How to tell if you are ADDICTED to Lack and Scarcity. (Article)

1. You always feel this pressure to 'do more' especially when you don't want to do more.

2. You just can't sit still and do nothing.

3. You feel you are in a desperate race to get somewhere.

4. You are rarely content living in the now.

5. You feel more stress and tension in your body than necessary.

5.  You are obsessed with wanting more money.

These are all indicators that you are addicted to lack. 

Anytime you doubt yourself or catch yourself worrying, you're coming from a lack and scarcity state of mind, That is another sign of being addicted to lack.
The only way to break this addiction to lack is to love all of your lack feelings to death as a way of loving them out of existence. 

You believe lack is real because the 'feeling' is real but lack itself is not real.  It is because you resist the feeling of lack that lack persists in your life.

Lack is something only humans create. Nature does not create lack. Nature only knows abundance. Grass grows more grass abundantly. The trees, flowers, plants and vegetables replicate themselves in abundance. The Universe is always expanding, creating more stars, planets and galaxies, more abundance

Lack persists as long as we resist the lack feelings we create. Embrace the lack feelings, love them to death and you will love your lack feelings and all of your lack creations out of existence.

The Answer is ALWAYS the same, more LOVE

The REAL Reason You Read Self-Help Books.

The truth shall set you free but first it will piss you off. This is going to be one of those times for you.

Q: What do I read self-help books.

A: Because you don't trust yourself. If you trusted yourself you would never have a reason to read a self-help book or take a self-help program. People like Louise Hay, Joe Vitale, Abraham-Hicks and Frederick Zappone get rich off of people who don't trust themselves.

Q: Why don't I trust myself.

A: Because you are terrified of lack.

Q: Explain. Why am I terrified of lack?

A: You are terrified of lack because you have been brainwashed to believe that lack is real. And once you believe lack is real, you also believe you are not enough, that you will never be enough, know enough or have enough. LACK is the BIGGEST con game of them all. Try to embrace lack? You can't!  Why? Because you cannot embrace something that is not real. 

You believe lack is real because the 'lack feeling' is real but lack itself is not real.  It is because you resist the feeling of lack that everything you think and do creates lack in your life... Lack is something only humans create. Nature does not create lack. Nature only knows abundance. Grass grows more grass abundantly. The trees, flowers, plants and vegetables replicate themselves in abundance. The Universe is always expanding, creating more stars, planets and galaxies. It is only in your fearful imagination that lack is created. Lack exist nowhere else except between your ears and then you make the thoughts between your ears become your physical reality because everything you create is created twice, first mentally, then physically.

Lack persists as long as you resist the lack feeling you create. Embrace the lack feeling, love it to death and you will love your lack feeling and all of your lack creations out of existence.

 The Incredible Power of Self-Love
(You do not need this program but you might want it because it is interesting, truthful, thought-provoking and powerful. This program is not self-help, it is truth experienced by one person and shared with you so you might be led to experiencing your own life truths.)


The MIRACLES Self-Love Gave Me.


Self-love has the power to make what is going wrong (or has gone wrong in your life) turn out right in ways that defy all logical explanation.

Before I got into loving myself sufficiently, my life was a disaster, one broken relationship after another, constantly worried about my health and never enough money.

Once I learned to love myself sufficiently, I quickly found the woman of my dreams. She is my forever love. In fact, in the 21 Self-Love email I mail out to my subscribers, I tell my love story in the email titled: The Perfect Relationship.

In addition to finding the love of my life, as a result of loving myself more. I learned to give up worrying about my health by trusting the wisdom of my body more.

Finally, since feeling good became more important to me than money, my money problems disappeared as if by magic. That's how powerful self-love is. It seems how easy or how hard our life is depends on how little or how much we love ourselves.

If you want to know everything I know about self-love, click this link to read about and start receiving my 21 self-love E-mails messages over a period of 21 days.

Frederick Zappone


MURDER, American Citizens Poorest CHOICE...

The #1 reason people murder is to solve a problem. Granted, there are much better ways to solve a problem but murder seems to be the THOUGHTLESS way to solve an immediate problem. The consequences of this thoughtless choice is watching KARMA kick its ass into high gear and go after the person who murdered someone.

Murder is fueled by fear and self-hate, two emotions that the murderer is not responsible for, not because he doesn't want to be responsible for them but because society has not taught him that those two emotions never take you to any place good. Those two emotions, more than any other, are the cause of all the violence and mayhem in our world.

Guns are not the problem and never have been.  What has been the problem is people's unwillingness to be responsible for their own emotions of fear and hate. Those emotions are like wild stallions that will take people to places they do not want to go resulting in consequences that will ruin their lives forever. Once you murder someone (for what you think is a good reason or a crime of passion), your life is over. You get no second chance. Rarely is there redemption for a murderer in this lifetime.

The urge to murder is not because a person is a bad or evil person. Even Mother Teresa had the urge to murder, it is part of our primitive brain, our primitive fight or flight mechanism.  And it is our responsibility to neutralize those urges, especially the urge to hate another. You see hate is what drives people to murder people and once your are able to neutralize the feelings of hate, your ability to do violence to anyone for any reason is reduced to ZERO.. Here is a video explaining what it took for me to quit hating.

Corporations Punishing Donald Trump Is Just Not Right. Here's Why!

Trump recently referred to some Mexican immigrants as "killers and rapists."  This is true for every nationality. No nationality is free of killers and rapists. We are so easily offended that we have no tolerance for anyone who thinks differently than we do. It seems we want to demonize and vilify everyone that does. Free Speech is part of the constitution but apparently the speech is only free if we only say the things people want to hear and not what is true for us, personally.

The corporations punishing Donald Trump, for what he said, are no saints themselves. They FEAR losing customers, losing profits and that's why they cut their ties with Trump. They have no high moral standard that caused them to do this, it was fear of loss, plain and simple.

The news media  made what Trump said even worse by 'fanning the flames of discontent'.  For what purpose, for SALES AND PROFIT...  The news media is not getting people to takes sides about what Trump said because they love the Mexican culture but because conflict is what boost sales for the media.

Heck, I am no saint either, I am writing this story so more people will read my blog.  I will admit, I'm trying to take the higher road and give your a more understanding and compassionate point of view about Donald Trump. Why?  Because I believe having an understanding and compassionate point of view about people brings healing while stirring up conflict between people makes the wounds grow deeper.


Certified CRAZY PEOPLE act normal in my presence.

I have had crazy people, certified crazy people, act perfectly normal in my presence because I offered them unconditional love. The moment someone showed up that didn't offer them unconditional love, they went back to being the crazy person they were that caused them to get locked up in the first place. - Robert J. Stoner

Logically people should not achieve the kind of results they do with my self-love thought mastery program but they do.. My program is not monumental is size, it is not the most well known program and it is certainly not the most expensive program.

The reason people achieve AMAZING results, often times, defying all logical explanation from my program is a result of unconditional love. Not my unconditional love, I am only a conduit for the unconditional love that flows through me from the Universe.

I hold the space of unconditional love for people who take my self-love program and in that space people fix, solve, resolve, dissolve and heal themselves of all problems large and small ranging from depression and despair to such diseases as cancer, strokes and diabetes.

I personally do nothing for people other than offer them unconditional love, support, inspiration and empowerment.  The people do all the healing work themselves whether it is health, relationship or money issues. Yes, that is how power unconditional love is.

I could not offer people the gift of unconditional love until I learned how to give myself unconditional love.  I did that through learning to love myself more and more, a little bit each day, until there were no limits on my love for myself. This took practice but it was worth it.

Today, my life is a series of one miracle after another both large and small.   Everything I learned about unconditional love I put into a little program I wrote called the  21 Day Self-love Journey. If you want to know what I know about unconditional love, click here  


If Making Money isn't FUN and EASY to do, I won't do it (Article)

In this world we need both money and love.

I love money, specifically I love the good things money can do for me, my family, my community and people less fortunate than me,

I have nothing but warm feelings towards money and because I do, making and attracting money is FUN and EASY for me to do.

When making money is fun and easy to do, it tells us, that in this life, we are traveling the right path for us.

How you feel about money tells you how you think about money and if you don't feel good when you think of paying your bills, that is an ALERT SIGNAL that your thoughts about money are keeping you in a state of a lack, scarcity and uncertainly

If you are struggling with money, never have enough money, hate rich people or are jealous of people who have lots of money, my cutting edge 'Money Affirmations' Recordings are for you.

Listening to my money affirmation recordings will change your attitude towards money from one that is in conflict with money to one that is in peace and harmony with money.

My money affirmations are simple and straightforward. My recordings will inspire and empower you and will trigger your mind to think of all the ways you can make and attract money that are FUN and EASY for you to do, ways that are in harmony with your own heart and soul.  To learn more about my money affirmation recordings, click this link:



Why Feeling Bad NEVER gets us Anything GOOD.

Feeling bad every time I didn't get the results I wanted delayed me getting the results I wanted and in worst case situations prevented me from getting the results I wanted altogether.

I would support people in feeling bad if it moved them even one inch closer to getting what they want but it doesn't, it moves them miles away from what they want. Feeling bad is the way people keep what they want at a distance from themselves, always just outside their reach.

The only reason people feel bad is because they carry the 'mistaken belief' that somehow, some way, feeling bad will get them what they want.

That mistaken belief comes from being a child when the adults in our lives would shut us up by giving into our bad attitude and give us what we wanted rather than training us in accordance with how 'universal law' works.

The Universe doesn't reward bad feeling with good things. the Universe rewards bad feelings by making us feel worse. It only rewards good things to us when we feel good. 
Conscious mind DIRECTS, Subconscious Mind DELIVERS


Things going WRONG, Push the RESET Button

When things go wrong as they sometimes do.
When things aren't going according to plan.
When people are disappointing you.

Go to the RESET position.

This is the position that makes the
things going wrong in your life, turn out right.

Question: What is the RESET position?

Answer: The reset position is:


Repeat it over and over again to yourself when things aren't going according to plan or are outside of your control.

The best way to repeat it to yourself. over and over again is to record it on your phone and play it over and over again using a headset while doing other things. I am doing it right now as I write this message to you..


1. Whether you totally accept or believe in the words I LOVE AND APPROVE OF MYSELF, they will calm you down.

2. They will keep you from focusing on DON'T WANT.

3. They will connect you to Source (the organizing intelligence of the universe) is very real and tangible ways.

4. No matter how badly you feel before you employ the RESET position, after you ACTIVATE the reset button you will begin to feel peaceful and centered once again. You will begin to feel your real power once again.

Do I have things that go wrong in my life?  Of course I do. The difference between myself and many other people is I don't make things worse by having a bad attitude about it.  The moment I noticed things going wrong that are outside my control, I revert to the RESET position and stay there until things start going right again and they always do.

The RESET position takes you back to the position where you experience yourself as perfect in every way. It is the state of your wholeness.

The Reset position is the way you were when you were born into this world before your mind became programmed with information that made you doubt, then forget your own magnificence, brilliance and power. 



My 'Real Life' GRATITUDE experience.

I want to share with you my 'real life' experience of the INCREDIBLE 'attracting power' that comes from the attitude of gratitude.

I made the decision to make my 21 Day Self-Love program available to people for a donation in the amount of a person's choosing. I did this so money would never stop anyone from benefiting from my life experiences if they wanted to take advantage of them.

I receive donations as low as $.01 for my program. 

And I express gratitude for the smallest donations I receive. I also treat people who donated little money, for my program. as if they had donated lots of money.  Why?

My gratitude for small donations and treating the people the same as if they had made a large donation, attracts larger donations to me from other people who already have the prosperity mind-set.

As I have discovered, you cannot out give the generosity of this generous universe in which we live. If you are generous with your money and grateful for the money you have, the universe gives you more.

The trick in being grateful is that you must find a sincere way, in your heart, to be grateful for small amounts of money you receive if you want to see small amounts of money turn into large amounts.

As an example of what I am talking about. The story from my blog (see link below) will help you be grateful for little money so you will end up attracting all the money you need. To read the article, click on the title:

2 Cents made Him a MILLIONAIRE



How I Make All Negative Thoughts Go POOF!

Negative thoughts are like a bunch of WHINY little kids screaming at you:

 'LOOK AT ME, look at me, pay ATTENTION to me'...


Negative thoughts are never quiet, they are always rude and intrusive. There sole purpose is to get us 'off our game' and have us focus on what we don't want rather than what we DO WANT.

Don't let them....

Negative thoughts operate independently of who we are. They operate on automatic pilot outside our conscious control. The negative thoughts we experience are not our thoughts at all but the thoughts of others masquerading as our thoughts, pay them no attention at all.

I do that by recording the one thought I currently want to FOCUS my attention on and play it over and over again while I do others things.

For example, as I am writing this message to you I have my headset on playing the one thought I want to currently manifest into my physical reality.  I am playing it over and over again for three reasons.

FIRST, because it is what I want. It is a 'feel good thought; that only makes me feel better and better as I listen to it over and over again.

SECOND, replaying it over and over again keeps me centered and free of all negative thoughts because the recording is louder than the little negative voice in my head that loves trying to rain on my parade.

THIRD, I know it is my Conscious mind that DIRECTS and it is my Subconscious Mind that DELIVERS the results I want 

Playing my thought/intention over and over again is anchoring what I want in my subconscious mind. Once that happens, what I want immediately begins manifesting itself into my physical reality.

The thought I am playing over and over again is simple and it is real for me.... When playing thoughts to anchor in your subconscious keeps them simple and real for you in present time. This is my simple thought.

I am receiving donations, in abundance,
right now, for my 21 Day Self-Love program

Make it REAL in your mind and it has no choice but to manifest itself into your physical reality because the LAW is: Everything is created twice, first mentally, then physically.


My Happy Easter Intention For You

My intention is for you to have all the money you want. 

I want it to come to you easily with no effort or struggle at all.  I want you to no longer have any issues or fear around money. I want you to experience as much joy paying your bills and taxes as you do spending money or receiving money from sources unexpected, unexpectedly. I want financial prosperity to never again be an issue for you. 

Money gives you the physical freedom to come and go as you please. To travel the world over and to share your abundance with others.

The Universe expresses its love to us in many different ways and that includes money. Money can be an individualized expression of the Universe's love for you if you are willing to ALLOW it to be so for you.

Money is not all the evil things people call it. Money is harmless, in and by itself, it is our intentions that gives money a good or bad name.

I have never had a money problem in my entire life...

I have had self-love problems in relationship to money but never a money problem.  You see, people use money for many reasons and that includes as a excuse to love themselves less, to beat themselves up, to criticize themselves for not having enough money or for not knowing where their next dollar is coming from... It is only when I love myself sufficiently does money flow into my life with no effort at all

Love yourself sufficiently and you will attract money in abundance to yourself. Love creates feelings of abundance inside of me which attracts abundance to me...and it will do the same for you.

Frederick Zappone,
21 Day Self-Love Journey,

How I KILLED the Critic in my head (Without KILLING me)

I had the most critical mind of anyone on the planet. It was constantly telling me what a worthless piece of sh*t I was in a thousand different ways. My critical mind never gave me a break. It taunted, tormented and teased me twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Most of the time I tried to ignore it, often times, I resisted it but that only p*ssed my mind off and gave it more strength and power over me. Finally I decided I was going to KILL the critic in my head. The trick was killing the critic, in my head, without killing me.

I did that by making 'loving myself sufficiently' my #1 priority. Since there were no books, courses or classes on precisely on how I should love myself sufficiently, through 'trial and error' I learned how to do it.

In the beginning I had no clue how to love myself sufficiently, I just knew 'any time' I was feeling bad, I wasn't loving myself enough. I was frustrated not knowing how to love myself sufficiently until I realized my 'intense desire; to know how to love myself sufficiently would show me the way when there was no way,....and it did...

Today, I'm  so good at loving myself sufficiently that my attitude is bulletproof against the bad attitude of others and the world around me. The best thing about loving myself sufficiently is that the slings and arrows sent my way by people who want to intimidate or control me, in some way do not bother me, not one little bit and never stop me from being me.

To learn more, visit


Got PAIN? Cutting Edge Article gives you different way to look at pain

Every time I experienced some kind of emotional or physical pain, I questioned it but I hadn't yet figured out the true purpose of pain.

Turns out pain had a much more benevolent reason for existing than I previously thought..The purpose of pain was to WAKE me up, to make me more CONSCIOUS, to make me more AWARE. to make me a more kind, caring, sensitive and loving human being.

Pain didn't mean I was flawed or defective in any way. 

Pain didn't mean I was sick or that I was going to get sicker. Pain was really my greatest ally in disguise. A pain ALERT signal was protecting me from hurting myself further in some way, physically, mentally or emotionally. Pain INSTANTLY alerts me that I am thinking thoughts and/or taking actions that are the wrong thoughts and/or actions for me.  If I ignore the pain, the pain gets worse. 

However if I observe my pain, without judging or labeling it in any way, my pain tells me exactly what I have to do to become pain-free and happily continue on with my life.

They key to understanding what my pain was telling me was not to focus on the pain but to focus on loving myself more and allowing the pain to be. If I allowed my pain to be, it allowed me to be.

Once I allowed my pain to be, when I least expected it, my pain would FLOOD my mind with wisdom and knowledge that made my pain dissolve naturally with no effort on my part required.
Increase self-love has the power to make what's going wrong with your life, turn out right. that's how powerful self-love is. - Visit


A Real Life Conversation about Prosperity VS Lack and Scarcity.

This conversation took place yesterday between myself and a person interested in my 21 Day Self-Love Program via text messaging. I have changed his name to protect his privacy...This conversation will be of interest to anyone struggling to manifest money. This conversation is as real and as authentic as they come..

The reason I am posting this is to begin a conversation with people  so money is never an attraction problem for them again. After you read this, if you have 'money attraction' issues tell me what they are and I will give you insights on making your money issues go POOF


Charles:  I love the things you write about Frederick. The message on your web site concerning your 21 Day Self love program seems muddled when you ask for money. If we are here to love each other and you've figured something out... why not give it away? Aren't the best things in life really free?  

ME:  Charles, good conversation to have. Thank you for starting it.  

Just because my program is about self-love, why should I give it away for free? I would think a person with a prosperous mind set wouldn't have a problem with people charging for their experience, time and what they know about self-love that actually works.

Abraham Hicks charges, Louise Hays charges, Joe Vitale charge and so does everyone else in the self-awareness business... and there message is also about a love, just a different form than my own. And God knows every preacher since the beginning time has charged to share what they know about love...

The reason I ask for donations for my program is because I think it a fair way for me to be compensation for my life experiences, insights and knowledge about love that actually WORKS.
Charles: I'm not trying to be offensive. You may be completely right. I'm trying to figure things out myself as I go along again...I love the things you have to say.
  If people think I should give them my time, knowledge and experience for free,
I am definitely sending out the wrong energy To give what I know away for free would be a total disrespect of myself.
Charles: Candidly, I struggle with other spiritual teachers and the compensation factor. What we are talking about seems so big. Everyone needs it. I don't have answers...just more questions. I'm signing up for your 21 days for self-love. I need that right now too. I really do appreciate what you're doing.
  I know that you do... but first tell me. honestly how is your financial situation?
Charles: Money is not an issue right now. I look forward to reading more. Thanks
ME:  Charlies, people struggle with the compensation factor because they have self-love issues around money... I noticed from our conversation that I have an unresolved self-love issue around money I didn't know I had. Now that I am aware of it, I can heal it.. Thank you for helping me find that unhealed part of myself. I am grateful.

Over the years I have learned that I have hid many of my own lack and scarcity thoughts behind others thoughts such as rich people should give more money away, etc. As long as I making anyone wrong about money, I am coming from lack and scarcity.
Charles: I've never really thought of it that way before. The self love is an area I need to work on. Long story...I broke my back and became extremely addicted to painkillers and lost everything, namely my family. I grew up as a devout Mormon. This experience changed me in profound ways.

I started listening to Abraham among others. When I couldn't sleep at night I would often put on Abraham talks. As I was drifting to sleep one night I thought I heard my name through my headphones... it startled me. She was talking about the importance of loving yourself. I dismissed it. A few nights later the same thing happened...this time I was sure I had heard my name, she was talking about the same thing. This time I took notice. I still struggle with this. My life is better but I feel stagnant at times.
ME:  Charles, you are my source of inspiration today... I want to EMPOWER people to make, acquire, attract all the money they want. I do not want become an enabler who keeps people stuck in the lack and and scarcity mind set.
Charles, I could give my valuable program away for free to people but doing that won't cure them of their lack and scarcity mind set, it will only reinforce it and make them expect more free things from others in the future. Money wouldn't be a problem for people if they loved themselves sufficiently. 

A lack of money is always an indicator of a lack of self-worth because the more you value yourself, the more other people will value you too, from a financial point of view.. Increased self-love always brings about an increase in both self-worth and net worth.

If you have 'money attraction' issues, I will give you insights that will make those issues disappear from your life. And if the insights don't work for you, I will continue to give you insights until you find the insights that DO work for you. Leave your questions below and I will respond to them as quickly as possible,

I did all the right things, how come my life turned out so wrong????

I did all the right things but everything in my life went wrong.  How could that be?  If i am doing all the right things, why did everything in my life go wrong? Not only did I do all the right things, I continued to do them even though my life kept getting worse and worse...

I was in disbelief, how could I do all the right things, all the good things and yet end up losing everything in my life from my health, money to a woman I loved with my whole heart and soul...

The answer was so simple that I didn't see the answer for years.

Yes, it is true I loved everything and everybody except for one person and that one person was me. How could I forget about me!!!!!

Once I start myself loving myself sufficiently, my life turned around magically, my health improved spontaneously. I found the perfect woman for me and money start flowing into my life moving from a trickle to a flood. It seems the circumstances of our life are totally dependent on how much or how little we love ourselves.

The more we love ourselves, the more magical life becomes for us, the less we love ourselves, the more difficult life become for us.

Self-love had the power to make what went wrong in my life to turn out right, that's how powerful self-love is...

More importantly, until I loved myself sufficiently, I could not make the law of attraction work in my favor, no matter what I did. Today, because I make  loving myself sufficiently (and maintaining that love) my #1 priority, the law of attraction works in my favor with no effort at all. 

Increase self-love has the power to make what's going wrong with your life, turn out right. that's how powerful self-love is. - Visit



From World Class Dumb Ass to World Class Smart Ass

I have launched a 'few rockets of desire' in my lifetime to move from being a world class dumb-ass to being a world class smart ass. No, not a smarty pants, a truly smart guy, you know a  wise ass! :)

For the longest time I pretended I was smart when I was truly dumb. The problem was that even though I could 'talk the talk,' I couldn't 'walk the talk'. 

I felt like a fraud most of my life, terrified someone would discover that I didn't know the difference between a jelly bean and a kidney bean...

That all changed for me at a meeting in Dallas, Texas where a man named Randy MacNamara was speaking to a crowd of 500 people. He was the most real, the most genuine and the smartest person I ever met...

Usually I am not star struck but I was with Randy. After his speech, I got the nerve to go up on stage and ask him how he became this amazing, over the top, brilliant person... He answered me a way that made me feel like I was his equal even though I knew I was not.

He said to me:

"Frederick, if you want to be BRILLIANT like me, you have to be willing to risk making a jackass of yourself from time to time.

Once you lose your fear of appearing the fool, your brilliance will speak through you naturally with no effort at all.

He was right, nothing like making a jackass of myself hundred of times to lose my fear of being a fool. This allowed the 'best me' to show up in life.

Randy's parting advice to me was this:

"Frederick, you can either care about people or you can care about what they think of you and you cannot have it both ways. Choose one."

From that day forward, my desire to care about people became more important to me than what other people thought of me,

My choice to care about people freed me up to become the person I always wanted to be, an over the top, full blown me.

As a Former Homeless Person

As a former homeless person, I prefer dressing down to dressing up, I am more comfortable in a baseball cap and jeans than a suit. This picture of me was taken on a cruise the night Vona and I got engaged. I felt it was appropriate to dress up for the occasion. At the formal dinner, that night, I got down on one knee and proposed to her the old fashion way. Didn't realize that everyone was watching me. When I stood up, everyone started applauding and I turned three shades of red. She did say YES!

For reasons I will never understand, people are always wanting to know more about me. I get all kinds of questions from people in the work I do. Here are a couple of the latest questions I received along with my answers to them for people who want to know more about me

Q: How did you get to be so brilliant?

A. Never really thought of myself as brilliant. I started off my life as a real dumb ass and made zillions of mistakes. Fortunately, I learned from my mistakes which made it possible for me to love myself exactly as I am without the need to change anything about me. If what you mean by being brilliant is my ability to accept myself, as I am, then yes I am brilliant.

Q: Do you have any weaknesses?

A: More than you will know. I learned sharing my weaknesses with most people is counter-productive for a couple of reasons. 1. Manipulative, controlling people will use my weaknesses against me. 2. Sharing my weaknesses with others causes me to focus on what I don't want.

Life has taught me if I leave my weaknesses alone, they will leave me alone. The more I focus on my strengths, the faster my weaknesses disappear from my view.

Q:  What unfilled wish do you have? And Why?

A:  That a million people will use my self-love program.

Why? Because my life is about making a genuine difference in the lives of others, the more I inspire and empower others, the more I become inspired and empowered myself. Giving is receiving..


My Daughter and The Butterfly MIRACLE.

No granddaughter loved her grandmother more than my daughter did. One year after my daughter passed away, my mother and I were walking back to the car from the park where our family had picnicked that day. We had to cross a little bridge over a ravine to get to our car. As we approached the car, a squadron and I do mean a squadron of Monarch butterflies, maybe 150 to 200, came into our line of sight from seemingly out of nowhere. They began circling around us. They circled slowly and it seemed very deliberately. They circled us not once but three times.

Mom and I both were mesmerized  by such an unusual sighting and at the same times we spontaneously yelled out the name BETH! That was my daughter's name and she loved butterflies.  She had on a butterfly necklace the day she died.  As the butterflies surrounded us, we could feel the presence of Beth near us...

I said to Mom: "I wish those butterflies would land on the ground in front of me so I could take a picture of them." I no sooner said that than, one by one, the butterflies landed in front of us, near the edge of the creek bank.  Mom and I stood there speechless.

As soon as they all landed. I got down on my knees to take a close up picture of them. Surprisingly my movement didn't scare them away. As soon as I took the picture, the butterflies got up and  flew around us one more time and then flew off into the direction of the sun.

As mom and I stood there with tears in our eyes, we waved our good-byes to Beth and the Butterflies, hugged each and in the silence of our own thoughts slowly finished our walk back to the car.



The only RULE you need to Succeed at ANYTHING is LOVE

My parents achieved a very high level of success in life. If my parents were graded according to how well they lived their life according to the rules, my parents would have received AAA+

My parents grew up during the time when the authority of religion was not questioned. Money was considered a good thing and corporations were benevolent employers who made life better for everyone. They lived in a time where 'hard work and control'  ruled.

We don't live in that world any more.  

We live in a world were love is emerging as the one and only RULE of our lives.

The love I know is not just a romantic love, it is much bigger than that. 

The love I know is more than just a feeling, it is a power, an presence, an intelligence that lives inside each of us. The more we open ourselves up to this kind of love, the more we experience the electrifying 'power and energy' of the universe coursing through our veins.

Once we are in touch with this kind of love, there is nothing we cannot do, achieve or have.  This love begins with great self-love because without self-love there is no love at all.

The more we love ourselves, the easier life gets, the less we love ourselves the harder life becomes for us.

As I worked on loving myself more, everything about my life got better in ways that defied logical explanation. Health improved spontaneously, without medical intervention, Money start flowing into my life moving from a trickle to a flood and my relationships with others became spectacular.

Who would have thought Self-Love could do all of that?  I did and I proved it to myself that it could. Today, I share with people, through my self-love program, what I know about loving oneself sufficiently so their lives can be as magical and miraculous as my own. I am very grateful for what I know.

The picture you see is of my mom and Dad at their 50 anniversary celebration. Before they passed away, they were married 69 years.


This article is for people who FEAR Negative things


During those times when my negative thoughts and feelings are getting the best of me I consciously get into feeling and thinking them INTENSELY because YOU KNOW WHAT... when you get into consciously thinking and feeling the negative things INTENSELY they Go POOF....

Negative thoughts and feelings are all bark and no bite. They can only harm me when I feed them my power and I do that by resisting them. When I accept them, face them head on, they go POOF instantly.

Fear is the Disease, Love is the cure, 
Click to read your UNTOLD Love Story

I have great faith in this love story because it turns 
out, this love story is true for millions of people


I am a Forever, for all eternity, dog lover.

PJ fell down the stairs last night, the first time that ever happened to him. His old legs won't carry him anymore. Seeing him laying there, motionless, spread flat out, on his stomach, against the back of the step I fear he died without me being by his side. You see I love that little dog, a lot.

I rushed down the stairs to see if he was okay. I looked into his eyes and could see he was scared. It appeared that he didn't break any bones but he was in shock from the unexpected fall. I sat on the step with him, held him, rocked him, comforted him until he could stand up and walk on his own again. I wasn't sure that he would but surprisingly he did.

PJ is approaching 15 years. He is a mixed breed, part dachshund, part terrier. He has the body of a dachshund but the legs of a terrier.  We rescued him  7 years ago. They found him tied up next to the PA turnpike up in the mountains. We were his seventh home. 

PJ has been my shadow ever since Vona and I adopted, I can't go anywhere in the house without him being at my side. He has made me feel special in ways that few human beings ever could. Only another pet owner would understand that kind of special feeling.

PJ is sick (heart problems). He's dying now. Until he does I will love him on him and carry him up and down the stairs until the end. As long as he is not in pain, I will give him the best end life anyone could have.

What I notice as I open myself to PJ's impending death ( a day, week, month or a year from now) is how much love I feel in the room.  It seems opening myself up and accepting PJ is dying has opened me up to the love of the universe because I feel love pouring into every cell of my body and filling me up with an intense warmth and comfort I've never felt before. 

As a am feeling this intense warmth and comfort a voice whispers to me:

"Death is not the end, it is the doorway to a new beginning and when it is your time to go PJ will be on the other side waiting for you". 

As those words echoed in my mind, I felt warm tears of love gently roll down my cheek knowing PJ and I would, one day, be together again. forever again.


Ever have an UPSET? If so, you will want to read this article.


I could feel a big upset coming on. I just wrote this update to my web page titled: Your Untold Love Story. I was trying to upload the page to my server so I could share it with others.  The software not only wouldn't let me update my file, it deleted my original file.

I knew that  If I allowed myself to have a full blown upset,  things would go from bad to worse. My intuition told me that my 'pending upset' was an  ALERT SIGNAL. It was alerting me to STOP, BREATHE and focus my energies on calming down and become very present in the moment.

The result of calming down and writing about my upset caused what wasn't working in my life to start working again. Why?

Because as I kept myself focused on writing this message to you (rather than on what went wrong), the solution on how to solve my problem popped into my mind out of thin air as a complete picture.

The picture showed me exactly what to do to solve the problem. The feeling I had when I saw the picture in my mind was one of absolute certainty that this was the answer and it was.  Immediately after seeing how to fix the problem, I did what the picture demonstrated and uploaded my file 
'Your Untold Love Story' to my server with no problems at all.

Lesson I learned today:

A calm mind solves problems easily. 
A Stressed out mind delays problems being solved. 
An upset mind stops problems from being solved altogether. 


Yes, I was called that more than once..

You are so stupid Zappone, what's wrong with you.
(A teacher who shall remain nameless)

You have so much potential Zappone, you are wasting it.
( The Principle of my school who also shall remain nameless)

Zappone, you will never amount to anything.
(My Sargent in the Air Force who shall also remain nameless)

Zappone, you  are shaped like a bubble, I am going to call you Bubbles Zappone  (My football coach who shall remain nameless)


I am Italian/German.

Dad was the Italian, the emotional one.

Mom was the German, the stoic one with the iron will.

My first memory of being aware of myself went like this:

"Holy God, I feel like a Mexican jumping bean trapped inside a body of steel. When mom and dad made me, I came out with my mother's qualities on the outside of me and my dad's qualities on the inside of me."

Because of my steel outer shell, I could not articulate my thoughts and feelings very well. When I was younger, people thought me to be stupid, slow or a bit off.. It hurt a lot to be called things I was not but instead of taking their insults to heart, I used them to become the me I am today.

I became a very simple thinker because for myself simple thinking gave me clarity of thought and peace of mind whereas the complicated thinking of other always made me feel dumb as a rock.

I discovered complicated thinking was the source of a lot of my pain and confusion in life. I use to believe that people who thought in complicated ways were really smart people. Over time, I found out most of them were clueless and if they couldn't dazzle me with their brilliance they were going to try like hell to baffle me with their bullshit.

Listed below are some uncomplicated thoughts of mine that have made life easier for me, I hope they make life easier for you too.  :)

 • The way out of suffering is through it. Resist suffering and suffering increases. Acceptance, in the moment, that you are suffering will dissolve your suffering instantly.

• You are perfect in every way until you compare yourself with another.

• Your need to control things is based on the fear of things controlling you.

• What you worry about is what controls you.

• Every one of us is allowed to suffer in order that we can grow in compassion and sensitivity towards the suffering of others.

• The love you feel for your children is the love God feels for you.

• People criticize you as a way to control your thinking or behavior and for no other reason.

• When someone treats us unkindly we learn how to treat others with great kindness.

• Strangers can love you easier than family because strangers have no history with you that they can hold against you.

• Only people who live in fear feel the need to abuse others.

• Trying too hard is un-attractive (does not attract) and pushes away from us the very things we want.

• When you encounter obstacles or roadblocks that are between you and what you want out of life choose to be like the "wind and water" and "flow" up, over, around or under them rather than fighting them and giving them power over you.

• We become free to follow the desires of our heart when we are influenced more by our own thoughts than the thoughts of others.

• Happiness allows us to walk over the top of our problems while unhappiness causes us to drown in them.

• In life, we always have two choices about our circumstances; we can change our circumstances or we can change our attitude about our circumstances. Once we change our attitude, our circumstances change naturally.

• When we stop finding faults in ourselves, we will stop finding faults in others.

• A relaxed mind solves even the most difficult problems, in life, easily. A stressed out mind delays problems being solved. A closed mind prevents problems from being solved altogether.

• God most often answers our prayers in the form of an inspired thought or creative idea that either sets us free or moves us to tears.

• God lives in the moment. If you want to find God, live there too!

• Discarding the past and forgetting about the future by living in the moment will give you the peace of mind you seek.

• Being rejected is part of life, get over it.

• Life doesn't always go your way, don't take it personally.

• Most people are full of crap, love them anyway.

• If you care about you, others will too!

• Putting other people first all the time will put you back at the end of the line.

• Life is not difficult, it is only our thinking that makes it so..

• Find humor in your problems and they will seem smaller to you.

• Love won't solve the problems of the world but it certainly makes the ride worthwhile.

• Don't take yourself too seriously, no one else does.

• Sometimes it hurts to think, that's why people get headaches.

• Creating prosperity is "simple" to do and yet many people judge that "simple thought" as "too good too be true" while never judging the thought that scarcity and lack of money are "too bad to be true".

• The one real weakness we have is underestimating the part our very own thoughts played in creating the circumstances we have in our life today.

• Every thought we think is a prayer to God.

• Expressing sincere prayers of gratitude for what we have guarantees that we will have more.

• There is always hope and a way out from underneath depression and despair when we change how we think.

• When I feel threatened by what others believe that means I 'fear' I might be wrong

• Any time you are feeling negative, you are not loving and approving of yourself. If you were loving and approving of yourself, you would never feel negative.

If you like my uncomplicated way of thinking, you will find more of my simple thinking  at Love Solves All


A Different Kind of Love Story.. - All The Homeless need is love.

One of the things most people don't know about me is that at one time I was homeless. I didn't have a roof over my head, a postal address, a phone, a place to take a shower.  (Try getting a job under those circumstances).

If it wasn't for the love I had for myself, I would have committed suicide rather than finding the strength to dig myself out of my homeless condition and become the happy, healthy person I am today.

After I got back on my feet, empowering homeless people became one of my passions in life.. I remember living in Denver and walking down the street where there were a lot of bars and homeless men.

As a homeless man approach me, I noticed He was slight of build, balding, wearing faded jeans and a denim jacket. He was wearing a slightly dirty white shirt. You could tell he had just come off an all night bender.

He asked me for a cigarette but I didn't have any to give him and I didn't have any money on me either for him to buy some.

I felt bad that I couldn't help him out. I profusely apologized to him because I couldn't even make his smallest wish come true. 

He started crying.. I stood there dumbfounded, I had been kind to him, why was he crying? I asked him why and  he said to me,

'Mister, no one in my whole life ever apologized to me. You gave me what no one ever gave me, you gave me my dignity and respect back'....

And then I start crying....

We talked for awhile and before I knew it, people were coming up, left and right and giving this man money.... why?

The energy has shifted and suddenly everyone saw what I saw, an angel in disguise wearing a homeless man's clothes.  And because of that experience, everything I do today is about sharing all the love I have with as many people as I can because fear is the disease and love is the cure.

I write love stories everyday, not romantic love stories but real love stories. Love stories that inspire and empower people.

Today, because of my experience of being homeless, taking care of homeless people, as best as I can, is one of my priorities in life.

My other passion is sharing with people how loving myself sufficiently  made it possible for what was going wrong in my life, to turn out right. To read more click this link:

Self-Love make the things going wrong in your life, turn out right

The #1 Reason Why You Shouldn't Feel Bad When other people Feel Bad

At one time, I actually believed to be a decent, caring human being, I must feel bad when bad things happened to other people.

One day I realized that feeling bad because other people felt bad was me feeding them my negative energy so that they would end up feeling worse and/or so that their situation would end up getting worse. Feeling bad when other people felt bad was me crippling them and myself. 

Today, I no longer feel bad for people no matter how bad their situation is.  Instead I use their 'feel bad' situation as a TRIGGER to imagine only the very best for them.

If they are sick, I imagine them achieving fully restored health. 

If they are broke, I imagine them quickly receiving the money they need from sources unexpected, unexpectedly.

If they have a tragic death in their family, I imagine the spirit of the person lavishing them with love in abundance so that they know the person, they loved, who left their body is still with them in spirit.

For myself, adopting the attitude of not feeling bad when other people felt bad was the only way I could get out from underneath the negative gravitational pull other people were creating in their own life, either consciously or unconsciously. 

It has been my experience that feeling bad for people who felt bad never empowered them. I am only interested in empowering people regardless of what other people think of me.

In my own life, my dad sincerely believed that if he didn't worry about me, that meant he didn't love me. I don't know where he got that crazy belief but he believed it with his whole heart and soul.

Once I understood that about my dad, I saw my dad loved me more than I imagined it was possible for a father to love a son because my dad worried about me, a lot..


Imagining the best for other people rather 

than feeling bad for them, when they feel 
bad,  empowers them and empowers me.

Self-Love make the things going wrong in your life, turn out right


Talk to the Cells of your Body (Before and After Pictures)

Thoughts, as we all know, attract similar thoughts so any time I get hurt or sick, I immediately work on thinking only the thoughts that will allow me to achieve fully restored health in the shortest period of time possible. This story is an example from my own life.

The first and second pictures you see are the BEFORE pictures.

The third picture you see is the AFTER picture. a week later. 

A double wide refrigerator slipped off the truck as we were unloading it and crushed my arm. When it got hit, I heard the inside of my arm explode like someone set off a box of Rice Krispies. 

I did not go to the doctor. Within one week it healed itself by 90%. By the second week it was 100% healed. I healed it by talking to the cells of my body. I have been successfully doing this for twenty-five years. I even wrote an article about healing yourself by talking to the cells of your body.The article is below

Heal Yourself - Talk To The Cells of Your Body

Believing in disease empowers you to create it for yourself. Believing in disease gives disease power over you. Believing what other people (including the professionals) say about disease gives their beliefs about disease power your beliefs about disease.

Science has proven that our brain translates every thought we think into a chemical equivalent and then delivers those chemicals (for better or worse) to the cells of our body by way of a messenger molecule. 

This scientific discovery of how the brain translates our thoughts into chemical equivalents (drugs)  along with the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, about the power of beliefs, is showing people that healing oneself of a major disease, without medical intervention, is possible. This discovery also shows that people can remain young physically and mentally (even if their are in their nineties) by changing their thoughts.

Each cell that makes up the body is individual unit of intelligence and is influenced, in both positive and negative ways, by the thoughts we focus our attention on the most.  As a reference point,  the scientific work of Dr. Bruce Lipton is worth checking out. In particular, his book titled: The Biology of Belief.

I can tell you from personal experience if you look at each cell of your body as if it was an individual person and treat those cells with an attitude of reverence and respect that they deserve, your body will heal itself naturally regardless of what ails it. 

Most times you won't have to change your diet, exercise or take supplements unless the intelligence within the cells of your body creates a 'craving' or 'desire' in your body to make such changes. 

In most cases, if you treat your cells with the respect they deserve, they will immediately begin the healing process of whatever ails you.  Treating the cells of your body as if they have 'no intelligence' causes your body to get sick. By the same token, treating your cells with the reverence and respect they deserve will make you well.

When some part of my body is not feeling well and I do not know what to do to make it well, I apologize to my cells. I apologize to them for not knowing what to do to make them well.  

When I apologize to the cells of my body that feel sick,  I am admitting that I have no control over what the individual cells of body are doing. In giving up trying to control the cells of my body,  my cells regain control over themselves. Once than happens they are able to begin the process of healing themselves naturally. 

Remember, every cell of your body has the desire to be as healthy as you want to be. And they will be healthy as you want them to be  if you treat them with reverence and respect  they deserve.......  and if you understand that each of your cells is an 'intelligent unit' in its own right and has the ability to respond to your most honest and loving thoughts.

Understanding how the cells of your body talk to you and what they are telling you can increase your levels of health and energy dramatically and make unwanted pain disappear from your life completely. 

Do you talk to your Body?
Do you trust your body?
Do you hate your body?
Are you afraid of your body?
Are you at war with your body?
Are you in love with your body?
Do you feel your body is working against you?
Do you, somehow, see your body as your enemy?
Do you feel healing your body is outside your control?

I have had great success is healing my body (without doctors or medicine) by talking to my  body in loving ways. Many people, over the years have thought me to be WEIRD for believing love solves all. The truth is, love has solved all for me from bad relationships to an empty pocketbook to poor health. When I have any kind of problem in my life I immediately turn to love to solve that problem for me. I even wrote about how I do it in my Self-Love MASTERY Program.  To read about it, click here

 -- Frederick Zappone

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. 
You should consult a professional healthcare practitioner for that kind of information. On the other hand, 
if you choose to act upon the information provided in this program (which is your constitutional right to 
do so), the author is not responsible for the consequences of your actions. - Frederick Zappone


Allowing Negative Feelings to Harmlessly Pass you By

Q: Do you ever have negative feelings?

A. Yes, only momentarily. I have become quite skilled at allowing negative feelings to harmlessly pass me by like clouds in the sky. This took practice but it was worth it.  I taught myself how to do it because I couldn't find any books that showed me how to do what I know how to do today.

Q: Will you teach me?

A: Everything I know about allowing feelings to harmlessly pass me by like clouds in the sky I have included in my 21 Day Self-Love Journey.  You can read about it here



Sex, Prayers, BRENDA and the Catholic Church

I was born an Italian catholic. I did all the things a good catholic boy did. I went to church every Sunday, I went to confession once a month and I received communion at every mass I attended.  This worked well for me until my teenage years and my interest in girls first appeared.

Instead of going to confession monthly, I started going weekly because my hormones were in over-drive.

Girls, girls, girls, that's all that was ever on my mind. My problems began when I starting thinking about Brenda in ways that my church would not be pleased, not one little bit..

Was it my fault or Brenda's that she was 36 DD and that my mind thought 'thoughts' that I knew were going to send me straight to hell.

The temptation to reach out and touch Brenda got so bad that in order to prevent myself from doing something I would later regret, I would bite the soft flesh between my thumb and index finger, until it bled. I did this to stop my mind from focusing on what I didn't want until God answered my prayers to take all of my sexual impulses away from me.

I prayed and prayed every single day to God for a solid year..

He didn't answer me. I got  zero, zip, zilch from God

One Day, in agonizing frustration I YELLED at God.

'What the hell is wrong with you God? Why aren't you answering my prayer for help?." ...... I waited for an answer. All I heard was silence...

In the silence of that day, I left the Catholic Church with its cold, unfeeling God. I quickly discovered masturbation and lived happily ever after...

YEARS LATER, without thinking, I ask God a question once again....

This time a voice whispered to me

"God most often answers your prayers in the form of an inspired thought or a creative idea that will, at times, take your breath away, move you to tears or make you smile from ear to ear."

That was the day I realized God had answered my  prayer of years ago. by pushing me out of the church and into the world of conscious thought. 

I am grateful.....


Apology to Women (Video)
Conscious men inspiring and empowering women