts influence and effect the lives of the people I love. And because I know things I did not know before, I have given up the worry habit.

I do not worry about my remaining children for they were never mine to worry about in the first place. They were giflts from the Universe for me to enjoy and enjoy them I do.

John and Beth may be gone but I have many many warm and loving memories of them that bring me great joy. Along with the memories, I have been abundantly blessed with 14 grandchildren who have filled the hole left inside me after the passing of my children.

Worrying about my children and grandchildren is not something I do these days. Worry is fear thought, it is a vote of no confidence that the Universe is watching over them and protecting them. My lessons about worry and how the law of attraction works were hard earned.

These days, my job is not to worry about my children or grandchildren. My job is to love them unconditionally and unashamedly with nothing held back. My job is to instill confidence them by instilling confidence in myself. My job is to teach them what I know about the immutable laws of the universe so they can prosper, in life, like I am prospering today.

My job is to show them, what I learned the hard way, that if we abide by the laws of the universe we will thrive and prosper in all areas of our life and if we do not, we will perish..

Live Long and Prosper, Mr. Spock's signature line, means more me today than ever before. ... and to all of you reading this, may you, your children and your grandchildren live long and prosper. What a powerful law of attraction thought that is..


Your worrying, or not worrying about your children doesn't matter. The Universe (what the rest of us call God) hates us all anyway whether we love our children or friends or not. You are still taking too much responsibility for what "The Universe" does to every living, sentient being. You didn't kill your children. God did. - Anonymous


I certainly respect your thoughts that the universe/God hates us all anyway and God killed my children but I don't believe that for a moment. When it comes to my own life I take full responsibility for it including the part my thoughts played in the death of my two children. Regarding my thoughts, If I do not take full responsibility for my thoughts, who should? They are my thoughts, right? If they are my thoughts how can anyone but me be fully responsible for them?

Support my inspirational and thought provoking writings with a
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it would not be possible for me to continue to write them and send
them to you free of charge.Thank you - Frederick Zappone


P. S. To those of you who have already sent in a donation. I am grateful.

Quickest Way Out of NEGATIVE Thinking.

Quickest Way Out of NEGATIVE Thinking.

My Goal in life is to never disappoint myself and to do the ordinary, extraordinarily well.  Being human, I do disappoint myself from time to time. How do I disappoint myself? I disappoint myself any time I allow anyone or anything to make me unhappy for longer than a moment.

Granted people and circumstances can makes us unhappy but whether or not we stay in an unhappy state of mind is up to us.  Staying unhappy because something happened that made us unhappy WILL NOT change what happened. That being the case, the question is then raised, so why remain unhappy? Going from a state of unhappiness to happiness is like flipping a light switch when we flip our thoughts from negative to positive ones. 


Tip #1 - Unhappiness consists of dark thoughts and because it does it is harder to find the switch that will allow you to flip your thoughts to positive ones.  The easiest way to flip the 'thought switch' is find someone in your life to inspire, encourage and make them feel better than they did a moment before. It never fails when you inspire and encourage others, you inspire and encourage yourself first.

Tip #2 - Resisting your unhappiness when you are unhappy will only keep you stuck being unhappy for a longer period of time. Instead of putting your energy into resisting (cursing the darkness) put your energy into the things that make you happy and forget about what made you unhappy.

Tip #3 - Happiness is our natural state. We were born happy and learned how to be unhappy. We learned it so well that being unhappy for many people is an automatic way of thinking that they never think about twice. The reason people aren't happier, more often, is that they don't trust their good feelings as much as they trust their bad ones.

Tip #4 - The more you learn to trust your good feeling and dismiss your bad feelings as not worthy of you, the happier you will become. The happier you become, the easier it will be for you to attract into your life all the love, health, money and prosperity you can handle. 

Question:  What do I do when my unhappy thoughts are strangling the poop out of me?

Answer: Associate your breathing with happiness. When you breathe in, you are breathing in happiness and when you are exhaling, you are exhaling all that makes you unhappy.  When your unhappy thoughts are strangling the poop out of you, focus your attention away your unhappy thoughts and focus your attention exclusively on your breathing and before your know it, your mind will begin to think happy thoughts once again. Studies show more oxygen to the brain makes people happier and less depressed. That's why I use this breathing exercise everyday when I feel anything in my life trying to pinch off my flow of abundant happiness.

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Law of Attraction Reminders

Feeling GOOD is a the result of FOCUSING on
what you DO want while leaving what you don't want alone.

It doesn't matter so much what you believe as it does how
your beliefs make you feel.  Beliefs that make you feel
good are the right beliefs for you.

A God larger than all of our conflicting and competing beliefs
about God is called the 'organizing intelligence of the universe'.

God is one smart dude. He created the law of attraction
to reward and punish us so he doesn't have too.

The love you feel for your children
is the love the Universe feels for you.

Expressing gratitude for what you have,
rather than complaining about you don't have,
attracts more good things to you.

One of the quickest ways to feel good about yourself
is to make another person feel good about themselves

Stress causes shallow breathing which
creates more stress. Breathe deeply more often.

Putting other people first all the time
will put you back at the end of the line.

Feeling bad has never solved anything. It has however made bad situations worse.

Happiness increases the more your trust your good feelings and leave your bad feelings alone.

Taking people's kindness and generosity for granted results in the universe
removing those people from your life and replacing them with people who give you less.

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Happiness Reminders (Saturday's Edition)

You are better than you think
and not nearly as bad as you fear.

The love you feel for your children
is the love God feels for you.
How you feel you is a function of your thoughts.
Don't like how you feel, Change your thoughts.

There is always hope and a way out from underneath
depression and despair when we change how we think.

Thoughts that make you feel bad
are the wrong thoughts for you.

Being happy for no reason at all frees you up from making
your happiness dependent on anything or anyone outside yourself.

If you appreciate yourself, other people will too.

Accepting 'what is' frees you up to create what will be,

Forumla For Happiness:  Suspend all judgments
and trust you live in a user friendly universe
that only wants the very best for you.

Trying too hard is un-attractive (does not attract)
and pushes away from us the very things we want.

The only thing feelings bad is good for
is to guarantee you that you will feel worse.

Expressing gratitude for what you have (or had)
guarantees the universe will lavish you with
more good things to be grateful for.

Whatever thoughts and feelings you resist have
power over you, Whatever thoughts and feelings
you allow to pass you by cannot harm you.
The more you love yourself, the more
love you will have to give away to others
who don't have enough.
Say it long enough and your word
becomes law in your universe. 
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World Peace Begins With Inner Peace

Granted, world peace sounds like a great idea but even the people who want it, don't have it within themselves. And without peace within ourselves, it is not possible for peace in the world to become our shared reality.

And then there are people who PROFIT from conflict and war. War or even the threat of war is big business and very profitable. On a personal level, individuals are buying guns and ammunition more today than ever before out of fear. The greatest fear people have is that someone will take their weapons away from them. A person having a weapon in their home speaks louder about their fears toward other people than all of their peaceful intentions.

As long as people live in fear of others who think and act differently than they do rather than living in harmony and cooperation with them, we will never have peace in this world. While peace sounds like a good idea, peace in this world will never become reality until people have more reasons to live in peace with one another than they have to live in conflict with one another. All peace begins with the individual and until the individual has the ability to live in peace with himself, there is very little chance he can live in peace with others.

Inner conflict always manifests itself in outer conflicts and until we have world leaders who are at peace with themselves, we won't have a world where world peace is our shared reality. And last but not least, world peace won't become our shared reality until we get over being afraid of our own thoughts and feelings towards others that prevent us from fully embracing our brothers and sisters who look, think and act differently than we do.

May we all learn how to harmonize our differences with one
another rather than destroying those differences. AMEN


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How to Overcome Feeling Powerless or Hopeless

When you feel powerless or hopeless, keep in mind that it's only a feeling and it will pass. It will pass if you don't resist the feeling. If you resist the feeling, you could feel powerless for hours, days, weeks or even months. Just because you feel powerless or hopeless does not mean you are powerless or hopeless, it is only a feeling produced by the thoughts you are thinking. Change your thoughts and the moment you do your feelings will change too.
There is always hope and a way out from underneath depression and despair when we change how we think.


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Have You Been Told?


“If we embrace it internally, we no longer have to create it externally.” -- Debbie Ford

Embracing Your Fears

When you resist your fears, you are thinking about them but pretending you're not because they scare you. People believe by resisting their fears they will not attract what they fear but by the very act of resisting their fears they are in the process of attracting what they fear. 

Embracing your fears means to accept you have the fear and the thoughts that go along with it. Once you fully accept you have the fear and the thoughts that go along with it, the fear begins to dissolve. 

Funny thing is when you deliberately and consciously think about your fears, consciously think about the worst, your thoughts about the worst begin to lose their emotional hold over you until you don't have those kinds of thoughts running through your mind any more..

Embrace also means to take in your negative thoughts and look them straight in the eye.  Negative thoughts themselves can not harm you, it is only your resistance to negative thoughts that gives those thoughts the power to harm you.  When you RESIST any thought you are making the statement that the thought you are resisting is more powerful than you are and therefore has the power to harm you.

It is not the thought that attract bad things, it is the negative emotional energy (Vibrations) attached to the thought that attract bad things to people. I will repeat for emphasis,  it is not the thought that attract bad things, it is the negative emotional energy ATTACHED to the thought that does. Once you dissolve or remove the negative energy from a negative thought, the thought is totally powerless and cannot harm you in any way.  

An analogy is called for here.  Can you put your finger into a hole where an electric light bulb goes and not get shocked?  I can, why because I make sure the lamp is disconnected from the wall socket, it's energy source.  When you embrace negative thoughts, look them straight in the eye, you are unplugging them from their energy source so they can no longer harm you. 

A negative thought is nothing to fear, it's the negative emotional energy attached to the negative thought that causes you to fear the thought. And fear it you should because it is the negative emotional energy (Vibration) that attracts bad things to you. Dissolve the negative energy and you will no longer fear the thought.

Bad NEWS, Very Bad News

If you are reading this because the subject line read: 'Bad NEWS,
Very Bad News'
  there is a good chance that you are a person:

A. Who lives in fear

B.  Who is attracted, mesmerized or hypnotized by fear.

C. Who watches and read stories about other people's fears so you don't feel so all alone with your own fears.

If you fear bad news then according to the law of attraction you will attract bad news into your life in one form or another. I am as big of a skeptic as they come. After five years of personally testing out the law of attraction, I have no doubt that the law is real and that it works, for better or worse, every single time without fail. In other words, we attract into our lives what we think about the most, no exceptions.

We have many fears that we resist and yet it's our resistance to fear that keeps us stuck attracting fear into our life.

The fear of not having enough money.

The fear of getting sick.

The fear of losing our job

The fear of someone we love getting seriously hurt .

The fear of living alone.

The fear of dying.

The fear of never being fully loved.

Our fears can be endless and yet when we consciously embrace our fears (rather than resist them) we remove all the negative energy from them and render them completely harmless.

Once we do that, those thoughts have no choice but to leave us alone because they no longer have any energy in them that will allow them to remained attached to our mind or harm us in any way.

Negative feelings are the  super-glue that  keeps thoughts stuck to us that we do not want.  When you can't dissolve your fears using any other method,  embracing your fears will dissolve them instantly.


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