For Your Peace of Mind Get TRUMP out of your head.

I understand people being upset with Trump but unless you can take some positive, direct action to change Trump policies all you are doing is killing off your own happiness and joy.  

Allowing Trump or any person to upset you gives them power over you. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to make sure your life is running as well as it can. 

Taking very good care of yourself and the people you love is a far, far better thing you do than being upset with Trump.  

Don't allow Trump or any person make you have an internal war with yourself. Doing that will make you feel less than the magnificent, powerful, lovable to the core person you truly are.  

If you need help in getting Trump out of your mind leave me a comment. I will share with you the things I do to stay focused on what I do want rather than being upset with what I don't want. 

Your happiness and peace of mind is worth much more to you than being upset with what Trump is doing.  

As I said in the beginning of this little article if you can take some direct, positive action to change Trump's policies then do it, otherwise get the man out of your mind and be as happy as you want to be.  

Allowing the thoughts, words and actions of Trump or any person to upset is you is not self-love, it is the worst kind of self abuse. 

Making Dreams Come True - FOR DREAMERS ONLY

Believe in your dream regardless of circumstances or events that happens to you as you are in the process of making it come true. 

Choose to believe the universe is working behind the scenes of your life orchestrating people and events in your favor so your dream will come true. Believe this regardless of any negative thoughts or feelings you have about your dream coming true. Choose to believe this even though you do not understand how the universe does its part.

Allow the rejections, hurts and disappointments you experience on the road to making your dream come true increase your determination to see it come true rather than allowing those things to defeat you.

Allow the things that 'seem' to be stopping your dream from coming true make your passion for it so strong that nothing or no one in the whole universe can stop your dream from coming true. 

Obstacles and roadblocks have the potential to increase your passion and determination to see to it that you dream does, indeed, come true or they can discourage and defeat you and prevent your dream from coming true.  You choose how it will be for you.

Tuesday, January, 31, 2017 Inspirational One Liners

1. We have no enemies except for the fears that live between our ears. 2. There is nothing wrong with this world that more love can't cure. 3. Worry is what we do when we don't trust thoughts of love. 4. Happiness is your natural state, you were brainwashed out of it. 5. Nothing is worth it if you are not happy. 6. Upset is what we feel when we cannot feel love. 7. Anything that upsets you has power over you. 8. Only thing between you and what you want is resistance. 9. Do you notice how the media is ratcheting up fear so you will believe in it more than you do in the power of love to solve any problem, large or small.


Monday, January, 30, 2017 Inspirational One Liners

1. The negative thoughts of others are none of my business. 2. Whatever I focus my attention on I immediately begin attracting more of the same. 3.  A mistake we make is God re-directing us to something better for us. 4. Putting other people first all the time will put you back at the end of the line. 5. Allowing the thoughts, words and actions of others to upset you is a S.I.N. (Self inflicted Nonsense)


Doing the Ordinary Things In Life Extraordinarily well

Everything in life is a lesson for our growth so we can become the magnificent, powerful, lovable to the core people that we are destined to become.  When you are fully being yourself and fully expressing yourself with nothing held back you will never disappoint yourself. It is only when you hold yourself back in any way that you disappoint yourself.

I have worked all of my life to become the person I am today, an ordinary person who does the ordinary things in life extraordinarily  well. What you see on the outside of me matches the inside of me perfectly. In other words, what you see is what you get. My father told me to never preach a good sermon, Instead he encouraged me to live one. As a result of my dad's words, if I can't walk the talk, I don't talk it. I have mastered all of my fears by facing them head on and now I teach others how to do the same. If you want to be the master of your fears rather than the victim of them, visit my web page, lovesolvesall.com

Inspirational One Liners, Wednesday 02.01.17

1. Everything you want lives on the other side of your fears. 2. If you are not the master of your thoughts, the thoughts of others will be your master. 3. Fears faced head on dissolve, fears avoided grows stronger. 4. Fear is a paper dragon, all bark, no bite 5. Society has made you afraid of your own thoughts and feelings, that's tragic.  6. Fear turns people from being potential leaders into sheep 7. Your choice is to become the master of your fears or to be at the mercy of fear mongers. 

January 29, 2017, Sunday's Inspirational One Liners.

1. Who's right? Who is wrong? Everyone is right based on what they know at the time. 2. Forcing people to believe what you believe means you don't really believe it yourself. 3. The truth doesn't need defended. If it does, it wasn't the truth in the first place.  4. Only a person insecure in their thoughts argues with others. 5. To show up as a brilliant person in life you must risk making a jackass of yourself from time to time. 6. Self- approval is the only approval you will ever need.


Your Fear of a Person 'Feeds Them' YOUR Power.

When will people finally understand that resistance (caused by fear) makes unwanted conditions and people persist? Probably never!

Resistance is a temporary fix to a persistent problem. 

Your resistance will cause the problem to dissolve in one form (go back into the darkness) but then, when you least expect it, will show back up again in another form. 

Only love will permanently solve your unwanted problems, nothing else will get that job done. Resistance and hatred only gives resistance and hatred more power over you and significantly contributes to the persistence of evil in the world.

I Choose Love Over Fear..

Mainstream media, on a daily basis, attempts to fill our minds with conflict, controversy and self-doubt.  Instead of what the media attempts to feed us we can choose to feed ourselves thoughts of love and kindness that inspire and empower us  to love, inspire and empower all others different than ourselves.  - Frederick Zappone

Saturday's Inspirational One Liners 01.28.17

1. I have a responsibility to my family to focus on the best side of humanity, not the worse. 2. If focusing on what's wrong with a person felt good I would do it, It doesn't. 3. All thoughts have consequences. The first place we feel the consequences of our thoughts is in the body. 4. Doing more when you don't want to do more will push what you want away from you. 5. Whatever you focus your attention on GROWS in size which explains why pimples become boulders on your face. 6. Being 'for' things energizes me. Being 'against' things drains me of energy. 7. To become the best associate with people who are 'for' not against things.


Don't Protest Trump, EDUCATE The Man ( Here's why)

Here's Why Complaints About Trump AREN'T WORKING

Mr. President, Answer me this one question.

Friday Morning Inspirational One Liners 01.27.17

1. Who we see as our enemy sees us as their enemy. 
2. It is not our job to convince people that our opinion is the right one.
3. Fear is the only disease, love is the only cure.
4. Any person who upsets you controls you emotionally.

5. Focusing on thoughts of what you don't want attract more of them.
6. Paradox of life: Do more, receive less. Do less, receive more.
7. Bad Feelings PERSIST because people resist them.

8. The only power anyone has over us is the power we give them.
9. Feeling bad tells us we're giving our power away to a person or thing.


The CURE for Self-Doubt

Self-doubt undermines self-worth. 
Self-doubt causes you to hate yourself.
Self-doubt makes you feel guilty
Self-doubt stops you from being you.
Self-doubt fucks everything. 


If you leave your doubts alone, they will leave you alone. If you mess with your doubts, they will mess you up real good.

If you have questions about becoming the master of your doubts rather than continuing to be a victim of them, post your questions in the comment section of this post and I will answer them for you.

Frederick Zappone

Thursday Morning Inspirational One Liners .01.26.17

1. Stress alerts me that I am not living my truth.
2. If a thought feels bad it is the wrong thought for me.
3. Living life going against my truth makes life hard for me.
4. If it feels good I'm taking actions that work for me.
5. If it doesn't feel good I'm taking actions that work against me. 
6. Doing things I don't want to do pushes things I want away from me.


The Truth BELIEVED is a LIE. (Simply Explained)

The truth believed is a lie. You can only experience the truth. The truth is like the meal, the belief is like the menu. One is the real deal, the other is not. Don't believe anything you hear unless you hear it yourself from the horse's mouth otherwise you will end up looking like a horse's ass.

Mike Cortson Happiness Quotation

Thoughts to PONDER

A Manifesting TRUTH most people won't understand.


Why is that important to know? Because before you can have the prosperity you want, you have to let go of the lack you have and when you do that you will experience nothingness before the prosperity appears. Most people won't get this truth or apply it.

ANTIDOTE to TRUMP upsetting you.

Wednesday Morning Inspirational One liners. - 01.25.17

1. The fear of being wrong causes you to 'unconsciously' say and do things that make you wrong. 2. Doing what feels good always attracts good thing to you. 3. Life gets better when you trust your good feelings more than you trust your bad ones. 4. People who put too much pressure on themselves will do the same thing to you. 5. Living against your truth is the source of all the pressure in your life. 6. Anytime a person can upset you they're in charge of your emotions and you are not. 7. If you are truly okay with what you know, the contradictory opinion of another will not bother you one bit.


Tuesday Morning's Inspirational One Liners 01.24.17

1. People can't argue with silence.
2. Words sometimes LIE, actions never do.
3. If you are thinking it, you are attracting it to yourself, right now.
4. When you quit feeding an argument with your words the fire goes out.
5. If you don't trust yourself, it's a waste of time trying to trust others.
6. To love people different than yourself you first must love yourself. 
7. If you leave your doubts alone your doubts will leave you alone.
8. A good intention without action to back it up is a bad intention. 
9. If you must be addicted be addicted to thoughts that empower you.



5 New and Original Inspirational One Liners

1. To hate another I must first feel the 'hate feeling' inside me, that's why I don't hate.  2. Don't trust people who are always telling you how bad other people are.  3. To keep your vibes (feelings) at a high level, block people on your social media accounts if just thinking about them makes your vibes plummet. 4. Silence is the best conversation to have with a closed minded person. 5. Keeping a friend who makes you feel 'less than' is not self-love, it is self-abuse.


Life is How we SEE Things..


8 Monday Morning Inspirational One Liners - 01.23.17

1. Release it emotionally, have it physically.
2. Nothing is hard unless you believe it is
3. Changing thoughts changes results.
4. Process reactions privately, respond thoughtfully
5. When people upset you, they have power over you.
6. You have no power over what other people think and do.
7. Your problem is that you are not selfish enough. 
8. You get what you expect, just don't expect it from a particular person

Manifest Your Wants NOW... (Law of Attraction Shortcut)

Emotional blocks cause physical manifestation blocks. Release it emotionally, have it physically. It is easy to manifest what you want into your physical world once you remove your emotional block to having it. 

The moment you remove your emotional block to what you want it begins the process of manifesting itself your physical reality.

Once you remove the emotional block whatever actions you take in the direction of what you want will work and whatever you do will work. 

Showing people how to remove emotional blocks that stop them from having what they want is my specialty. Remove your emotional block to the love, health or money you want and you will have it. 

To have me coach you in regards to removing emotional blocks that are stopping you from having what you want write me by clicking here
  -- Frederick Zappone 


Three (3) Sunday Night Inspirational One Liners - 01.22.17

Unexpressed SELF-EXPRESSION Causes Emotional Pain

By the time we become adults  most of us (except for Trump) have an editor in our heads that tells us what we can and cannot publicly express. The things we have no permission to express run our lives, in a negative way, and cause us unnecessary physical and emotional pain.  

What is it you think that you do not fully express that causes you worry, upset, anxiety, agitation, anger or fear ? What is eating at you? What is under your skin that you are afraid to express for fear of criticism or being punished in some way.

Express it here, your are safe. 

In the comment section ANONYMOUSLY fully express yourself until you feel a bit better, a little lighter and brighter. 😊

Ladies, TRUMP did you a BIG, BIG Favor.

Trump did you a big, big  favor. He got you mad enough to start fully expressing yourself rather than depressing yourself.  

He got you to speak up and speak out when you have been silent for too many years giving the men in your life too much leeway rather than holding them accountable for their words and actions. 

There is nothing more powerful or appealing than a woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Congratulations Ladies. 

And may I suggest you get rid of the pink pussy hats, it sends the wrong message to men (you do know how men think, don't you?) and it insults the magnificent, powerful, classy women that you truly are. 


Three (3) Insights That Could Make Your Day..

GUILT - The Double Edged Sword (Good and Bad Sides)

A little bit of guilt is a good thing because it makes you a better person. Too much guilt is a bad thing because it makes you a worse person


Please don't do that again, here is why. 

(Understanding increases self-esteem)


What the hell were you thinking? Are you stupid or something? When are you going to grow up and quit being such a jerk? I can't believe you did that.  I raised you better than that. The next time you do that I am going to punish you so bad you will wish you were dead.

Too much guilt undermined a person's self-worth and makes them feel like they are a bad person. Once a person gets it into their head that they are a bad person they have no choice but to become the terrible person that you told them that they were.

A little bit of  guilt delivered with love, compassion and understanding, nurtures people and helps them build a strong sense of self-worth while too much guilt undermines and destroys self-worth.

I Don't Feel Sorry For People Ever. Here is Why

When you agree with people about how 'awful' it is, you reinforce their victim status rather than inspiring them to become victorious.  

When you feel sorry for people you make a bad situation worse for them and at the same time, you drain yourself of your power and energy. 

When people are hurting they don't need or want you to feel sorry for them, they want you to inspire and empower them. 

If you can't inspire and empower someone going through 'hard times' find someone who can. 

Whatever you do, don't feel sorry for people and then walk away from them because if you do, you have contributed to making things worse for them rather than better.  

Be the person who encourages and inspires people not the one who walks away from people leaving them feel more discouraged and defeated than before you visited with them.

The Shortcut to Becoming a POWERFUL Person

Because I know I give my power away to whatever I focus my attention on,  I only focus on people and things that makes me feel good about being me. We have the choice to feed people our power or to become emotional vampires and suck power out of people. I choose to feed people power because in the process of feeding other people my power, I become more powerful myself.


I am 100% Responsible for PEACE on Earth

I don't argue with people ever and I don't try to convince anyone of anything, that's not my job. My job is to fully love myself exactly as I am so I can love all others different than myself exactly as they are. 

My job isn't to change people or get mad at people for being the way they are. My job is accept people exactly as they are so if change is necessary they are empowered to change themselves without any outside interference from me.  

I was put into this world to fully express myself, not depress myself. I do that by sharing my insights, opinions and knowledge with people with the full knowledge and understanding that people have the right to accept or reject parts or all of what I share with them. My job is not to expect things from people because no one owes me a thing. 

My job is to show up in this world as I truly am, part saint, part sinner, fully human, fully divine. I am a person who has learned to live in peace and harmony with both sides of myself so that others are empowered and inspired to do the same. That's how world peace really begins. 


The Futility of Protesting (An Opinion Commentary)

All this protesting against Trump in the USA and around the world changes nothing.  Beating one's chest may make the people doing it feel better about themselves but it really changes nothing.

Worse yet, the only people who are really listening to the protesters are other protesters. Essentially when people protest they are 'preaching to the choir' and the people in charge, the people in power, that they are protesting against, continue to be in charge and in power. 

The people who make real positive change in the world don't protest and don't become stories for the mainstream media to report on in the 11 O'clock news. They are too busy making the world a better place to live by taking goal directed action and producing tangible results that make a real difference, in our world, rather than wasting their time and energy protesting when protesting changes nothing. 

The protesting Martin Luther King did, in his lifetime, changed things because he had the ears of 'right' people in power who were willing to help him make the changes he wanted. To make those changes happen he paid a big price for it, he paid for it with his life.

The protestors today do not have the ears of the right people in power and as a result they can protest all day long and nothing will change. 

If people protesting against Trump want to see real change they need to make their 'enemy their friend' and then, and only then, will they have the power to influence the people in power to make the changes they want,,,, until then protesting is futile. 

'Blaming Trump for the way you think and 
feel makes you a TRUMP too. Just Saying.'

Life Can Be Very EASY for you, If you Choose it to be.

In my latest book I explain how to make life extraordinarily easy on yourself. I include plenty of examples covering every aspect of life from relationships and love to health and money matters.

To preview book,
click on book cover.

12 Unsuccessful Life Strategies

Do not look to your past to predict your 
future otherwise you will repeat your past.


The Secret to Feeling Good Most of The Time.

We don't have to work at feeling good, we simply have to ALLOW it.

Overcoming the 'Feeling Bad' Addiction


Why is it so hard for people to understand that feeling bad attracts bad things to them while feeling good attracts good things to them? 

The reason it is hard for people to understand is because many people are addicted to feeling bad. 

It may not sound logical to you that people would be addicted to feeling bad but they are. People have survived by feeling bad and to feel good most of the time would take them out of their survival zone. What they don't know is that 'feeling good' most of the time would allow them to do more than just survive, it would allow them to  'thrive and prosper'.

Feeling bad is a result of the negative thoughts playing on automatic pilot outside a person's immediate conscious control that live in their subconscious mind.   If people want to become addicted to feeling good most of the time, they have to reprogram their subconscious mind.  They have to replace the 'feeling bad' thoughts living in their subconscious with thoughts that makes them feel good most of the time. 

This related article about the conscious and subconscious mind will give you the basics about reprogramming your subconscious mind.

Related Article. Conscious mind DIRECTS, Subconscious DELIVERS

Five (5) Inspirational One Liners for Janaury 21, 2017

1. If it feels real to you it will come true for you. 2. If you are thinking it, you are attracting it. 3. The only person you ever have to convince of anything is yourself. 4. Doing what works for you always feel good to you. If it doesn't feel good, then what you are doing isn't working for you. 5. Thought that makes you feel bad are the wrong thoughts for you.

 Suggested Reading:

The One Attitude You Must Have to be SUCCESSFUL

Convincing others of anything is a waste of your time. The only person you must convince of anything is yourself. If you are convinced an idea will work for you, it has no choice but to come true for you. 

The fact is, if you are convinced that your ideas will work for you others will be convinced too.  And if you are not convinced, all your attempts to convince others will end up in failure for you.

When you feel it, you are convinced.  

Your convictions live in your feelings. To achieve impossible success in your life, you must convince yourself that it can be done.... And once you feel that it can be done, it will be done and you will do it.


Have no loyalty or allegiance to any thought, belief, dogma, doctrine, philosophy, opinion or point of view that does not work for you. Your only allegiance should be to doing to what WORKS for you, what makes you feel good about being you and harms no others in the process of acquiring or attracting to yourself the good things you want.

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Attracting MONEY By Thought Alone (Article)

Yes, you can attract money by thought alone, it is done all the time.  Granted, attracting money by thought alone it is not logical to many people's way of thinking but just because it is not logical doesn't mean people aren't doing it because they are and you can too. 

If you have no experience in attracting money to yourself by thought alone you must start small because you can only attract the amount of money to yourself that you genuinely believe you can attract. 

You might be able to bullshit your mother and father about the amount of money you truly believe you can attract to yourself but you cannot bullshit the Universe. The Universe 'knows' if you believe you can or cannot do something and rewards you accordingly. 

I want you to have some success under your belt before you attempt to attract larger amounts of money. To make it easy for you to attract money with your thoughts you must start with small amounts and work your way up. To make it even easier, in the beginning I will do it for you. 


Simple type in the comment section, located below, the amount of money you want to attract to yourself by thought alone during the next 7 day. Make it a very specific amount of money under $100.00. 

For example, I want to attract  $7.78 or I want to attract $11.11. The reason you are making it a very specific amount of money is so you can prove to yourself that you co-created, with me, in attracting that specific amount of money to yourself.  

The money will come to you one lump sum or in pieces and it will come to you from sources unexpected, unexpectedly. Often times, the amount of money people attract to themselves is larger than the specific amount of money they intended to attracted.

To get started, in the comment section, located below, type in your specific amount of money as per this example below. 

I intend to attract to myself within 7 days from today $______ (fill in the specific amount you wish to attract under $100.00) or a sum of money greater than my intended amount from sources unexpected, unexpectedly. I intend to attract it in one lump sum or in pieces.

Copy and paste the above sentence into the comment box and fill in the specific amount you want too attract. That's it...and then come back 7 days later and share your results with us.  

Don't worry about how you will attract it, I will do the hard work for you... The purpose of this is to begin providing you with concrete proof that attracting money by thought alone can be done and with practice, over time,  you will be able to attract larger and larger amount of money to yourself independent of me working with you.


I intend to attract to myself within 7 days from today $______ (fill in the specific amount you wish to attract under $100.00) or a sum of money greater than my intended amount from sources unexpected, unexpectedly. I intend to attract it in one lump sum or in pieces.

If you have any questions about this very successful 'money attraction method' please feel free to ask them. Comments are moderated by me. I will approve them as soon as I see them and answer any questions you have. If you have no questions, copy and paste, per the instruction already given to you and come back 7 days later and share your results with us.  If you are sincere in doing this 'attraction method, I am certain that you you will be pleasantly surprised by the results you achieve.

Frederick Zappone (Aka, The Money MASTER)


Thinking about the problem makes it Persist (Explained)

You cannot make a problem dissolve by thinking about it, You cannot make the problem go away by focusing on it. Why? 

Because when you are thinking about the problem, your attention is focus on what you DON'T want (the problem) rather than what you DO want (no problem).

The absolute fastest way to make any problem disappear is not to think about it at all. The moment you quit thinking about the problem, the answer to the problem will appear in your mind out of thin air.

If you can't quit thinking about your problem then turn it over to someone else to solve it for you.  It is always easier for someone else to solves our problem for us rather than ourselves. Why? 

Because problems are uncomfortable and as soon as we resist being uncomfortable we become attached to the problem. 

Once we become attached to the problem, it is not possible to solve it until we let go of it. Other people can solves our problems for us much more quickly than we can because they are not attached to them. They have objectivity about our problem that we do not have therefore they are able to clearly see solutions to our problem when all we are able to see are obstacles and roadblocks.

Eight (8) Afternoon Inspirational INSIGHTS (One Liners)

1. Problems fix themselves when I take my focus off of them. 2. I cannot get what I want by focusing on what I don't want. 3. Feeling negative alerts me that I am not loving myself enough. 4. Negative feelings are simply ALERT signals to change my thoughts. 5. Whatever I focus my attention on, I attract more of the same. 6. When my thinking is right on the inside, things on the outside always turn out right. 7. What I see on the outside of me is a reflection of what's going on inside of me. 8. For someone to upset me, I must allow them to have power over me.