Staying Together - Breaking Up

This is from a research study I read about in regards to why couples stay together or break up. In the study, many couples were interviewed. However, two interviews I read about stand out in my mind the most.

Jack was asked why he broke up with the woman he loved after 15 years of being together. He said:

" There were 10 things I loved about her but there was one thing about her that drove me up the wall and I couldn't take it anymore and so I left her."

Bill was asked why he still loves his wife as much today as he did the first day he met her, over twenty years ago. He said:

"There are 10 things about her that drive me crazy but there is one thing about her I absolutely love and adore and that is what I FOCUS my attention on a 100% of the time."


"The power of FOCUS should never be
underestimated, it works every single time without fail."

Love: It's the little things that count the most

I make it a point to express my love for Vona every time I feel it. The other night, I went to bed early while Vona was in the other room watching television. As I was in the process of drifting off to sleep, thoughts and feelings washed over me, like warm ocean waves, about how much I loved Vona and how much she meant to me.

As tired as I was, I stumbled out of the bedroom in my birthday suit and told her what I was feeling and went right back to bed. The next morning she told me that what I said to her the night before was the sweetest expression of love she had ever experienced in her life. She said it made her cry tears of happiness and joy.

When it comes to expressing love to the person we care about the most, sometimes, the smallest expression of love can make the biggest difference in that person's life.

If we feel love for another but don't express it, love doesn't work. If we feel love for another but don't show it by our actions, love doesn't work. The people we love and care about the most are not "mind readers", so if we do not express what we feel about them, how are they to know of the love we have in our hearts for them.


Food for Thought For Doubting Hearts

"When you make "doubt your friend" it inspires you to think better thoughts. When you make "doubt your enemy" it slays your best thoughts and kills off the wisdom of your heart that never lives in doubt." - Frederick Zappone

"There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills.” - Buddha

"Love and doubt have never been on speaking terms.” - Kahlil Gibran

“Any belief worth having must survive doubt.” - Anonymous

"Doubt says that it will never happen whereas the wisdom of the heart says it will." - Frederick Zappone

"Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” - William Shakespeare

"What makes a river so restful to people is that it doesn't have any doubt - it is sure to get where it is going, and it doesn't want to go anywhere else.” - Hal Boyle

"All the wisdom and success I have gained throughout my life is a result of making my doubts work for me rather than against me." - Frederick Zappone



Don't shoot yourself in the foot!

A piece of advice I live by...

I never tell anyone my problems UNLESS I am absolutely certain they will empower me to solve my problems faster than I can solve them by myself. Thoughtlessly sharing your personal business with other people is a good way to shoot yourself in the foot and injure yourself.

People who give you sympathy, weaken you.

People who agree with you about how "awful it is", weaken you.

People who mean well but who are ignorant of all the facts, weaken you.

In many cases, the best intentioned friends and family members, who have problems of their own, will make your problems more difficult to solve because "misery loves company."

Before you accept advice from someone about your problems, be sure their life is in excellent working order. If their life is full of drama and failure, avoid advice from people like that like you would avoid the bubonic plague. As a result of following my own advice, today, there is no problem I cannot solve quickly with a little help from a few trusted friends.

If you are seeking advice from anyone, here are the "credentials" you should look for.

1. Are they healthy.
2. Are they prosperous (not rich).
3. Are they easy to understand.
4. Do they have loving relationships.
5. Are they easy to connect with.
6. What do their associates think of them.
7. What do their friends think of them.


Don't be shy, if in doubt, ask for personal references. After all, when you apply for a job, they ask you for personal references.


Stop Sign Language

People are not aware of it but there are lots of "words and phrases" people use that stops other people dead in their tracks. As a result, often times, people cannot achieve the satisfaction they want because they do not know how to move beyond "Stop Sign" Language.

For example, you have a problem with a store over something you purchased and you are not getting the satisfaction you want because your every request is met with:

It is our policy.
It is against our policy.
Our policy doesn't permit us to do that.

Those phrases stop many people but they don't have to stop you.

When someone says to me that it is there policy or it is against their policy, I ask to speak to their boss or supervisor. If I get the same response, I keep climbing up the corporate ladder until I can talk to someone who will give me the satisfaction I seek and make an exception to their policy.

As a matter of information, the higher up you climb the corporate ladder, the nicer the people are and if you climb high enough you will find the person who has the authority to make an exception to their policy and provide you with the satisfaction you seek.

Can you think of other STOP SIGN words and phrases?

How about:

1. Because I'm your father and I said so..
2. God will punish if you for that.
3. It's none of your business.
4. I'm more experienced and know more than you do.
5. I'm your boss, that's why.
6. It's the bank policy
7. It's the church policy.
8. You don't know what you're talking about.
9. That the worst piece of writing I have ever seen.
10. You will never be a success in life.

(The STOP SIGN words and phrases that have the most power over us are ones uttered by "authority figures" in our lives. By the way, an "authority figure" is any person we allow to have power over us.)


If you can think of any "stop sign" words or phrases that have stopped you from getting the satisfaction you wanted, click on the comment link below and post them. I want to see how big of list of STOP SIGN words and phrases we can come up with. You can post your comments anonymously if you so desire.


As it relates to this article, in January I posted an article titled: Instructions for Life. In that article, Rule #5 states:

Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.

Click on this link Instructions for LIFE to read the complete list.


I'm screwed up, can you help?

Question: I'm all screwed up. I have been diagnosed as obsessive/compulsive and bi-polar. Since my diagnosis, in spite of my medication, I feel depressed all the time. Can you help?

Answer: I am not a doctor so I cannot give you that kind of help. However, I can give you some information so you can help yourself.

The first thing I would suggest is that you work on removing those "crippling labels" (obsessive/compulsive, bi-polar) from your mind. Those labels weaken rather than strengthen you.

Once you have removed those labels, chances are, you will see that what has been labeled as a mental health problem is nothing more than a problem with understanding your own feelings and emotions. Once you understand your feelings, those problems will dissolve naturally. Of course my approach is too simple to please most people but it might work for you.

Author Note: I speak from personal experience on this one. From the time I was a little kid, until I was in my thirties, people did their very best to label me as "this or that". I knew who I was, even as a small child, and I would have no part of the "labeling process," for I knew how crippling labels were. Once we accept a label an "authority figure" places on us, without questioning it, we are done, gone, finished, kaput.

From that point on , even if the "authority figure" who labeled us is no longer in our life, they control our destiny and we do not. Labels, acting like STOP SIGNS, stop people dead in their track from thinking more deeply about what is troubling them. As a result, they can never solve the problems that trouble them because of the "labels" placed on them earlier in life.

As an example, I worked with a man who was so crippled up by a label placed on him, earlier in his life, that he was on the verge of committing suicide when he met me.

He had a normal sounding name, Alan Samuel Smith. However, when he was young and very vulnerable (the beginning of puberty), some school bully realized the initials in his name spelled ASS. This bully began calling him ASS all the time....

Soon all the other kids started calling him ASS and worse names too. From that point on, the self-image the man developed for himself was that he was an ASS and there was nothing he could do about it.

This crippling label, that was cruelly placed upon him, in his teenager years, affected his relationships with women, his job performance and it made life hell for him as an adult. As silly as this all my sound to you, that's how much damage a label can do to someone who accepts it, without questioning it, like this man did.

Alan was very fearful of giving up that crippling label until he met me.. The reason for his fear was because, as much as he hated that label, he didn't have a clue as to who he would be without that label.

After working with me,he discovered who he truly was; a powerful, magnificent, lovable one of a kind human being. With this discovery, he let go of his ASS (the label ASS that is) and cried in my office for over an hour.. I had the opportunity to see Alan weeks later at a meeting of a local civic organization and he wasn't the same man any more. In fact, he had become one of the happiest men I had ever met...


When the solution is simple, God is answering. - Albert Einstein

I can't change it.

Question: I can't change it, what should I do?

Answer: Of course you can't change it, no one can change "what is."

However, you can change "what will be" by changing your thoughts. When you change your thoughts, your circumstances change along with them and "what will be" for you in the future will be vastly different than "what is" for you today.


The Ultimate Mind Trap

The one thing that traps people the most, and make them feel powerless and ineffective, is the belief they must know "How To" to achieve what they want before they can achieve it.

As long as you are stuck in the "mind trap" of trying to figure out "how to" do something, you won't be able to do it... The moment you stop trying to figure out how to do it, the way will become clear to you...and you will do what works and whatever you do, will work...

Trying to figure out the "How To's" of life is the cause of every doubt, fear, worry and insecurity a person has.... Drop your pursuit of the "How To's" of life and the path will open up to you....

The Benefits of Giving UP the pursuit of the "HOW TO'S" of Life.

The personal freedom you will experience after giving up your pursuit of the "How To's" of life will be unbelievable.

The knowledge and wisdom that will enter your mind, with effortless ease, after you give up the pursuit of the "How To's" of life will astonish and amaze you.

The happiness and joy you will experience after you give up the pursuit of the "How To's" of life will take your breath away and move you to tears.

After you give up the pursuit of the "How To's" of life, all good things will be added to you, naturally.


Create a "Dream Magnet" For Yourself.

What is your dream? The perfect relationship, restored health or prosperity in abundance?

When it comes to making your dreams come true, the easiest way to do this is to see what you want in your mind's eye as a "done deal"...

Visualize, in your mind, the end result (what you want) and do not worry about how you are going to achieve it. The more clearly you can see the picture of what you want in your mind's eye, the faster it will come into your life.

Pictures, visualized clearly, acting like powerful magnets will draw unto you the knowledge, people and circumstances you need to make your dreams of today, your reality of tomorrow.


Mentoring: If you wanted to be coached in developing your visualization skills so you can make you dreams come true with effortless ease, let me know. I have a few openings in my personal mentoring program available for people looking for "one on one" coaching in this area of their life. There is a monthly fee for this service. If interested in my mentoring program, please e-mail for details by Clicking Here. - Frederick Zappone


Question: Why should I trust myself. no one else trusts me?

Answer: The short answer I will share with you is the best answer I can give you. It is not my answer, I did not come up with it. However, I have adopted the answer for my own life and it has never failed me. The answer comes from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and it goes like this:

"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live".



A Success Plan

For people who do not have a plan for their success, I recommend Paul J. Meyer's five step approach for success. I worked for his company years ago, What I learned from Paul back then still influences my thoughts and actions to this day. Here is Paul's personal success plan.

Paul J. Meyer's Personal Success Plan
by Paul J. Meyer
Founder, Success Motivation® International, Inc.
Waco, Texas

I. Crystallize Your Thinking

Determine what specific goal you want to achieve. Then dedicate yourself to its attainment with unswerving singleness of purpose, the trenchant zeal of a crusader.

II. Develop a Plan for Achieving Your Goal and a Deadline for its Attainment

Plan your progress carefully; hour-by hour, day-by-day, month-by-month. Organized activity and maintained enthusiasm are the wellsprings of your power.

III. Develop a Sincere Desire for the Things You Want in Life.

A burning desire is the greatest motivator of every human action. The desire for success implants "success consciousness" which, in turn, creates a vigorous and ever-increasing "habit of success."

IV. Develop Supreme Confidence in Yourself and Your Own Abilities

Enter every activity without giving mental recognition to the possibility of defeat. Concentrate on your strengths, instead of your weaknesses...on your powers, instead of your problems.

V. Develop a Dogged Determination to Follow Through on Your Plan, Regardless of Obstacles, Criticism or Circumstances or What Other People Say, Think, or Do.

Construct your Determination with Sustained Effort, Controlled Attention, and Concentrated Energy. OPPORTUNITIES never come to those who wait...they are captured by those who dare to ATTACK.

Releasing unpleasant things

When we judge something as unpleasant, it sticks to us like glue. When we release our judgment, what is unpleasant to us disappears from our life, as if by magic.


Observe it, it will disappear

We can make any unpleasant feeling disappear from our life simply OBSERVING it and not labeling it as "this or that." When we label an unpleasant feeling, as "this or that," it persists. When we OBSERVE it, it dissolves and disappears naturally...

This spiritual principle of OBSERVATION goes beyond feelings. Any unpleasant circumstance or situation you OBSERVE in your life, without labeling it, will disappear from your life.


Language Magic: Part II

In Part one, I mentioned language both reveals and conceals. Here is another example of what I mean. Have you ever heard yourself or someone else making one of the following statements:

I know I'll never get it right.

I know I will never make enough money to quit my job.

I know I will never win the lottery

I know I will never find someone to love me like Brad did.

I know I will never be the strong person I want to be.

I know I will have to work the rest of my life.

I know I am not smart enough to become a millionaire.

I know Mary will never understand me.

I know my boss will never appreciate me.

The first thing about all those statement is that they are all lies. It is not possible for people to know those things with 100% certainty unless they are Fortune Tellers with a 100% accuracy rate.

When people make those kinds of statements as statements of fact, the first thing that happens is that they are COMMANDING their minds "to not know" the truth because they believe they already know the truth... The second thing that happens is that they are "concealing" the truth from themselves.

Let me explain what I mean. I will take the word "Know" out of the statements listed above and replace it with the correct word, what people are really saying to themselves. Here is the list with the word change.

I fear I'll never get it right.

I fear I will never make enough money to quit my job.

I fear I will never win the lottery

I fear I will never find someone to love me like Brad did.

I fear I will never be the strong person I want to be.

I fear I will have to work the rest of my life.

I fear I am not smart enough to become a millionaire.

I fear Mary will never understand me.

I fear my boss will never appreciate me.

The next time you catch yourself saying "you know something", check to see if you really do know something or if you are using the word "know" as a substitute for the word fear


Language Magic


Did you know that language both reveals and conceals? That why people can easily fool you from time to time. Language acting like a smoke screen can conceal a person's true intention.

If you don't want to be fooled by the words a person's uses, pay more attention to what a person does and less attention to what they say. What a person says is not always the truth, what they do, always is.. This is in keeping with the old saying: ACTIONS speak LOUDER than words.

Here's how Powerful You are!

When you compliment people you give them POWER, when you criticize people you take POWER away from them. That is how powerful you are.

A simple statement with far reaching consequences. Think about it for a moment. What do you feel when someone sincerely compliments or praises you? Do you feel more or less powerful? What do do you feel when someone criticizes you? Do you feel more or less powerful?

Taking it one step further, what do you feel when your self talk is positive? Do you feel more or less powerful? What do you feel when your self-talk is negative. Do you feel more or less powerful?

The words you use on yourself and other people are more powerful than you think. With your words you can strengthen yourself and other people or you can weaken yourself and other people. That is how powerful your words are. Words are your thoughts in action....


Power of Acknowledgment: Inspired by Kevin

People don't know how powerful they truly are because other people simply don't tell them. On the other hand, if you screw up, people don't hesitate to tell you. Telling a person when he or she does good has an AWESOME effect in that person's life.

I have learned for the most part to find my power without people acknowledging me for the good things I do. However, I will tell you this, when someone does acknowledge my work like Kevin did today, it REVS ME UP.....it supercharges me....

As a result of Kevin's kind and generous comments to my message titled The Powerful YOU!, every message I have written since that one, including this message, was inspired because of Kevin's kind and generous comments about my previous article.

Thank you Kevin. The power of your acknowledgment made my day! :)



Deleting "Doubt" from the Mind

We are of two minds, one is conscious, the other is subconscious. There is lots of good stuff in the subconscious part of our mind that allows us to walk, read and talk without thinking about it.

In the beginning, we could not walk, read or talk, so we had to study and practice with our conscious mind until those conscious thoughts became automatic habit of thoughts in our subconscious mind. Once that happened, walking, reading and talking required no conscious thought at all on our part. That's the good new.

The bad news is, our subconscious mind has lots of garbage in it that keeps surfacing and distracts our conscious mind. The garbage that surfaces are our doubts that undermine our ability to use our conscious mind to achieve what we want in the "here and now."

What most people do with their doubts is fight with them, resist them or try to overcome them. The more energy you put into fighting, resisting or trying to overcome your doubts, the more powerful your doubts become. That is why fighting, resisting or trying to overcome doubt does not work.

Even as I write this, using my conscious mind to organize my thoughts, doubts from my growing up years, are surfacing in the background of my mind. They are trying to distract me from writing this message to you.

Here is how I deal with my doubts.

I keep my FOCUS on my conscious thoughts and actions and what I am doing in the moment. I keep myself focused in the moment.... At the same time, I am aware of doubts surfacing and I allow them to surface. I do not resist or fight with them. I acknowledge them, I admit they are present and I let them pass me by. Here is how that goes:

I've written this section in dialogue form as a conversation between my doubts and myself so you can better understand how I deal with doubt in a positive way.

Mr. Doubt: Who are you Frederick Zappone to be writing about such things? Who gave you permission to write about the conscious and subconscious mind?

Me: Thank you for caring Mr. Doubt, tell me more.

Mr. Doubt: You know you are never going to get rich doing this kind of writing. You know people won't understand what the hell you are talking about. You know your writings will never be fully appreciated by others.

Me: Thank you for caring Mr. Doubt, tell me more.

Mr. Doubt: Why don't you listen to me. I know what is best for you. I will punish you if you don't listen to me.

Me: Thank you for caring Mr. Doubt, tell me more.

Mr. Doubt: You are impossible. You never listen to anyone but yourself. What is wrong with you?

Me: Thank you for caring Mr. Doubt, tell me more.

This kind of conversation with my doubts goes on, in the background of my mind, every time I sit down to write an article. I simply do not pay attention to my doubts except to acknowledge they are present, in the background of my mind, and allow them to pass me by...

I can trace every one of my doubts back to "authority figures" in my life, during my growing up years who filled my head with "nonsense thoughts" that no longer serve me.

I can't argue with what was previously programmed into my mind. However, I do not have to give my past programming any power over me in this moment of now....and I do that by allowing "nonsense thoughts" to pass me by and keep my conscious attention in the moment.

Some of my doubts can be brutal because I was abused, during my growing up years, by people who had the best intentions but believed in the heavy-handed approach to child rearing... I have forgiven them all because, today, I know how easy it is to leave doubts, from my past, alone and allow them to harmlessly pass me by...


It's only a Feeling.....

There are certainly times in your life when you will FEEL powerless but remember, it is only a feeling. It doesn't mean you are powerless...

When feeling powerless, your mind will try to reinforce that feeling by serving up to you all kinds of powerless thoughts that can make you feel even more powerless. Dismiss those thoughts as quickly as you can and replace them with thoughts that strengthen rather than weaken you

Do not "resist" your powerless feelings and, like a storm on a hot summer's day, they will pass you by and you will once again feel like the powerful, magnificent person you truly are...

Often times, we have no power over the thoughts that enter our mind but we do have power over which thoughts we will focus our attention on and which thoughts we will delete from our mind as easily as we delete junk mail from our e-mail account.

For Sale: SPAM FILTERS for our Mind.. Don't we wish! :)


When the Soul Meets Violence

The Integrity of the Soul

This is story about what can happen when the Soul, who we truly are, is thrown into a situation where we can not avoid an act of violence that is unfolding right before our eyes. To read the story, click here


From coward to SUPERMAN

For many years of my life, I was a coward at heart. No one knew I was a coward, that was my little secret. People thought of me as strong but that is only what I allowed them to see.

Inside, I felt like a coward. I didn't think on my own, I wouldn't take chances and life was becoming increasingly uncomfortable for me..... Change had to happen in my life or soon I would become one of the "living dead," walking around like I was alive but feeling dead inside.

I decided to change all that one day and do something my mother wouldn't let me do, as a kid, and that was to fly like Superman.....and I did....

I found a bridge with a river below it. The bridge was 300 feet high. After gathering up my courage, I jumped off the bridge and soared like Superman. What a sensation, what a rush. It was unbelievable... In those few seconds I felt a freedom in my life that I had never felt before. I felt no fear, only unbridled happiness and joy.....

And just a moment before my hand could reach out and touch the water below, the bungee cord attached to my feet pulled me back up into the sky... Dangling like a puppet in the air, I found the courage I always knew I had....and I have never felt like a coward since..

If you are feeling like a coward, like I once did, do something, safely, that scares you a bit.. It will change your life forever. It could be bungee jumping, sky-diving or rappelling down a 10,000 foot mountain side. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you do it safely and it scares you a bit...


R.I.P. Mr. Past

Forget your failures and disappointments of the past and they will no longer have any power over you. Make peace with your past and it will rest in peace and never bother you again. You can not change what happened. You did the best you could, at the time, based on what you knew back then.

This is the first moment of the rest of your life.......

Do not dwell on your past mistakes for they will only pull you down. Instead, dwell on what you want, what will be and you will create a future life for yourself that will take your breath away and make your eyes fill with tears of gratitude and joy that will make your heart skip a beat.

The Power of Visualization

Visualize the life you want and that is the life you will have.

God never judges what we imagine, only acts upon it and makes it our reality.

All that we see in our physical world began as a picture (image) in someone's mind.

The imagination only creates what we have imagined for ourselves. It can not decide what we are to imagine, that is our job..

The mind is our servant and can only achieve what we will allow it to achieve. If we allow it to make our dreams come true, it will. However, our mind can also make our worst nightmares come true too, if we allow it.

When we spend more time visualizing what we want and less time thinking about what we want that speeds up the process, considerably, of what we want coming into our lives with effortless ease.

Whatever we vividly imagine, ardently desire and
enthusiastically act upon will inevitably come to pass.
(Author - Paul. J. Meyers)


The Powerful YOU!

How many people, by a show of hands,
know how truly POWERFUL they are?

I thought so!

The reason you do not know how powerful you truly are is because you were not brought up to be aware of your AMAZING power. If you knew of your amazing power, during your growing up years, the authority figures in your life would not have been able to control you.

You may have needed to be controlled as a child for your own good but many of the controls that operate in the background of your life, as an adult, no longer serve you. Continuing to believe that you are not a person with incredible power is one of those "controls" that no longer serves you.

I will continue to remind you of how powerful, lovable and magnificent you truly are, in a thousand different ways, until you get it, REALLY get it! Once you get it, you will literally be able to create MIRACLES in your own life and in the lives of the people you love...


Thoughts are things, POWERFUL things. Thoughts weaken us
and thoughts strengthen us and each of us, on a moment by
moment basis, gets to choose which thoughts we will think...


Attitude isn't Everything, It's the Only Thing

"The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers." - M. Scott Peck

"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment." - Marcus Aurelius

"As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others." - Marianne Williamson

"The remarkable thing is that we really do love our neighbor as much as ourselves: we do unto others as we do unto ourselves. We hate others as we hate ourselves. We are tolerant toward others as we are tolerant towards ourselves. We forgive others as we forgive ourselves and we are prone to sacrifice others when we are ready to sacrifice ourselves." - Eric Hoffer

"Everything can be taken from a person but ... the last of the human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way." -Victor Frankl

"The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. As you think, so shall you be." - William James

"All acts of violence. abuse and disrespect in this world are a result of people not loving themselves sufficiently." - Frederick Zappone



Health Problems: Yours & Others

All pain in the body is trapped energy. It is the "life force" trapped inside our physical cells. When the energy (the life force) is flowing freely in the body, there is neither pain or physical illness.

Pain is caused by "resisting" what we are experiencing (feeling) in the moment. When we quit resisting our unpleasant feelings, we release them and pain in the body dissolves instantly and allows the body to return to a state of fully restored health, naturally.

When we are worried about another person's health condition, we are feeding them negative energy that slows down the process of them healing themselves in partnership with the Power behind all things.

When you see someone having "health problems", do not weaken them by focusing on their health problems too. Instead, see the person the way you want to see them; happy, healthy and carefree and that will be the "healing difference" in that person's life.

Related link:

Dis-ease: The Gift


Finding God in Nature.

When I want to understand God's ways, I turn to nature. In nature, I learn all the lessons God's wants to teach me by observing what he created for us to enjoy. I always knew we were to enjoy nature, I didn't know God would teach me his ways by simply observing the ways of nature.

Reading the article titled "The Secrets Nature Revealed To Me" is a test of your connection to the "organizing intelligence of the universe" that many people call God and other folks call their Higher Power.

The Secrets Nature Revealed To me. - Click Here
(Fact or Fiction, you decide)

After reading this article, ask yourself if the article you read is a work of fiction or if it is fact. If you are strongly connected to your Higher Power, your higher power will reveal the answer to you and it will ring true, for you, as "fact or fiction" deep inside of your soul. This knowing will be so powerful that you will have doubts at all about the answer you received.

If you want to comment about this test, leave your comments by clicking on the comment link below. Post your comments anonymously if you wish...


The Magical Attitude

In my Spiritual Reflections Handbook, in the section titled: A Pocketful of Instant Wisdom, there is a bit of wisdom that goes like this:

"Expressing sincere prayers of GRATITUDE for what we have, guarantees that we will have more".

I find, in a very practical way, the magical attitude is one of gratitude...

When we are grateful for what we have, we are FOCUSING on what we want more of. If our FOCUS is on what we don't have, that focus attracts into our life more of the things we don't want.

Often times, people have a hard time being grateful for what they have because, in many cases, people don't have what they really want and because they don't, to be quite frank, people are silently "p*ssed off about it.

Expressing words of gratitude without being sincere about it will not bring us more of what we do want. We may be able to fool other people, from time to time, but we can't fool the "organizing intelligence of the universe."

This "intelligence," a spark of which lives inside each and every one of us, operates off our "sincere thoughts." And it leaves our "insincere thoughts" alone for us to figure out what we are going to do with them.

Years ago, when I started the practice of gratitude, I found I didn't have anything in my life I really wanted and so it was difficult for me to be grateful for anything. Yes, I had lots of things but it wasn't the things I wanted, it was the things other people wanted for me....

That realization woke me up... I didn't know, until that moment, that I was a "butt kissing", "people pleasing" person. I was so busy pleasing other people all the time that I neglected myself entirely and violated the second great spiritual principle:

"Love your neighbor as much as yourself, NOT more than yourself, and all good things will be added you"

With these newly found "insights", I start looking for the small things I could sincerely be grateful for. The more I practiced gratitude for the small things, in my life, the more things showed up in my life that I could truly be grateful for until the small things I expressed gratitude for started turning into the big things that I truly wanted. That is how powerful the "magical attitude of gratitude" is when we practice it with sincerity.

To Get Started with the Sincere Practice of Gratitude:

What are you sincerely grateful for in this moment of time. Post the things you are grateful for, right now, by clicking on the comment link at the end of this message. You can post your "grateful" comments anonymously if you so desire.


Personally, I am most grateful for an uncondtional, All loving God who has never given up on me and always forgives me, instantly, for the mistakes I make. A God who has blessed me with the ability to share with others, through my writings, what I know about spiritual matters that enables people to strengthen themselves in all ways; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially as well. - Frederick Zappone

Believe it and then SEE it!

There is an old saying that goes like this:

"What You See Is What You Get."

What most people do not understand about that saying, on the spiritual level, is this: What you SEE in your inner world (your thoughts and beliefs) is what you GET in your outer world (your physical world). This is a universal spiritual principle that works every single time without fail.

If you want to produce results rather quickly, in your life, through the power of your thoughts and imagination, visualize/imagine the life you want a little bit each night as you drift off to sleep.

Visualize the end result you want and don't worry about how you will obtain it. Your job is to clearly know what you want and the "organizing intelligence of the universe" (that most people call God) will do the work of either bringing into your life what you want or guide you to it.


The Amazing Power of QUESTIONS.

When you are seeking answers to the challenges life throws your way, don't stop asking your questions until you receive the answers that satisfy you 100%.

What many people do when seeking answers is once they receive an answer, even though it is the wrong answer or an answer that doesn't fully satisfy them, they stop asking their questions.

When you stop asking your questions, before you are fully satisfied, you prevent yourself from finding the answers you seek.

All progress in life and all answers and solutions received, that work, is a result of questions being asked until the person asking the questions is fully satisfied, 100%.

If you see information up on this site that provokes questions in you, ask your questions by clicking on the comment link you will find at the end of each message. You can post your questions anonymously if you wish.

If you are not fully satisfied with the answers you receive from me, keep asking me questions until you are.... Because it is only when you are fully satisfied with an answer, will that answer work for you.


Attitude Adjustments: One Moment at a time.

Until we become the "master of our thoughts," we do not have total control over what life, unexpectedly, throws our way from time to time. However, we do have total control over our attitude. Life fires at us at point blank range, one moment at a time. If you " live in the moment" it is easy to make the necessary attitude adjustments when life throws an, unexpected "curve ball" your way.

A good example, yesterday:

I took my 91 year old Dad to see my 85 year old mother who is in a "nursing home" because she can no longer stand or walk on her own. When we arrived there, she wasn't there. Dad panicked and thought she had died. I calmed him down and said; "if she had died they would have called us. I will go find out where she is......"

It turned out that she was at a clinic getting an IV/IG treatment to help her walk again. She get these treatments every month but this time they forgot to notify us. I took Dad to the clinic to see mom and then the fun really began.

Immediately, I adjusted my attitude and started seeing this whole thing unfolding like a situation comedy that you might see on the "Jefferson's" or on an episode of "Everyone Loves Raymond"....

When my mom is hurting, she is no fun to be around. She is like an angry Queen Bee and who can blame her. She was glad to see us but she wanted to know, in a demanding way, how long we would be there because she wanted me to take her out for a smoke to calm her nerves.

Before I could respond, the FIRE ALARM went off. The place was packed with patients hooked up to IV treatments for a variety of illnesses ranging from cancer to CIPH along with family members there to support them, maybe a 100 people in all plus a staff of ten medical professionals.

The look in my Dad's eye told me that he was panicking again... Once more I calmed him down. The nurse announced; "remain where you are, it is probably just a false alarm." Sixty seconds later she announced that everyone had to EVACUATED THE BUILDING IMMEDIATELY..... now panic is really taking over my dad... I calmed him down once again....

50 Senior Citizens (plus 50 family members and staff) are trying to get out of the building as fast they they can dragging their IV poles behind them. As I am working on getting my mother into a wheelchair and getting her and dad out of the building, my mind is looking to see what my options are. As a former volunteer fireman I knew some things about dealing with fire.

The first thing I did was to see if I could smell or see smoke; that would tell me if the danger was close by. I could neither smell or see smoke and concluded I have time.... I then looked for the closest exit, fortunately one was very close. Unfortunately, it was blocked with people trying to get out of the building in an orderly fashion. I spotted a window and a heavy metal chair. If "worse come to worst", I thought to myself, I would throw the chair through the window and carry both mom and dad out of the building on my shoulders.

Suddenly, the exit door became unblocked and I started to take mom and dad out of the building through the exit door. And at that very moment, the nurse announced; "everyone can return now, it was just a FALSE ALARM after all...."

After the incident, my mother had 15 minutes left to complete her treatment so I said to her:

"Do you still want that cigarette to calm your nerves. If you do, I'll take you outside after your treatment is complete so you can have your cigarette."

She said; "that would be terrific....only one problem, I left my cigarettes back at the nursing home, I have no cigarettes on me." For some reason, what she said struck me funny, I almost burst out in laughter......

With everyone safe and sound, once again, I left mom and dad at the clinic and drove six miles (round-trip) to buy her a pack of cigarettes... She smoked her cigarette and we stayed with her until the wheelchair van from the nursing home came to pick her up. We told her we loved her, kissed her good-bye and told her we would see her on Friday.

All is well that end wells.

And because I was able to see humor in a potentially danger situation by adjusting my attitude, quickly, it wasn't as upsetting to me as it was to other people and my "attitude adjustment" allowed me to think more clearly.

In life, attitude is everything and the ability to adjust our attitude to the "curve balls" life throws our way is the best thing.


Half-Full or Half-Empty: You Choose


Life is always about seeing the glass as half full or half empty...

A good example, yesterday I took my dad to see my mother who was being treated with IV/IG injections for CIPH at an out-patient clinic that was full of people to overflowing. When we arrrived there, my dad's reaction was:

"Oh my God, look at all the sick people in here"

I said; "No Dad, these are not sick people. They are "getting well" people."


Everything, in life, that hurts us has
a good side to it....it is all in how we choose to look at it.

Anger, Revenge & Forgiveness


Question: Why are negative desires, like anger, revenge and our unwillingness to easily forgive people who have done us wrong, so strong?

Answer: The short answer is because we have made those desires our enemy rather than our friends. Anything we make the enemy has power over us and runs our life.

The problem is, who we hurt the most with those kind of desires is ourselves. We hurt ourselves because we are afraid of those desires rather than taking the time to understand them and make them our friends.

When anger or revenge shows up, it means our sense of justice has been violated. It doesn't mean we have to act on those feelings and get even with people. Those feelings are teaching us how to take better care of ourselves so we don't allow people to violated our sense of justice in the future.

The reason we don't forgive so easily is because we don't want to forget how badly someone hurt us. The problem is, we only re-injure ourselves every time we withhold forgiveness from a person who hurt us and never learn the lesson in love that hurt is teaching us.

The lesson we learn from being hurt by another is that we know what it feels like therefore it makes us more kind, sensitive and compassionate towards others and because of the hurt we experienced, we are less likely to do others what has been done to us.

By the way, when forgive somone, we don't have to personally tell them so. We only have to feel the forgiveness in our heart and that is sufficient to heal our own wounds. The truth be told, we won't forgive someone in our hearts until we are sick and tired of being sick and tired of hurting ourselves.


What's on people's minds.

The Internet is a useful tool to do some basic research with; like finding out what's on people's minds. Putting in some basic key words into the Google search engine will tell you how many web pages are available on different subjects, which gives you an idea of what is on people's minds the most. This is not scientific, of course, but it does give you some idea of what on people's minds otherwise no one would be putting these pages up on the Internet for you to see.

I put in seven key words and apparently what people are focusing their attention on the most is health related issues with almost 2 billion pages available and what people are focusing their attention on the least is happiness with only 34 million pages available.

Here is the list of 7 keywords and the web pages available.

Health - 1,930,000,000
Money - 757,000,000
Entertainment - 637,000,000
Love - 560,000,000
Sex - 240,000,000
God - 176,000,000
Happiness - 34,900,000

These numbers will change a bit since people are adding and deleting web pages all the time. I do find it interesting that people have their FOCUS more on health related issues than they do happiness. My best guess is that people are either sick or afraid of getting sick and are looking for health related information and that's why there are so many health related web pages available on the Internet today.

I do know this, when we focus our attention on thoughts of lack, scarcity or ill health, those thoughts EXPAND and we end up having more of what we don't want in our lives. This is a result of the thoughts we FOCUS our attention on, that's how powerful our thoughts are. The one real weakness we, as human beings, have is underestimating the power of our very own thoughts and the part they play in creating the circumstances we have today.

Related Link:

Focus on what you DO WANT



Energy & Action

When you are taking action to make something happen, in your life. be aware of your energy, your feelings. If you energy is positive and high you will create the results you want.

As an example, years ago before I became a published writer, I was doing the right things but putting the wrong energy into my writings. My writings were good enough to be pubished but no one was publishing them.

On the other hand, a woman friend of mine, spent one night writing one chapter to a book. Her premise was good but her writings were not. She submitted a book proposal to Simon and Schuster Publishers based on her poorly written chapter.

Much to my surprise, two weeks later, she receive a contract from Simon and Schuster with a "cash advance" to finish her book and submit it to them for publication. This was unheard of, giving an unknown writer a cash advance to finish a book.

I was mystified by her success. Why did she have immediate success while I was still struggling to get published.

Doubting my abilities as a writer, I submitted samples of my work along with her sample chapter to an independent editor. I asked his opinion as to which writings he thought were better. He said, without a doubt, my writings were superior but her writings had superior energy in them..

His comments woke me up, it wasn't the words, it was the energy put into the words when they were written that made the difference....

The energy we put into something is more important than form.... Our form can be perfect but if the energy we put into a project is poor, then the form will not produce the result we want, while the right energy will!



Can Anger Be Love?

This answer may surprise but yes, absolutely, anger can be love....

People get angry basically for one of two reasons. They get angry when they are not being treated with the love and respect they deserve or because someone they care about is not being treated with the love and respect they deserve.

Feeling angry alerts us to the fact that the love we want to experience is absent from our life or it is absent from the life of someone we care about. Anger is a powerful but very misunderstood emotion. Anger itself is never the problem, it is the denial of anger that cause problems in the world.

Anger as an expression of love alerts us when our sense of justice has been violated. It also gives us the courage to act with compassion and wisdom, when we are paralyzed by fear. If you are afraid of your own anger, then your anger will always work against you and never for you as an expression of love for yourself and others.


Self-Love Tip:

People treat you the way you train them to treat you. - Dr. Robert Anthony.

Train people to treat you with all the love and respect you desire because you are worth it.



A Mind Blowing Spiritual Exercise

This spiritual exercise is akin to sky-diving or bungee jumping for the first time and it will blow your mind! It is not for everyone. You have to have a courageous heart and the spirit of an adventurer to successfully pull it off. If you have those things, do the following.

Consciously focus on everything negative for the next 72 hours.
Really get into focusing on the negative.
Drown yourself in negativity.
Wash yourself with negativity.
Roll in it, dig into it, get yourself dirty with it...

I am not going to tell you what will happen in the next 72 hours. I will only tell you that good things will happen that will blow your mind.... but you must consciously do this exercise. You cannot allow things negative to control you, you control them by consciously putting 100% of your focus on them.

To get you started, imagine a life with no money and no place to get it. Imagine being evicted and forced to become a homeless person. Imagine having a terminal illness. Imagine dying. Imagine no love in your life and no hope of ever having love in your life. Imagine how awful that feels....

Your ego will go nuts with this spiritual exercise.. In fact, your ego will do everything in its power to prevent you from doing this amazing, awesome, mind-blowing, life affirming, astonishing, life changing exercise. Do it any way and watch something miraculous unfold in your life...

If you do this exercise, post your experience of this exercise by clicking on the comment link below because your comments will benefit the more timid souls who need a little inspiration and encouragement to do this exercise themselves.

Note: Mind blowing spiritual exercises rarely make sense. I don't judge a spiritual exercise by whether it makes sense or not. I judge it by whether it works or not. If it works, I keep it and if it doesn't work, I delete it from my mind.


Why do People Attract Trouble?

Living a "heaven on earth" life is easy to do but people attract all kinds of troubles into their lives when attracting trouble is not necessary at all. (See Higher Power Course Update)

Question: Why do people attract trouble?

Answer: People are programmed to attract trouble. From a very early age people are programmed to believe their fears, doubts and worries are real and if they don't pay attention to them they will end up in trouble. The reality is when people pay attention to their fears, doubts and worries they attract all kinds of troubles into their lives.

Trouble has an hypnotic effect on people. That's why when there is trouble in the news, it gets peoples attention immediately. People can't seem to help themselves. They sit in the comfort of their homes and spend hours watching "events of disaster" unfold on their television sets as if it were the most important thing in the world.

"A Spell of Trouble has been cast upon us and we are thrilled to see other people in trouble because, in some strange way, seeing other people in trouble makes us feel better about ourselves. And yet, unwittingly, by allowing other people's troubles to have an hypnotic effect on us, we are creating the circumstances that attract trouble into our own lives".

People will always stop to be entertained by trouble (either their own or other peoples) until creating a "heaven on earth" life for themselves become more important to them than watching the trouble of others or attracting troubles into their own lives.

When living a life of happiness and abundance becomes more important to you than attracting troubles into your life, that is when the "hypnotic effects of trouble" will no longer have any power over you.


Higher Power (HP) Course Update


A short addition to Lesson #1 of the Higher Power Course has been added. It is titled: Don't Attract Trouble. It can be found at the bottom of the lesson. The link to the HP Course can be found on the right hand side of the home page of this site.



Are you waiting?

Are you waiting for results to happen in your life? Results such as improved health, a loving relationship or more money? As long as your waiting for results to happen in your life, nothing will happen. The things you want in your life begin to happen when you stop waiting.

If you are waiting for something to happen, that tells me you believe it is up to someone else to make happen what it is you want to happen....

There is no power in looking to anyone outside yourself to make things happen for you when it is your "thoughts and actions" alone that makes things happen...

People respond to your thoughts and actions on all levels. If your action is to wait, then people will wait until you take action before things happen in your life.

Focus your attention on "waiting" and the
result you will produce, in your life, is more waiting.



Circumstances = Mirror Part II

Circumstances exist in our lives for two reasons; one is for our enjoyment, the other is for our spiritual growth...

Life is a mirror and reflect back to us our thoughts, in the form of our circumstances, with 100% accuracy, all the time. There is no escaping this fact. The circumstances you do not like are for your spiritual growth which simply means discovering "universal truths" about the power of thought that work for rather than against you, every single time, without fail.

Most people keep looking to the circumstances of their lives to give them what they want rather than their thoughts. Our circumstances, are a result of our thoughts and until our thought changes, our circumstances will remain the same. Whatever thoughts you believe in the most become your reality.

If your belief in a lack of money is stronger than your belief in an abundance of money, then that is what your circumstances will reflect back to you. If your belief in a scarcity of love is stronger than your belief in an abundance of love, then that is what your circumstances will reflect back to you. If your belief in disease is stronger than your belief in robust health, then that is what your circumstances will reflect back to you. If you believe it is difficult for your thoughts to create for you what you want, then that is what your circumstances will reflect back to you.

The result of the thoughts we think can be instantaneous, that is potentially how powerful our thoughts are. Through the use of our thoughts, we can be in great pain one minute and pain free the next. Through the use of our thoughts, we can be without money one minute and swimming in it the next. Through the use of our thoughts, we can feel unloved and disconnected from everything one minute and in the next minute we can feel so completely loved and connected to everything, in such a powerful and intimate way, that we are moved to tears of happiness beyond words to describe, that is how powerful our thoughts are... Our circumstances, both the good ones and ones that are not so good are a result of our thoughts.. Thought creates our reality, there is no escaping it.

In order to "get" that your thoughts create reality, you have to give up GUILT for all time...because guilt is what you will feel when you trying to create with your thoughts and fail... Guilt is the "gatekeeper" that is between you and having the inner knowledge that your thoughts and your thoughts alone create your reality...

Do not feel guilty when you fail to materialize what it is you want with your thoughts. Creating with thought takes practice just as it take practice for a baby to learn to walk. If a baby felt guilty every time it attempted to walked and failed, the baby would never learn to walk. If you feel guilty every time you fail to turn your thoughts your reality, you will never learn to create what you want with your thoughts.....so do not feel guilty and if you do, release guilt as quickly as possible...

Resistance to "what is" prevents people from turning
their thoughts into reality, resistance is the only thing..



Circumstances = Mirror

Our circumstances mirror back to us our thoughts just as a real mirror reflects back to us the image of our physical body...

Life mirrors back to us our thoughts, there is no escaping it....

When you realize that what shows up in your outer world is only a mirror image of what your mind created, what a incredible and liberating difference that will make in your life. You will stop focusing on the image in the mirror, the circumstances of your life, and focus on what created those circumstances, in the first place, your thoughts....

As long as you are unable to see the direct connection between your thoughts and the images those thoughts create in your life (your circumstances) you will always try to change the image in the mirror rather than your thoughts that created the mirror image in the first place...

Make the distinction between your thoughts and your circumstances and you will see how you create everything in your life including all the things you dislike... Making this distinction will allow you to become the creator of the circumstances of your life rather than being the victim of them, the mirror image of your thoughts...

Change your thoughts and your circumstances
will, effortlessly, change along with them!

Change your thoughts by spending time each day visualizing what you want in your mind's eye. When your visualizations becomes strong enough, when you have enough faith in your visualizations, they will manifest themselves in your physical world.

You already have the visualization skills you need as most people do and like most people, you are probably more skilled at visualizing the worst for yourself rather than the best for yourself... Make your imagination work for rather than against you by visualizing what you want rather than visualizing what you fear.


"Struggling with the "mirror" (the circumstances of our lives) is the most foolish mistake we as human beings make. The same powers of visualization that creates the good in our lives, creates the bad."



A Foolish Choice was my Best Choice

In 1998, I did something that many people who knew me thought was very foolish. Without having any savings to back me up I quit a very comfortable corporate job I had in order to follow my dream of making a living from my writings.

I made a committment to myself, that no matter what, I would never work a 9 to 5 job again. In the beginning, I experience scary times, around money, because I was so dependent on the security of a regular paycheck for so many years.

The way I got through the scary times was to keep putting one foot in front of the other and dealing with my fears, of not having enough money, as they came up.

Today, I live the life I always dreamed of living. I couldn't have done it without a powerfully encouraging letter I received from a friend of mine that set me free to follow the longings of my heart. Here is her letter to me:

“Few people are brave enough to follow their hearts. It’s all too easy to opt for the security of a 9-to-5 job with good benefits and tell that voice within to shut up. Sadly, it seems that shutting up that voice tends to shut up some vital creative, spiritual element inside of us that becomes trapped, alone in the dark, able only to exert strange longings within us. However, for a fortunate few, the strange longings become too strong to ignore and the prisoner is released.”

Her words touched the deepest part of my soul. I could no longer ignore the strange longing inside of me, I had to be free to follow my heart or life wasn't worth living any more.

Prior to make the "break" in 1998, I tried to make the "break" six times early in my 9 to 5 career and always ended up running back to the corporate world when I got too scared. This time I did not and that made it possible for me to make my dream come true. I am not saying you should do what I did but if you do, I'll be in your corner every step of the way.


A Question About Surrender

Question: In your writings, you talk about surrendering to God's Will. Why should I surrender to God's will? What's in it for me?

Answer: The short answer is everything.... All that you have ever wanted out of life is available to you when you surrender to God's will because God wants to give you every good thing your heart desires...

Your ego does not like the idea of surrender, it clearly sees surrender as defeat as opposing to giving UP your thoughts to God so he can replace them with thoughts that will provide you with the "guidance and wisdom" you are seeking that will make it possible for all of your dreams to come true.

Surrender for your ego "is" defeat, it is the defeat of the Ego's ability to control of your life and cause you unnecessary suffering, pain and conflict. Your ego's most powerful weapon is doubt. If ego can make you doubt there is a God that personally cares about you and wants to guide you to the fulfillment of all of your heart desires, then ego wins and remains in control of your life.

God will not interfere with your Ego's choices. You have to willingly surrender the thoughts of Ego to God.... If God interfered in the choices you allow ego to make for yourself, God would negate your free will, your power to choose, a gift God gave to you at the time of your birth...

The purpose of Ego is to be your gracious servant, not your abusive master... Ego can only know things from past experiences and prior knowledge. Ego can not know things in the future, where God wants to lead you.

When you are willing to face the future fearlessly and leave your doubts alone, God is able to enter your mind and replace your thoughts with knowledge and wisdom that will guide you to the fulfillment of your heart's desires with effortless ease.

Knowledge from God makes you feel loved, protected, cared for and connected to all things. Ego's knowledge, on the other hand, makes you feel insecure, fearful and disconnected from everything. The choice of whether we will allow ego to rule our lives or God's best thoughts for us to rule our lives is a choice each of us must freely make on our own without being forced into that choice by others.

Ego ruled my life for years.....and still fights for control of my life but past experiences have taught me, in the end, Ego's desires for me only lead me into trouble while God's desires for me, give me all the good things I have ever wanted...

Ego: Acronym for Edging God Out



My Little Secret

Question: What is your secret to success.

Answer: My answer is simple, surrendering my thoughts to God so he can replace them with thoughts that result in success in my life. As much as I would like to take credit for my success, I cannot, My success is a gift from God that always shows up in my life when I least expect it.

While most people want to be in control and know everything, I spend most of my time surrending control to God and allowing him to fill my mind with knowledge and wisdom that inspires others.

Before I could surrender my thoughts to God, I had to come to the understanding that surrender is not defeat.... it is giving UP my thoughts to a power greater than myself that knows the answers to all things.

Pain is nature's way of encouraging us to let go and let God. The moment we "let go" and "let God", our pain dissolves instantly.



Love Without Exception

The easiest way to create the love you want in your life is to love everything about yourself without exception. Love and approve of every single thing about yourself and ignore that unceasing "mind chatter" that tells you otherwise.

Here's the thing, criticizing or disapproving of yourself, in any way, only makes matters worse and pushes away from you the love you want...

Any critical or disapproving thoughts that enter your mind about yourself should be used as a signal to love and approve of every single thing about yourself without exception.

It is bad enough when things go wrong, don't injure yourself twice by disapproving and being critical of yourself after the fact. Criticizing and disapproving of yourself won't change what happened and only sends a signal to the universe that you don't believe you are deserving of the love you want.

If you learn anything at all from reading this article, love everything about yourself without exception. Love your weaknesses and shortcomings to death and you will literally love them out of existence, that is how powerful thoughts of love are. - Frederick Zappone


Trust the Process of Life.

What you want is coming your way but you have to trust the process of life in order for what you want to become your reality. If you don't trust the process, you will spend all of your time trying to figure out how to get to your destination rather than taking actions that will lead you there.

If you know you want to go to Chicago, you don't sit in the middle of the highway and try to figure out how to get there. You trust the process (the map) and eventually you end up in Chicago.

Your vision (what you want) is your destination.

Your map (the process) to getting there is your feelings.

Good feelings tell you that you are headed in the direction of your dreams and bad feelings tell you that you are moving further away from your dreams. Trust your good feelings and learn from your bad feelings and arriviing at the destination of your choice is guaranteed.


Feelings: You've Gotta Love Them.

I have created a companion site to go along with the Spiritual Success Club. It deals exclusively with the emotional side of the human personality.

The more you understand your emotional side, the easier it will be for you to "think thoughts" that will allow you to create your future life exactly the way you want it to be.

Click on this link to visit the companion site.

Feelings: You've Gotta Love Them


Daily Prayer to God

Question: Do you have a prayer that will make me feel closer to God?

Answer: Here is the daily prayer I use that allows me to feel close to God.

God loves, guides and protects me in all ways. He has always been guiding and protecting me. God loves taking care of me and making me happy because it is his will for me to be happy.

I am grateful that God has allowed me to live this life. I have learned many wonderful lessons in love and I am blessed to be able to share those lessons in love with others.

I feel close to God, comforted by God and loved by God....and in feeling loved by God I am at peace with myself, happy and content...


Obstacles & Judgments

Everything you do is perfect in every way but when you judge "what you do" as imperfect in any way, you create obstacles for yourself.

When you quit judging yourself in all ways, you will see doors where you once saw walls. You will see new beginnings where you once saw sad endings. You will feel guided and loved by God rather than feeling abandoned and rejected by God.

You only judge yourself because you believe God judges you. If you knew God loves you always, exactly as you are, you would never judge yourself...


Quotations About MIRACLES

The miracles of nature do not seem like miracles because they are so common. If no one had ever seen a flower, even a dandelion would be the most startling event in the world. - Author Unknown

There are no miracles for those that have no faith in them. - French Proverb

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. - Albert Einstein

I am realistic - I expect miracles. - Wayne Dwyer

Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature. - St. Augustine

Do what you can do, that's your part. Miracles will follow because when you are doing your part, you are showing God by your actions you believe in miracles and as a result of your actions, miracles will become a common everyday occurrence in your life. - Frederick Zappone



The Truth About You!

I am going to share some things I know about you, absolutely know about you, beyond any shadow of a doubt...

Your are Magnificent!
Your are Powerful beyond words
You are Smarter and more Intelligence than you have ever realized.
You can create anything you want in your life, anything.
You are extremely lovable.
You are truly a good person, one of the best.
Your are kind, sensitive, and compassionate.
You have amazing abilities that others do not have.
You are loved by God completely and totally with nothing held back.

How would you feel if you gave yourself permission to fully accept the God given truths about yourself that I just shared with you?

No matter what you say to the contrary, no matter what you believe to the contrary, nothing can change the fact that you have, in abundance, all the good qualities I just shared with you...


Problem Solving Made Easy - Part IV

The Problem Solving Prayer:

Dear God,

As I drift off to sleep tonight, I thank you for solving my problems for me.


That's it, that is the whole prayer.

I thank God in advance for solving my problems for me. When I awake the next morning, during the course of my day, answers to problems that troubled me show up in my mind spontaneously or someone solves a problem for me or the problem simply disappears from my life for no reason I can explain.

When I started saying this simple prayer, it took about 30 days before problems in my life began to be solved effortlessly... I have also noticed that, over time, by saying this prayer every night before I go to sleep, the more effective this prayer has become in my life.


Problem Solving Made Easy - Part III

In the article titled Problem Solving Made Easy - Part I I talked about the benefits of leaving your problems alone and the miraculous results that happen when you do.

However, there is a great temptation to not let our problems alone.... The temptation to think about our problems, worry about them and, in worst case situations, literally, make ourselves physically sick over our problems can be overpowering. You must recognize this "temptation" if you want to be able to leave your problems alone and have them disappear, from your life, with effortless ease.

We love our problems. We think it is normal to worry about them and make ourselves sick over them. It seems normal because that is what the majority of people do. However, just because that is what the majority of the people do, that doesn't mean that is what you have to do....

The trick to leaving your problems alone is finding something to do that is more interesting, compelling, powerful and attractive to you than your problems are. If you don't have something to do that interests you more than your problems, you will mess with your problems forever and they will persist forever.

In my own life, the one thing that interests me more than all the problems that show up in my life is discovering and sharing spiritual insights with folks that makes life easier for them. Problems disappear from my life with effortless ease because I focus on what I love doing and the rest I leave alone.

Focus exclusively on what you love doing, what you are passionate about and every single one of your problems will melt away from your life with no effort at all.