Simple Thought

Can one simple thought change your life forever? One such thought changed mine. 
In my wildest imagination I would've never believed the repeated use of a simple thought would have the power to make my dreams come true but it does and it 
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Collective Will

Each of us has a free will completely independent of anyone else's free will. When we go into agreement with people about any particular subject we form the 'collective will' on that particular subject. No one has the power to influence your free will, without your permission, no matter how large the 'collective will' is of there group.

Controversial - Pain and the Law of Attraction

This is an excerpt from Continuing LOA Notes. Continuing LOA notes 
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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only. This
article is distributed with the understanding that the author is not engaged in rendering legal,
financial, religious, medical advice or mental health therapy of any kind. If you decide to
apply any of the information in this article to your own life, which is your constitutional right
to do so, the author is not responsible for the consequences of your actions. 




He fought the courageous fight.
He was so brave facing his pain.

It doesn't take courage or bravery to face pain, it takes stupidity. It takes an attitude that your pain is more powerful than you are and there is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do about it. 

I say rubbish to all of that.......... 

When it comes to the law of attraction,  there is no gain when you feel pain. In fact, the more pain you feel,  the further away you push yourself from what you want.  All pain is controlled by the thoughts you think. There are thoughts that add  pain to your pain and there are thoughts that take pain away from your pain. And when you are really good at it, you will think thoughts that not only take pain away, your thoughts will take away the 'condition' that caused the pain in the first place.

Society adores pain. Without pain what would happen to
the all doctors, nurses, hospitals, drug stores, drug  companies and all the counselors, therapists, and psychologists  out there? We have a society that, because the profit motive is tied to pain, needs pain to survive economically....

How much does our society adore pain?  The truth us, our society doesn't so much adore pain as it can't live without pain. After the United States Government, health-care is the second largest  business in our country. Can you imagine if people, suddenly, figured out how to use their thoughts to make pain disappear and heal themselves naturally, what that would do to our economy? Now you understand why major illnesses continue in our society and why we will always have new major illnesses arriving on the scene; there is no profit motive or incentive to not have them. 

Everything is created twice, first mentally, then physically 
- Greg Anderson, Author of the Cancer Conqueror


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Primary Thought


We carry within us a fundamental or primary thought that is responsible for all the other thoughts we think. If you think more negative thoughts than you would like, there is a good chance your primary thought is responsible for them. 

A primary thought is something we inherit from our ancestors and the only way to rid ourselves of a primary thought that is causing us to think negative is to replace it with a primary thought that always point us in a positive direction. One such thought is called the 'One Magnificent Thought.' To find out what the 'One Magnificent Thought' can do for your attitude, click here


Thoughts connect us to others. Thoughts separate us from one others. 
Thoughts that separate us from others cause us to feel pain while thoughts that connect us to others cause us to feel happy, safe, secure and protected.


You cannot trust your feelings until your understand them. Good feelings means you are thinking thoughts that are taking you in the direction of your dreams. Bad feelings means you are thinking thoughts that are taking you away from your dreams.


God Cares, His Laws Do Not

God cares but his laws do not. His laws are impersonal like the law of gravity God created. The law of gravity doesn't care if you are a good person or a bad one. It only cares if you obey it or not. If you don't obey it and step off a ten story building, in accordance with the law, you will go splat. 

God created another law that doesn't care and that law is the law of attraction. It is an impersonal law too. It only cares if you obey it. In accordance with the law of attraction, whether you are a good person or bad, if you think good thoughts you will attract good things to you and if you think bad thoughts, you will attract bad things to you.That's how God's law of attraction works. To attract to yourself all the good things you want and richly deserve, click here



The choice to not make a choice is the most damaging choice of all.



If you don't think you are worth more money, your boss won't either!


It is my experience that God reveals wisdom and knowledge to us on
a 'need to know' basis, one moment at a time. With that thought in mind, in 
this moment, and for this moment, we know everything we need to know.

Depressed People

Depressed people have lots to say but have lost their "voice" to say it. Without 
the freedom to safely express themselves, they must depress themselves.


How to Attract Anything You Want

What if I told you there was one 'simple thought' you could use to attract anything you wanted.  A thought so simple, yet so powerful, it can cause you to thrive and prosper in all areas of your life for no logical reason you can explain? Would that kind of thought be of interest to you?

Well there is such a thought, one I discovered quite by accident. I call this thought the 'One Magnificent Thought'. You will see why in a moment.

Regardless of your present set of circumstances, if you hold the 'One Magnificent Thought' (OMT) firmly in your mind, above all others, you will thrive and prosper in all areas of your life including the areas of  love, money, relationships and health matters easier than you can imagine possible today. I should know, when all else failed me, using the 'One Magnificent Thought' (OMT) turned my life around. 

Once you start using the 'One Magnificent Thought (OMT),' on a regular basis, the circumstances of your life will begin improving for no logical reason you can explain. The more knowledgeable you become about the OMT, the better it works.


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The way people control you is by disapproving of you. However, if your 
good opinion of yourself is more important to you than what other people 
think of you, you will be set free from the controlling ways of other people.

Feeling Good

The belief that you need other people to feel good in order that you 
can feel good too is a 'false belief' that stops you from feeling good.


Your negative opinion of what other people think of you, in accordance with how the the law of attraction works, stops them from being a channel for the good you want.


Why “letting go” is vital to your success

Instead of diving into theory and telling you why the Law of Attraction works the way it does, I'm going to be discussing the action you need to take in order to bring about the manifestations. You will learn a little theory, but my main focus is on getting you to a point where you feel confident in knowing what you need to do to start deliberately creating.

This article courtesy of  Gary Evans, a masterful law of attraction teacher.

If you've known about the Law of Attraction for any amount of time, you've probably heard people say that you need to let go of your desires in order to see them manifest. Others say that you should visualize them every single day until they manifest. My own opinion on the matter is that "letting go" is one of the most important stages in the manifestation process. If you can't let go of the attachment to the desire itself, you won't ever be able to see it manifest for you.

A lot of people want to manifest more money, but because they really need to manifest the money, they find it difficult letting the desire go and releasing it to the universe.

You see... you create in two different stages.

The first stage of creation happens when you form the desire. As you see an unpaid bill, you immediately form the desire of wanting more money. It's automatic and it happens without you ever realizing that you're asking for more money. However, if you stay in this mode and never move forward, you're always going to be wanting. Wanting can never attract to you what you want, since wanting is the opposite of having it. It is the lack of it.

The second part of the creation process is when you get into alignment (being in harmony and happy) with your desires regardless of the people and circumstances that surround you. Getting into alignment is what will bring the manifestation into the physical world. Holding onto the desire and staying in the desire forming stage won't. If you want to manifest anything into the physical world, you've got to move out of the desire forming stage and into the alignment stage.

The “magical” alignment stage

There are two ways in which you can become aligned with your desires. They are:

● Believing
● Feeling Good

Believing - When you have massive expectation and actually begin to believe that you have what you’re asking for, in that moment you will become perfectly aligned with what it is you want and so the Law of Attraction matches like with like and ultimately yields you the stuff.

I feel that believing is the hardest way of getting into alignment since it requires a lot of focused attention on a specific. Of course, things happen in my own life every day simply because I believe they will happen… but deliberately changing my beliefs around things like money is no easy achievement. Affirmations and Vision Boards are example processes that are used to get yourself believing your desire is already here. Personally, I prefer to spend most of my own time using the second method of becoming aligned with my desires…

Feeling Good - Most newcomers to the Law of Attraction don’t think I’m serious when I tell them that all they have to do is feel good and they will manifest the stuff they want. It really is that easy! The Law of Attraction doesn’t hear or see your thoughts. It responds to your vibration which is primarily affected by your feelings. If you feel good, then in that moment you’re in alignment with everything that you consider to be good. That includes more money, the 5 bedroom home, the new car, love relationships, better health... etc. Some examples of feel good processes are; meditation, walking, singing, painting, dancing, petting your cat, etc.


Note: I am deeply indebted to the incredible contribution Gary Evans has made to my life. If you would like to learn more about Gary Evans 'law of attraction' work, click here - Frederick Zappone  

Inspirational Thoughts and Insights

  • Effort and Struggle does not attract what you want.
  • Worry does not attract what you want.
  • Fear and anxiety does not attract what you want.
  • Depression does not attract what you want.
  • Criticizing yourself does not attract what you want.
  • Being impatient does not attract what you want.
  • Being happy DOES attract what you want... period, end of story.
Being anger and upset that all of your unhappiness has not produced the results you want in life is natural. Why? because you have such an investment in all of your effort, struggle and hard work, it seems very unfair that you haven't been rewarded for your unhappy, hard work. 

The truth shall set you free but first it will piss you off. There is a good chance this might be one of those times for you. The truth is, the universe doesn't give a shit what you think. It doesn't care if you think you should be rewarded for the years of unhappiness you have put into solving your problems and/or 'trying' to attract what you want. It doesn't care and the reason it doesn't care is the law of attraction is a law, it is impersonal and doesn't care. 

The law of attraction set up by the 'organizing intelligence of the universe,' that many people call God, is fair and just. Happy thoughts attract happy things to you and unhappy thoughts attract unhappy things to you. The best part is you get to choose which thoughts you will think about the most.  I choose happy thoughts.


What I give you FREE of Charge makes me MONEY.


I am passionate about sharing with people everything I know about making the law of attraction work in their life with effortless ease. I do this free of charge. I can afford to do this because blogging/writing about the law of attraction makes me money. If you write about a subject you love and would like to make money blogging about it,  Click Here - Frederick Zappone, Encouraging WORDS


Resisting  a thought, spoken by another person, that upsets you will only continue to upset you until you allow the thought to harmlessly pass you by like a cloud in the sky.


Trust is having confidence that you live in a 'user friendly universe' that wants only 
the best for you. If you trust the universe is on your side, the law of attraction will provide you with proof, over and over again, that it is. The opposite is also true.


When  your mind goes silent, honor it. A silenced mind is a signal that you are about to have that creative or problem solving breakthrough you have been seeking



All the struggle people experience in life is a result of not trusting in the organizing intelligence of the universe to guide them to what they want or bring it to them.



The toughest person you will ever encounter when it comes to selling them  on
the idea that they are magnificent, powerful and lovable to the core, will be you.


When people criticize you, belittle you, or put you down you, you take that kind of treatment as part of life that you can't really do much about. On the other hand, when people praise you, build you up, and compliment you, you immediately wonder what they want from you. Stop doing that and embrace how magnificent, beautiful and powerful you truly are. The next message will show you how to make the negative in you go POOF.

Making the Negative go POOF

How would you like to make disappear, dissolve, once and for all, any and all negative aspects about yourself?  You can do that you know and it is much easier than you think. The reason you might think it is not easy is because no one has taught you a very simple  technique that makes your 'negative self' go POOF like magic... If you are sick and tired off battling with negative thoughts and feelings, dissolving your 'negative self' is the next step for you. The technique to do this is taught in my FREE law of attraction MASTERY course. For more information about this program, click here



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Keeping it Light....

The law of attraction is always about keeping it light and feeling good. The better you feel, the easier it is to attract good things to you. May this video, RAMBO, THE MUSICAL lighten your mind.


When you find your passion, you will find your purpose in life. When you find your purpose in life, you will find the love, wealth and peace of mind you want. - F. Z.


Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose - a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye. - Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley 

Take the FREE Law of Attraction Course


This law of attraction Mastery course is not a teaser course, it is a complete course made available to you free of charge. There is nothing for you to buy. There are no strings attached. I am giving this course to you, at no charge, out of the gratitude I feel for all the blessings the law of attraction has given me.  - Frederick Zappone
Sample Lesson from the MASTERY Program: 


Thinking about or focusing on your 'negative self' is NOT you... However believing it is keeps you from attracting what you want. Anytime you are focused on anything negative about yourself, you are keeping what you want at a distance from yourself. When you identify with any negative aspect of yourself, you are focusing on what you DON'T want.  

Focusing on your negative self is what you were trained to do.  It is how people controlled you during your growing up years. And it is how the people from your past continue to control you in the present moment even though they may not even be on this planet any more.  

By getting you to believe in and focus on your negative qualities they were able to make you feel weak, ineffective and dependent on them. The time has come to give up all beliefs in any negative qualities about yourself. Instead focus your attention exclusively on your MAGNIFICENCE, POWER AND BEAUTY... 

Focusing on anything less than those qualities slows down the process of you attracting to yourself all the good things you want... This change in focus takes practice. Everyday life will give you the opportunity to focus on your beauty, magnificence and power. 

The more you focus on your magnificence, power and beauty, the easier it will be to maintain that focus and the more often the universe will supply you with evidence and proof that you are more MAGNIFICENT, POWERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL than words can describe...

Keep in mind, a negative aspect of yourself can only exist if you continue to feed it your power.  You do that by focusing your attention on it. When you take your attention away from any negative aspect of yourself, for as long as you keep your attention away from it, it ceases to exist in your physical reality. The moment you focus your attention back on that negative aspect it re-manifest itself into your physical reality.

Energy flows where attention goes. Focusing on anything negative about yourself is how you feed it energy and keep it alive. Instead focus on your MAGNIFICENCE, BEAUTY AND POWER...  

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Grateful Beyond WORDS...


I am a big gratitude person and the more that I am grateful for what I have, the more good things that come into my life. It seems expressing sincere gratitude for what you have is like climbing a stairway to your never-ending good. I can't tell you how great my life is... it is beyond words to describe. In the 'popular message' section of this site, you will see a number of articles dealing with gratitude. I write a lot on the subject because being grateful daily works MIRACLES in my life...and it will do the same for you.  By the way, I define a miracle as something happening that I want to happen that happens in such a way that it defies all logical explanation. To me that's a miracle.

The Fire of Desire

Before the fact, he didn't have a clue. His desire showed him how to do what he wanted to do and  he did it.  The same is true for you, your desire will show you the way to the love, health, relationships and money you want, that is, if you trust it. (Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, Click Here)

Dissolving the Negative

He was so afraid of feeling bad that he felt bad all of the time. Is this you? If it is, change your thoughts and the moment you do, your feelings will begin changing too. Once you do that, your fear feelings will begin disappearing from your life like magic

Coloring Reality

Our negative feelings color reality for us. They cause us to jump to conclusions and take actions that result in us attracting to ourselves the very negative situations we were trying to avoid in the first place. The solution to this problem is to never come to a final conclusion or take an action until you are feeling good about yourself. Conclusions made and actions taken when we feel good attract good things to us, it is the law.


Your are magnificent, powerful and lovable to the core. Do you believe that? Most people don't but they should because they are. If you are not feeling your power and magnificence and you want to, try my One Magnificent Thought program for a month and see what a amazing difference that makes in your life


Once you accept, for better or worse, that you are who you are, the way you are, you will never again waste a minute of your time comparing yourself to another. And with all that free time on your hands you will be able to create the life you want, your way.

Feel it

The quickest way through uncomfortable feelings of any kind (depression, anxiety, anger, stress) is to 'feel what you feel' without thinking about or judging what you are feeling. Thinking about and judging your negative feelings only makes them worse.

The 'Feeling' Promises

Your thoughts produces feelings.  Feeling bad promises you that you will feel worse. Feeling good promises you that you will feel better. Feeling bad promises you that you will attract bad things to yourself. Feeling good promises you that you will attract good things to yourself. It is how the law of attraction works.


Skeptics and Cynics


The trouble that skeptics and cynics have with the self-help and money making programs that are found on the Internet is that people speak about those programs in such outstanding ways and in such glowing terms that skeptics and cynics become even more skeptical and cynical about those kinds of programs.  Knowing how skeptics and cynics think, since I used to be one myself, I have decided to create a law of attraction self-help Program just for them.

Instead of calling it the One Magnificent Thought OMT), I will called it the One Ordinary Thought (OOT). Instead of telling them if they hold my One Magnificent Thought firmly in their mind, above all others, they will thrive and prosper in all areas of your life, I will tell them this:  

'If you hold the One Ordinary Thought (OOT) firmly in your mind, not much will change in your life. Tomorrow will be pretty much like today  and the day before. Tomorrow will bring nothing new to wake you up, nothing exciting to make you come fully ALIVE. 

With the One Ordinary Thought' (OOT) you will continue survive but not thrive. You will continue to get by but you will not prosper like others who stepped out from behind their fears and doubts to find abundance, prosperity and infinite possibilities waiting for them everywhere........'

Oh, you already knew that, didn't you.  You didn't need me to tell you what 'ordinary thoughts' will give you. They will give you what you already have, an ordinary life, with ordinary things that leave you feeling quite ordinary rather than feeling excited about life like you once did as a little kid. You do remember being an exited little kid, don't you? 

While the One Magnificent Thought can restore much of the wonder and excitement you once experienced as small child, you are too old for kid's stuff so I am sure my One Magnificent thought is not the thought for you. However, if you would like it to be or think maybe it could be, click here.

The old man had plenty of faith. The problem was 
his faith was misplaced. He had faith in less rather 
than in more. As a result, life rewarded him with less 
while rewarding other people with more.


Inspiring Story About False HOPE

Often times we hear people say you shouldn't give people false hope and to those people, I say phooey!  In my opinion, false hope is better than no hope at all.  Years ago, in Texas, a close friend of mine came down with a terminal illness. The doctors were doing all they could but he wasn't getting better. Finally one doctor told my friend his disease was fatal and he was going to die. The doctor telling my friend that outraged me.

The reason he outraged me is because no Doctor knows when anyone is going to die, only God knows that. Anyhow, I was so p*ssed off about what the doctor told my friend, that, in part, out of spite towards the doctor I fed my friend daily MEGA doses of false hope. 

I figured the worst that could happen is that my convincing stories of false hope would make my friend feel better and the best that could happen is a miracle would take place. Guess what? A miracle did take place and to this day, thirty years later, my friend credits my stories of false hope as the turning point in his life. He called it a turning point because my 'false hope' stories motivated my friend to get his will back to live and live he did. The moral of this little story, never underestimate the power of the human mind to create a miracle in someone's life, yours or someone elses.


This won't last long....


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Most Important Advice my Parents NEVER gave me.

Focus your attention on what you DO WANT and leave what you don't want alone. The reason for this is because whatever you focus your attention on the most, you will manifest it into your physical reality. That's is how the law of attraction works...

A Prosperity Attitude that NEVER Fails....

If you want prosperity, you have to love all the good things money can do for you, your family and people who are less fortunate than yourself.  Any negative thoughts you harbor about money will undermine your ability to attract money in abundance. I sorry to disillusion some of you but money is NOT the root of all evil, it is the lack of money that is.  In fact, it is the 'lack mentality' that is responsible for the evil men do. Feelings of 'lack and scarcity' drive men to lie, steal, cheat and murder others. People who feel rich and prosperous in their hearts become rich in body, mind and soul and never feel the need to do harm to anyone.. If you have negative thoughts about money, this is the place to be done with them forever.


I personally love what money can do for me and 'that attitude' attracts money to me and it will do the same for you. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of not having enough money, for your own sake and the sake of your family, spend $4.00 of your hard earned money and get your copy of my Cash Cow Report. My report can change your 'lack and scarcity' attitudes about money overnight. The Cash Cow Report will enable you see prosperity and prosperous opportunities everywhere. Most importantly, The Cash Cow Report will allow you to begin releasing the negative thoughts you have around money that have been keeping the money you want at a distance from yourself. To get your copy of my Cash Cow Report, Click Here



If you're afraid of offending people, count on it, even if you don't want to, you will. Why?  Because whatever you fear, you attract, it's how the LOA works. The solution to this problem is to focus on what you DO WANT and leave your don't wants alone.


Money Increases HAPPINESS


Money might not buy you happiness but it definitely increases the happiness you have. A happy man is one who is in charge of his financial destiny. Even if you are gainfully employed, given the uncertainties of the economy, it is still better to plan another source of income.

Today, people talk a lot about the global crisis and its adverse effects it will have on your economic life. It paints a bleak picture of what will happen to your livelihood in the near future. The Internet  has come to the rescue by providing many ways and opportunities  to avoid having an economic crisis in your life. Working online is one of those opportunities.

The best part about creating your own online business is that you will be your own boss and you can determine your own working schedule.  Investment in an good online business should run you less than a hundred dollars. The fact is, there is no business in the 'bricks and mortar' world where you could start a business for under a hundred dollar. I am talking about the kind of  business that  provides you with the opportunity to begin making a solid income in less than a month. 

The kind of business opportunity I am talking about is possible on the Internet because you are able to reach a global audience that consists of billion of people using many of the free advertising methods that a reputable online business like 'Profit Miracle' teaches.

The Profit Miracle system is for people who like the idea of being able to earn an excellent income generated by free traffic and an automated business system. If you can follow instructions you can succeed with the Profit Miracle system. 

The Profit Miracle system promotes other people's products so it doesn't need an inventory. The Profit Miracle system does the hard work for you, all you have to do is follow instruction.  As an example, one of the Profit Miracle automated campaigns produced 34 sales in one day. 

In the 'bricks and mortar' world it would take a super salesman to generate 34 sales in a day but with an automated system like Profit Miracle anyone with a good work ethic and average intelligence can succeed with effortless ease.To learn more about the Profit Miracle Business System, Click Here

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There is magic in visualizing. I visualize in my mind's eye the people I want for my projects, and without advertising for them, they always show up. That's how powerful visualization is when you visualize what you want as a done deal in your mind's eye.


Have you noticed how easily you get hurt by criticism and how hard you work to fend off compliments about how wonderful you are?  If you have, retrain yourself to fend off criticisms of yourself and embrace how wonderful you are, because you are...

First and Last Love


The lack of self-love more than anything else is responsible for the violence, abuse, wars and criminal activity we have in the world. A person who truly loves himself has no need to harm anyone, in any way, for any reason. What keeps people from experiencing the self-love that will make them healthy, wealthy and wise is the false belief that the love they seek is out there somewhere. The love people seek lives within them and once they connect with that love, it will be reflected back to them by all others.

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Worrying about what other people think of you is illogical because you have absolutely no control over what other people think of you, so why worry!


It has been said that if you cannot honestly brag about yourself, you suffer from low self-esteem. In my experience that is an honest statement. I always felt uncomfortable about sharing my accomplishments with people because I felt like it was a bad thing to brag when, in fact, what I was suffering from was low self-esteem.  Thank God that's no longer a problem for me.

My reason for bragging is the important thing. I don't brag so other people will think I'm great, I brag so what I have accomplished in life will inspire other people to greatest. Two well known braggarts that come to mind, that have inspired many people to greatest, are Muhammad Ali and Donald Trump.


I live the L.O.A. first, then I write about it...


I normally don't share much about my personal life away from Encouraging WORDS. However, I thought I would today because of the fantastic stuff that has been happening in my life recently. Using the law of attraction, I have been focusing exclusively on what I DO WANT. As a result, I have two television shows in the works with a New York Television Production Company.  One deals with health-care and the other deals with flea markets. 

These two shows are as different as day or night but I have no doubt they will both be hit shows because I have been fortunate enough to have mastered making the law of attraction (LOA) work in my favor by practicing focused living.

For those who have installed my free Encouraging WORDS Toolbar I will send you an alert notice to your desktop when I have the dates and times the shows will be airing. Because I am under contract I can't tell you a lot about the shows right now, I can, however, show you one of the 'set locations' for our Flea Market Mania show. The location is where we train people before we send them out to Flea Markets to win cash and prizes. The link to the 'set location' includes a slide show that automatically starts up when you land on the page plus two videos so you can appreciate how magical this location will be for our show. To see our 'set location,' Click here
  - Frederick Zappone, Encouraging WORDS


FYI - I shot the videos and photos. I'm not a professional so they are not the best quality but they will give you an idea how great this set location is... BTW, all the food items you see there are 'props,' they are not real except for the Banana Splits friends of mine made for us while we were on the set.