Honesty is the Best Policy

When you are HONEST, when you speak from your heart, you don't have to DEFEND or ARGUE with others, ever

Be Gone All My FEARS

Nothing removes fear, doubt, worry and anxiety from your life faster than when you take the time to love yourself more. 

Self-love is one of most important things you can for for yourself and yet people, out of pure ignorance, refuse to see self-love as something that can make all of their troubles disappear with effortless ease.

Self-love is not narcissistic or self-centered in any way. Self-love is a very powerful act of self-care. Without taking very good care of yourself you will not be able to take good care of others. 

A lack of self-love is the primary reason for people abusing themselves or allowing other people to use and abuse them. 

Most people think they know what self-love is when self-love is so much more than what they think. The fact is self-love is so powerful that it can makes the things going wrong in a person's life turn out right. That is how power true self-love is.  

When you love yourself sufficiently all negativity will vanish from your life like magic. To learn more about the power of self-love, click here


They call my actions INSANITY, I call my actions FAITH.

I've been told doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity. I say it's FAITH. It's having faith that what you're doing will, sooner or later, produce the results you want.  

For example, I have great faith that, sooner or later, people will buy my Twenty-One Day Self-Love Program in abundance in spite of the fact that the current evidence says otherwise.

In the last four months only one person has purchased my program. In spite of such dismal results, every day I continue to post links to my program and share with folks the incredible benefits people receive from my program. Some people call what I doing insanity, I call it FAITH.   

Yes I am doing the same thing over and over again because I don't know anything else to do differently.  Daily I post links to my program and share the benefits of my program with people because I have faith that, sooner or later, people will buy my program in abundance. 

Faith is having confidence that something you want to happen will happen in spite of the fact you have no proof that it will ever happen.

Since I created my program in February of 2015 (based on my personal experiences of going from hating myself to loving myself  exactly as I am) people have bought over 200 copies of my self-love program.  Over a period of two years that certainly isn't many copies and it is certainly not enough to make a living off of it.

This whole process of failure after failure has been a blessing in disguise to me because It has made me love myself more rather than hating myself for failing over and over again.  And while my intention of people buying my self-love program in abundance has not yet been realized, loving myself, in spite of my failures has yielded great benefits to me in the other areas of my life. This includes always have enough money from other sources to continue promoting my self-love program in spite of it losing me money week in and week out.

Yes I have questioned myself why people aren't buying my program and yes I have blamed myself for my failures but I have also forgiven myself for failing. I now see that every day that passes when someone does not buy my program, it is not me failing, it is me becoming stronger in my FAITH that sooner or later, people will purchase my self-love program in abundance. That is what faith is all about, it is having an unwavering intention, that no matter what, what you have FAITH in will, sooner or later, become your reality.  Today I have that kind of FAITH


The EASY way to Attract What You Want.

It is easy to get what you want once you realize that you don't have to DO MORE to get what what you want. You have to feel more.

You have to 'feel it REAL' to get what you want. 

All of the doing-ness in the world won't dissolve, neutralize or counteract your feelings of the lack of something..  

Feeling lack and then doing more because you feel that lack will only produce more lack in your life. 

Any time you feel emotional pain in your life that is because you are attracting the lack of something into your life. Emotional pain is always a signal that you are attracting lack.

To be coached by me in EASILY attracting the things you want, contact me about my coaching services by clicking here.


Trust Yourself

When you don't fully trust yourself, feelings of depression wash over you, you start losing hope in yourself and worry, fear and anxiety begin making a permanent home in your mind. 

The absence of trust, more than any other virtue, has doomed many good men and women to failure.

TRUST the Moment

Your past is nothing but a memory and your future has not yet arrived. If you live your life, fully present, in the here and now, one moment at a time, you will literally become healthy, wealthy and wise.

TRUST your Dreams

Dare to dream big and allow the critics in your life to live quietly with their little dreams of lack and limitation. Do not argue with people who tell you that it is not possible for you to achieve the dreams you desire. The moment you argue with people about the soundness of your dreams, you have been defeated.

TRUST your Will

Trust your free will, your power to choose. Use it to create a heaven on earth for yourself. Use your will to inspire others less fortunate than yourself. Trust your will to see you through the tough times and when you do, you will experience the strength of God's will there too.

TRUST Your Thoughts

Trust your best thoughts, your highest thoughts, the thoughts that inspire you the most. It is your thoughts and actions, alone, that have created the circumstances you have in your life today. If you do not like your current set of circumstances, do not mourn over them endlessly and do not blame yourself or others for what you have today. What you have today is a result of your thoughts and actions of yesterday. What you will have tomorrow will be a result of your thoughts and actions of today.

TRUST in those thoughts that empower you and leave the rest alone.

Choose to think about and act only on those thoughts that strengthen rather than weaken you. Choose to think about thoughts that make you feel good about yourself always and in all ways. Choose thoughts and actions that lift you up and inspire you. Choose thoughts and actions that propel you towards your dreams. Choose your friends carefully. A friend who shares your vision of living a happy, content and prosperous life will do more to help you make your dreams comes true than a thousand friends who do not.

TRUST The Universe

Trust that the universe is on your side, never doubt it for a moment. Trust what you want and the natural process it takes to move it from your mental world into your physical world. If you trust, all the good things you want will come true for you.


Trust that, beginning right now, you can create a "too good to be true" life for yourself that actually turns out to be true rather than living a life that, sadly, for many people turns out to be "too bad to be true".

Hello, my name is Frederick Zappone, the author of this article.I am an independent, Self-Funded Inspirational Writer. I post insights on my INSPIRED LIVING blog that inspire and empower people  Your support of my work with your donations is very much appreciated by me.

To get the RESULTS you want Make PEACE with the Dark Side of your personality, also known as the Shadow side.

We all have a dark side to our personality. It is that part of our personality we are afraid of because we do not fully understand it.  

It is that part of us that always stops us from having what we want. It is the saboteur that lives within us. The dark side of us, is US. 

It is that part of ourselves that we have rejected or disowned because we have judged it to be bad or ugly in some way. 

The problem with rejecting the dark side of our personality is until we make peace with it, it will always makes life hard for us and stop us from attracting to ourselves all the good things we want with no effort at all.  

If you have questions about living in peace and harmony with your dark side, write me by clicking here, I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the dark side of the human personality. 

- Frederick Zappone


Simple Gratitude Messages, Yours Free


Why I Feel Good NO MATTER WHAT......

Nothing can defeat me except my very own thoughts or my thoughts about other people's thoughts, still my thoughts. I have the choice to be the master of my thoughts or to be the victim of them, I choose to be the master of them by feeling good, no matter what.

When I focus on feeling good it is easy for me to make others feel good too. When I focus on feeling bad, it is easy for me to make others feel bad too, that is why I focus on feeling good no matter what. 

My responsibility to feel good is much larger than myself because my mood influences and effects everyone around me. We are not specks of dust in the cosmos, our moods affect everyone. 

Don't misunderstand me. Feeling good, no matter what, doesn't mean that I never feel negative. It just means I recover from my negative feelings very quickly, most times, in a matter of minutes.

If the idea of feeling good no matter what appeals to you, my self-love reminders will inspire you to feel good when you don't so you can make others feel good too. To receive your self-love reminders, click here.



This Reminder is For My Law of Attraction Friends

For those of us who are into the law of attraction we need to remind ourselves that if it feels bad don't continue doing it or continue to think about it. Why?  Because taking action or thinking thoughts that make us feel bad is nothing more than an unwanted mental habit of thought that is attracting to us more of what we don't want,

Now I that have reminded you to continue to work on breaking the mental habit of feeling bad, it is TIME to get on with your most important business and that is feeling good, no matter what.

To remind you to feel good, get a copy of my Self-Love Reminders


Lessons Learned About Fighting and Resisting.

Are you resisting the fact that you don't yet have the money, love, health, relationship or success you want? How is that working out for you? 

Fighting or resisting anything just attracts more things into your life for you to fight with or resist.  Being angry, upset or pissed off, which are a form of resisting and fighting with things, keeps what you want at a distance from yourself, always just outside your reach. In addition it prevents you from attracting what you want with effortless ease?  

Fighting or resisting things is a bad 'mental habit of thought' people get themselves into that keeps the good they want away from them. Fighting or resisting things is a function of  EGO which is made up of people's fear based thoughts and past failures.

If you want to become a master at effortlessly attracting the good you want, I will coach you. That's my specialty, coaching people on how to effortlessly attract the good things they want. For more information about my coaching services contact me by clicking here - Frederick Zappone


Receive a Self-Love Reminder Every Other Day

The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Yourself.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is love yourself regardless of the people or circumstances around you.

Any time you feel negative you are 'unconsciously' abusing yourself in some way. You could be doubting yourself, beating yourself up, criticizing yourself, or putting yourself down.

If you allow your circumstances or the people around you to determine how you feel, they will control the quality of your life and you will not.

Loving yourself regardless of circumstances takes practice but it is  worth it. Loving yourself attracts to you a completely different set of circumstances than when you are putting yourself down in some way. The more you love yourself, the better life will become for you. 

The most important thing you can do for you yourself is giving up arguing with yourself. Arguing with yourself changes nothing and in fact contributes to unwanted conditions and circumstances persisting. 

Arguing with yourself is the worst form of self abuse because it causes you to experience needless guilt, conflict, suffering and pain.

When you begin giving yourself the gift of loving and accepting yourself and your life exactly as it is, on a daily basis, that is when things, in your life, begin changing for the better as if by magic. 

The truth is magic has nothing to do with it while the law of attraction has everything to do with it. When you are loving and accepting yourself regardless of circumstances, you attract the very best things to yourself, often times, in ways the defy all logical explanations. I call these good things miracles in self-love. To read my self-love story, click this link From Self-Loathing To Self-Love, My Journey


Beware The Angry Heart

Anger can lead to real heartbreak. A person's risk of having a heart attacked increased nearly five-fold within two hours of having an angry outburst. According to a Harvard University review of more than 6,000 people who experienced a cardiovascular event. The risk of stroke increased more than threefold. Anger ups heart rate and blood pressure and makes blood vessels stiffen, straining the cardiovascular system.

At one time I was one of the angriest people you could possible know although with a great deal of will power I kept my anger in check. The problem was because I wasn't dealing with my issue of anger it became harder and harder to keep myself from exploding in someone's face. 

I knew I had to deal with my anger when it got so bad that I literally felt my arm starting to slug someone independent of any conscious thought on my part. I was able to stop myself in time but that incident scared me. It made me get to the root of my anger. That's when I discovered that anger was the worst form of self-abuse we can inflict upon ourselves. 

When we don't love ourselves sufficiently our default system is one anger, this is especially true for people brought up in an environment where they had a lot of angry and abusive people in their life.

Today, I rarely feel any angry impulses at all.  It took loving myself sufficiently to exchange my angry heart for a heart of  peace and understanding of myself and others.  If you want read my journey from Self-loathing to Self-Love, click here 

Your Self-Love ALARM Protects You Against Negativity

Do you know where in your body your 'self-love alarm' goes off when you are not loving yourself enough? Mine goes off in my solar plexus. I have become very sensitive to the workings of my solar plexus because it is the seat of all of our emotions. 

As soon as my solar plexus begins tightening up that immediately ALERTS me that whatever I am thinking or doing is taking me away from loving myself sufficiently. If I continue to ignore my self-love alarm I will end up hating myself and putting myself down in many different ways. 

My alarm was persistent. The more I ignored it, the tighter my solar plexus became until I had no choice but to pay attention to it. When my 'alarm' went off it wanted me to quit doing the 'thoughtless, habitual' thing I was doing that was causing me not to love myself sufficiently. 

Each of us has a Self-Love ALARM located somewhere in our body. For some people it is around their heart area. For others it shows up in the form of headaches or pressure around the temples. For still others, they feel nauseated or they feel their alarm go off in their solar plexus. 

In the past I had the bad habit of ignoring my self-love alarm until it was too late. This caused me to suffer needlessly. To break that bad habit I created a series of 'self-love reminder notes' that I sent myself to make me more aware of those times that I was not loving myself sufficiently. If you would like a copy of the 'notes' I used to break my bad habit, you can get your free copy by clicking here.


NOT CARING - The Best Feeling Of Them All.

Not caring means you have no attachment to the outcome of things.  It means you have preferences of how you would like things to turn out but you are not attached to your preferences. 

Not caring gives you a sense of freedom and power you never experience when you are attached to outcomes. Attachment to how things turns out always results in needless suffering.

When you don't care, it is much easier to enjoy life and the people in your life. And when you don't care, the people who used to upset you, no longer upset you, they amuse you.

We were brought up to believe that caring was a good thing. The truth be told according to caring is not all that great.  Here is how defines the word care.

As you can see from reading the dictionary definition of the word care, care means to suffer and that why I don't care. You see suffering of any kind doesn't make anyone's life better

Don't misunderstand me, I am very compassionate and loving. I also understand I have ZERO control over the thoughts and actions of people outside myself so caring about what they do or don't do is a waste of my time and energy. Time and energy I could be using to enjoy life and create products and services that inspire and empower people.


My personal self-love journey showed me how to not care about things I have no control over. You can read about it by clicking here


Fearful American's Should be Ashamed Of Themselves.

I have never seen so many people living in fear since Trump got elected as President. To allow the thoughts and actions of one man determine your state of mind is absolutely ridiculous. It is actually worse than that, it is a form of insanity. Living in a state of fear is so Un-American that if you live that way, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Thinking thoughts of fear will certainly contribute to you attracting what you fear. Thoughts create reality and right now the fearful Americans in this country are doing a damn good job of allowing the 'fear mongers' to control and dominate their thinking. Fear mongers get  their 'power and energy' from you. If you live in fear that is only because you are thinking and believing the worst about mankind rather than the best.

If you live in fear that because you believe you are a powerless, pathetic, speck of dust in the cosmos with no control over your fate when it is your thoughts of fear that are controlling your fate and not the thoughts of anyone living outside yourself.

Get a grip, quit being the victim of your thoughts, become the master of them.  As long as you allow the thoughts of others to control your thinking, they have all the power over your life and you do not.

Quit feeding the 'fear monsters' your power. Take back your power and live the magnificent, powerful life you are destined to live.  Take back your power by countering every thought of fear with thoughts of love.  

Let Thoughts of Love Always Be Your Guide

Love is not some sentimental weakness or mushy feeling, it is so much more than that. Love it is a POWER, a PRESENCE, an INTELLIGENCE that lives with you, go within or go without, use it or lose it. 

Living in fear is not loving yourself at all, it is the most destructive form of self-abuse.  If you want to show up in the world as the powerful person you truly are, love yourself like you have loved no other. 

In the process of loving yourself more, all of your power will be fully restored to you and fear will no longer be your enemy like it once was.  To learn more about the incredible and unbelievable power of self-love to make what's going wrong with your life turn our right, click here



Six (6) Life Changing Insights About YOUR TRUTH.

1. If you are not getting what you want out of life that's only because you are not living your truth. 2. Going against 'your truth' is the #1 cause of failure. 3. Actions you take that are not true for you will always cause you to feel stressed out. 4.Living your truth is the fastest way to achieve all that your heart desires. 5. Going against your truth guarantees you that you will never achieve what you want. 6. Your truth always makes you feel good about being you, that's how you know it's your truth.

#1 Benefit of Relaxation

The more relaxed you are, the more successful you will be and the healthier you will become.  Relaxation opens the mind and makes it more susceptible to inspired ideas whereas stress closes the mind and prevents you from entertaining inspired thoughts and ideas.


5 Affirmations that ATTRACT Money to Me

1. I get paid incredible amounts of money just for being me. 2. I attract money to me from sources unexpected, unexpectedly.  3. The idea of attracting money feels good to me which attracts money to me. 4. I attract money to me because I believe I can and because I believe I can, I do. 5. I am wealthy on the inside which produces equivalent wealth on the outside.
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'How To Make Affirmations Work For you. (The Method)


Let Thoughts of Love Be Your Guide


Wondering Out Loud To No One In Particular.

I wonder if sharing with people that another person has cancer helps spread the fear of cancer?  I wonder if advertising cancer treatments helps spread the fear of cancer? I wonder if sharing fear thoughts about cancer with others increases the fear of cancer? 

I wonder if fear thoughts about cancer contributes to cancer killing people? I wonder if a doctor telling a cancer patient that he or she only has three months to live becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy? I wonder what would happen if people 'loved their cancer cells to death' instead of going to war against them? - I wonder.


Transforming Reactions into Responses

Before I fully express myself to another I transform any 'reactions' I have to what someone says to me into thoughtful responses. This took practice, lots of it. - 

Schedule a LIFE COACHING Session With Me Today

To become the master of your life rather than remaining a victim of it schedule a coaching with me by clicking here.  I do my sessions via Skypes, Phone or Facetime. My fee for a one hour session is $100.00  Sessions are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. - Frederick Zappone, Life Coach

'How To Make Affirmations Work For you. (The Method)

Say it often enough and your word becomes LAW in the Universe.
I can guarantee you the following 5 affirmations will work for you if you follow my instructions to the letter. These affirmations have never failed to work with my clients who followed my instructions.

I Am Loved
I Am Happy
I am Healthy
I Am Wealthy
I Get Paid Incredible Amounts Of Money Just For Being Me.

These affirmations have the power to change your life for the better forever but in order for that to happen you must repeat the affirmations over and over again on a regular and consistent basis until they become anchored in your subconscious mind. 

Once the affirmations become anchored in your subconscious, you will feel them. Once you feel them they begin the process of manifesting into your physical reality as if by magic. In truth, magic has nothing to do with it while 'quantum physics' has everything to do with it.  

These affirmations have produced INCREDIBLE results in the lives of my clients who followed my instructions to the letter. 
Questions and Answers About Affirmations

Question: Do I have to believe an affirmation for it to work for me.
Answer: No, you just have to repeat it until it becomes anchored in your subconscious mind.

Question: Is it best to repeat one affirmation at a time until it becomes anchored in my subconscious mind instead of repeating loads of different affirmation? 

Answer: Yes, repeating one affirmation works best.

Pick out the one affirmation on the list that is most important to you and repeat it until you have achieved subconscious success.

The Repetition Formula goes like this:

Repeat one affirmation until you feel it. Once you feel it that means it is anchored in your subconscious mind, Once it is anchored in your subconscious mind it will begin manifesting itself into your physical reality. As you repeat your one affirmation notice whether you are accepting it or resisting it. If you are resisting it, keep repeating it until the resistance dissolves and you feel your subconscious mind accepting it. 

Question:  How do affirmations work?

Answer:  Once an affirmation becomes anchored in your subconscious mind it  acts on that affirmation and silently guides you to take actions (without any conscious thought on your part required) that results in you attracting to yourself  what you want. As an example, in regards to money, you may be silently guided to buying a lottery ticket at a particular store at or particular time. Or you could be guided to do something or meet someone that results in a money making opportunity showing up in your life that produces the money you want. 

Question: Should I do the affirmation everyday?

Answer:  Take a break from doing an affirmation at least one full day a week. This speeds up the process of the new thought anchoring itself to the subconscious mind. Saying the affirmation is planting the seed, taking a break is allowing it to grow and take root in your subconscious mind.

Schedule a COACHING Session Today

To be coached in successfully using affirmations in your own life  schedule a coaching with me by clicking here. I do my sessions via Skypes, Phone or Facetime.  Sessions are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. - Frederick Zappone, Author and Coach



6 Happiness Insights - Friday 02.10.17

1. Being happy for no reason at all is the best reason. 2. If your happiness is not dependent on anyone or anything outside yourself, no one can take it away from you. 3. Being happy is easy when you are thinking thoughts that make you happy. 4. Unhappiness is an ALERT signal that you are thinking the wrong thoughts for you. 5. Happiness is ability to accept life as it is, not as you want it to be. 6. Expressing gratitude for the happiness you have attracts more happiness to you.


Are You a 'Natural Born Attractor' of the GOOD you want?

I was born into a culture where hard work to get what you wanted was not only revered it was shouted from the roof tops.  

Everything about my culture screamed at me that if I worked hard I would reap the rewards and if I didn't, I would reap nothing at all but pain, heartache, and shame.

Well I am here to tell you from years of personal experience that way of thinking is pure bullshit.  I can point out to you millions of people who worked their asses off all of their life and ended up with nothing. 

I can point out to you millions of hard working people who worked very, very hard to earn the least amount of money. I bought into the ‘hard work’ way of thinking early on in my life but it never worked for me. No matter how hard I worked I never got what I wanted. 

In fact the harder I worked to achieve the success I wanted, the less success I had.. It was only when I stopped working hard that my life changed for the better in all ways. When I stopped working hard I discovered that was a 'natural born attractor' of all the good I want.
All I have to do is think about what I want until it turns it into a feeling. Once I feel what I want, my feelings acting like 'cosmic magnets' go out into the Universe and attract back to me the good I want.  

Any attempt on my part to pursue or chase what I want pushes what I want away from me. Everything I know about being a 'natural born attractor' I put into my book titled:

How To Produce SPECTACULAR Results With Effortless Action


Creating the FEELINGS you want to Feel.

You can feel the way you want to feel by consciously focusing on any particular thought you wish to feel. For example if you want to feel healthy (wealthy, loved, happy) you have to focus on that thought.

All thoughts have consequences and the first place we feel the consequences of our thoughts is in our body. Focusing on a thought energizes it and makes it come alive and that's when we feel it. 

We do not need anything outside ourselves to feel the good feelings we want to feel.  Believing we need something outside ourselves to feel the good feelings that we want to feel makes us a victim of our feelings rather than the author and creator of them.


The TRAP of Feeling Trapped.

Just because you feel trapped does not mean you are trapped.  It is only a feeling that will change when you change your thoughts.

The trapped feeling is so hypnotizing, so mesmerizing, so strong, so powerful that is freezes your thinking. It causes you to operate your life on automatic pilot without any conscious thought on your part that would set you free from the trapped feeling. 

While you may feel trapped it is only a feeling that stays in place because you 'believe' you are trapped.  

No matter what you feel you always have options but if you are stuck feeling trapped you will be unable to 'experience the feeling' that you have options that goes along with the thought that you have options.

Feelings are to humans what gasoline is to cars. It is the fuel that makes us take action. Good feelings produce good actions that produce good results. Bad feelings produce bad actions that produce bad results. Trapped feelings produce no actions which produce no results.

To be coached by me in breaking free from your trapped feeling click here and send me a message.

You are not STUPID so why is life so hard for you?

Do you have too many problems in your life? Do you have difficult problems that you cannot easily solve? Do you have people in your life who make life miserable for you? Do you worry too much? Do you have too much drama, upsets or anxiety in your life? Do you know why?  

Do you think life is hard for you because you are a bad person or because God hates you?  Those are not the reasons. 

Do you want to know why life is  hard for you?  

If you do, write me by clicking here. In the form type Send Me The Answer and I will send you the answer by return email. 

The answer is a single sentence and if you really understand my answer you will be able to turn your life around overnight.


You Want It? If You Do You Must First FEEL IT Real..

I don't care what it is that you want if you can't feel it you won't be able to attract, make or create it.  Before the love, health or money you want can manifest itself into your physical reality you must first feel it real.  


Feeling it real causes you to think the thoughts and take the actions required to turn what you feel into your physical reality.  To have me coach you in becoming a master at turning your feelings into your desired physical reality equivalents contact me by clicking here.

Frederick Zappone, Author, INSPIRED LIVING


The EASY Way To Hear GOD Talking To You.

We can't see or touch God but we can unmistakably feel him. We can feel his presence and energy coursing through our veins. When we are feeling good, we are feeling God being one with us.

The better you feel, the closer to God you are, the worse you feel, the further away from God you are.  All thoughts that make you feel good are from God, the rest are not. 

Fighting with or resisting thoughts that make you feel negative in any way push you away from your 'energetic' connection to God.   

God's advice on maintaining a connection to him is to ALLOW all negative thoughts and feelings to harmlessly pass you by like clouds in the sky. If you do that, they will. This takes practice but it is worth it.

Arguing with or having conversations with your negative thoughts or feelings allows those negative thoughts and feelings to cut you off from your connection to the God of your understanding .

The God of your understanding is constantly sending you trustworthy messages of guidance and advice so you can create a 'heaven on earth' for yourself in spite of the nonsense going on in the world outside of you. Your spiritual birthright is to feel your connection to God all the time and when you are feeling good, you are feeling that connection.

When you are feeling good God's messages of guidance and advice spontaneously appear in your mind out of thin air.  God's messages will appear in your mind on a regular basis as long as you remember all thoughts that make you feel good are from God, the rest are not. 

Monday's Inspirational One Liners 02.06.17

1. You don't need the agreement of others to attract what you want, only your own. 2. I don't pursue things, I attract things by only doing what I love to do. 3. Because you don't agree with me doesn't mean I'm wrong. It means I think differently than you do. 4. All progress in life comes as a result of people who DARE to think differently. 5. When you think differently the pack will ignore you. Think differently anyhow.

I Attract Money! If I Can't Attract it, I Will Do Without! I Definitely Won't Work For It! Crazy? Right! WRONG!

When it comes to making all the money you want, you have to be true to yourself. If you do things for money that are not in accordance with your beliefs about money you will attract a lack of it rather than lots of it. 

For myself, earlier in my life I experienced so much pain and conflict in regards to  pursuing money that I quit pursuing money because all pursuing money ever did for me was attract a lack of it to me.

You cannot expect to make money in abundance if the things you do for money cause you pain, suffering or conflict of any kind. In fact, the more pain and conflict you have around money the less money you will make until you end up hardly making any money at all.  

That's what happened to me. If you want to read my full story about my personal relationship with money where I went from being a money disaster to a money master, you can read it by clicking here.


My rule for attracting money is simple one. 

Attracting money must be FUN, EASY for me to do and make me FEEL GOOD about being me.  If attracting money doesn't do those things for me I will do without it rather than pursue it.
All that is required for you to attract all the money you want is believe you can do it because whatever you truly believe you can do will come true for you.  One of the reasons people can't attract the money they want is they don't believe they can.

If you want to read my unconventional views about money that allow me to attract all the money I want with no effort at all get my book: A Tough Love Book About Money.  People either love or hate my book because it challenges everything people think they know about money.  The people who love my book are the ones who are sick and tired of never having enough money or are tired of always experiencing a lack of money.


My Best is NEVER Good Enough. I'm okay with that.

I never fight with negative thoughts that judge me to be deficient in some way.  Why? Because fighting with negative thoughts only makes me feel lower than a snake's belly and since I don't like feel badly about myself I don't fight with negative thoughts at all. 

I've learned to accept negative thoughts as part of my life and move on.  As an example, all my life I have been told my best wasn't good enough. I was told that my best was not good enough so often that I came to believe it. I not only believed it but I collected years of proof, especially in my chosen field of writing, that my best is not good enough.

I love writing but few people buy my books, I've published six so far. I love posting messages to my blog but people rarely comment. All of this is proof to me that my best isn't good enough. I have no idea why people don't comment on my blog posts or buy my books. Maybe my writings aren't appealing enough, maybe they don't stir people's emotions enough. Maybe I am too arrogant or come across as a know it all or a holier than thou person. I have no idea how I come across to people.

I have tried to change so other people would approve of my writings but the more I changed to please others, the less I was pleased with myself... The worst part of being told that your best is not good enough is using that criticism as an excuse to beat yourself up or criticize yourself for not living up to the standards other people have set for you.

I don't beat myself up any more for my best not being good enough.  Learning to love and accept myself exactly as I am has allowed me to accept that my best isn't good enough. Here is the important thing, my best may not be good enough in the eyes of others but I made up my mind that my best is always good enough in my own eyes. 

As long as I am worried about other people accepting my best as good enough, I am doomed to a lifetime of hurt and disappointment. However once I accepted my best was good enough for me, I have been able to write and enjoy the process of writing regards of whether people leave comments about my writings or buy my books. In the final analysis, experience has taught me that my best for today is always good enough because my best of today will always be better tomorrow.

In other words, practice makes perfect and eventually my writings will become so good that people will buy my books in the millions, that is if I live long enough.  I will admit, if people buy millions of my books after I die, I am going to be royally pissed off on the other side. 😊

Unhappy? Dissatisfied? Don't Know What To Do About It?

Comment: I am unhappy and I am not sure what to do about it?

Answer: Don't do anything about it. Don't judge yourself for being unhappy and don't try to run away from it. Just be with it. 

Chances are you are unhappy because you have been so busy pursuing something you thought would make happy but in reality the 'pursuit of it' has made you more unhappy than you were before you started.

Many people use their unhappiness to motivate themselves to become happy.  If you are unhappy, using your unhappiness to help you achieve something you think will make you happy will only make you unhappier. 

Instead of being unhappy about being unhappy or resisting your unhappiness which will only make you more unhappy, be with it. 

STOP,  BREATHE and be with your unhappiness. 

If you do that, you will notice your unhappiness is either a result of you doing something you really don't want to do OR it is because you are pursuing something that is just not yours to have.

To be happy, you first have to OBSERVE or notice what you are doing that is making you unhappy and then do the opposite of it.  That's the simplest and most effective solution to your unhappiness. Notice what is making you unhappy and then do the opposite of it. For example.

If waiting for something is making you unhappy, don't wait.
If wanting something is making you unhappy then don't want.
If doing nothing is making you unhappy, do something.
If you judge yourself harshly, allow those judgments to pass you by.
If thinking too much is making you unhappy, think less.

You get the idea, stop and think what is making you unhappy and then do the opposite of it and your happiness will be restored to you.

AUTHOR NOTE: I know this is a stupid article, at least my 'super critical mind' judges it to be that way but that's all I got this morning.  

I am not going to make myself unhappy because I don't have a better piece of writing to give you or because my super critical mind has just judged what I sharing with you as something stupid. 

My happiness is dependent on me loving and accepting myself, exactly as I am, moment by moment, rather than making myself wrong for how I am thinking and feeling in any given moment of time.. That's why when my mind is being super critical of what I am doing, I don't make myself wrong for my mind judging me, I simply accept it and allow the unwanted judgment to harmlessly pass me by, like clouds in the sky, and it does.

Unconditionally Loving The IMPERFECT You


Unhappiness is an 'Alert Signal' You Are Off Your PATH

We all have an unique path to travel through life that will give us all the benefits, perks and rewards our heart yearns for if we stay true to our path. Problems for us begin when we believe the path another person (celebrity, athlete, etc.) is traveling is better than our own.  

You see if you believe the path another person is traveling will get you the love, health, fame or fortune you want faster than your own path, that is when unhappiness with your own path sets in. 

Believing another person's path is better than your own is the first great act of self-sabotage.  You see if you loved yourself sufficiently, you would clearly see the path you are on is the perfect path for you and will allow you to achieve all the health, wealth and prosperity you can handle.

Being unhappy about anything is an alert signal that you are moving off of your own path. Moving off your own path will result in you thinking the wrong thoughts and take the wrong actions for you.  

These wrong thoughts (and the actions you take as a result of those thoughts) will continue to flood your mind until you quit following the path other people are on and get back on your own path. 

It is only by traveling your own unique path that you will find the freedom to be a 'full blown you' and achieve the success you want doing what makes you happy and makes you feel really good about being you.

You Are More POWERFUL Than You Know. (Article)

1. Thoughts are what you want to believe.  

2. Feelings tells you what you actually believe. 

3. Feelings are what makes your beliefs real to you.

To change what you really believe you must through repetition repeat your new belief (thought), often enough, until it becomes anchored in your subconscious mind. Once that happens, your word will become LAW in your universe and will manifest itself into your physical reality.

Nothing in your life will substantially change until you change your beliefs. The most crippling belief you currently have is not loving all of yourself. Anything less than total acceptance of yourself exactly the way you are destroys your ability to be the magnificent, powerful, lovable to the core person you are destined to be.

Rejection of any part of yourself is what causes you unnecessary stress, tension, worry, self-doubt and needlessly suffering. 

When you love yourself sufficiently you will be able to live in peace and harmony with both your strengths and weaknesses and feel totally confident in fully expressing yourself rather than continuing to go through life holding yourself back or depressing yourself in any way. 

Until you love yourself sufficiently (which gives you the ability to fully accept yourself as you are) you will never possess the strength and power to create your life exactly the way you want it to be.


Are You TOO HARD On Yourself?

There is nothing worse that being highly critical of ourselves for not being the perfect person we want to be. Being critical of ourselves does not make us a better person, it makes us a far worse person.

Often times we are trying to reach standards of success or perfection that we never set for ourselves in the first place. 

The standards of success we pursue that cause us to reject ourselves when we fail were set by other people during our growing up years. 

Those standards could have been set by our parents, teachers, relatives or our local minister. Regardless, trying to be perfect or achieve levels of success that other people wish to see us achieve has caused many a good person to suffer needlessly. 

Giving yourself the gift of unconditional self-love is the greatest gift you can possibly give yourself.  Giving yourself this gift takes both time and practice but it is worth it to be able to live in peace and harmony with both the good and not so good sides of yourself.

On the Internet the success you see other people achieving is presented to you by folks who only bring their 'A' game to the Internet. Behind the scenes of their lives they have the same problems and personal conflicts that you have with yourself, something you rarely see.  

You may admire the lifestyle of the Kardashians but I guarantee you they have more problems and conflicts than you will ever have. And worse yet, because they are in the public eye all the time, they always have to be at their best which only creates constant unwanted stress.

Learning to accept your weaknesses and imperfections is perfection. When you can live in peace and harmony with both the saint and sinner sides of you, you're as close to perfection in this life as you will ever get.

By the way, you don't have to like your weaknesses or imperfections to accept them, you only have to accept them to experience more love and appreciation of yourself.  

In the final analysis, it doesn't matter if you are successful or perfect in the eyes of others, it only matters that you love yourself unconditionally.


Inspirational One Liners For Friday 02.03.17

1. Worry is a form of self abuse, not self love. 2. Accepting your imperfections is perfection. 3. Sharing fear spreads fear. Sharing love spreads love. We choose what we share. 4. Jumping to conclusions is a good way to emotionally hurt yourself. 5. It is far more valuable to live your truth than it is to preach it! -Tina Unique Faith


People who Threaten People are FULL OF FEAR..

If you know of anyone who threatens people all the time, they do it because they are full of fear themselves.  Only a person who is afraid will bully and threaten other people.  Threatening people will only work for so long until people get sick and tired of being threatened and that is when the days of the bully will begin to end. 

People who truly love themselves have no need to threaten or attempt to control other people, only fearful people do.

How I'm Handling My Fears About AMERICAN Politics

I am no different than a lot of people, what is going on in American politics is scaring me.. What's worse is that the American people are scaring me.  We as a nation have become so divided in our thoughts and political beliefs about Trump that fear mongering in America is at an all time high. We have lost our ability to be civil with one another about our differences of opinion over Trump.  

The truth be told, I don't know what to believe these days because everyone seems to be twisting the facts for their own purposes. I honestly don't know if Trump is a saint or a sinner, only time will tell. In the meantime, I choose not to participate in conversations with people that could increase my fears about American politics.


When I feel fear, I don't resist it, I allow it to harmlessly pass me by like clouds in the sky and it does.  My journey on the path of self-love taught me how to do that. My journey taught me that when I am living in fear I am not loving myself, I am abusing myself.

The biggest lesson I learned, on my self-love journey,  is that fear is only a problem for me when I resist it. In fact, when I resist fear it grows in strength and power over me. It causes me to become stressed out and if I don't rein in my fears they can make me a basket case.  However, when I face my fears head on they dissolve naturally.

The other lesson I learned on my self-love journey was to trust and honor my positive feelings more than I was honoring and trusting my negative feelings. I was giving my negative feelings way too much power, in my life, causing me many a sleepless night. 

I learned that I had somehow allowed myself to become afraid of my very own thoughts and feelings and the fear of my own thoughts and feelings didn't end until I starting embracing my fears. 

I did that by literally loving my fears to death. By doing that I starting loving my fears right out of existence. 

It was when I got sick and tired of being afraid and scared of every little thing that I embarked on my personal self-love journey where I would learn to love everything about myself that, in the past, I had resisted, disliked or hated in some way.

Because of my self-love journey I have learned how to live in peace and harmony with the good and bad parts of me, with both the saint and sinner sides of me.

For those of you are who interested everything I learned about making fear disappear from my life I put my experiences on how I did that into a program I created called the 21 Day Self-Love Program, you can read about it by clicking here.


Pursuing what I want HURTS, so I don't.

I have found pursuing things whether it has been love, health or money does not work for me. As much as pursuing is revered and encouraged in American society, it just plain does not work for me. 

All pursuing has ever done for me is repeatedly created the experience of failure, hurt and disappointment. Funny thing is, long before the law of attraction was promoted and written about in modern times, I always had much more success at attracting things than I have ever had at pursuing things. However because I have a tendency to be 'bat shit stupid' from time to time, I would revert back to my 'old ways' of pursuing things with always the same result of failure, hurt and disappointment.

I did this so often that I began to believe I was addicted to pain because that is all I ever got out of pursuing things, pain and more pain.  It has taken an awful lot of unnecessary pain and suffering on my part to learn that pursuing what I want always pushes what I want away from me rather than attracting it to me.  It is only when I relax, and let go, that it is easy for me to attract anything I want with no effort at all. 

Inspirational One Liners Thursday 02.02.17

1. Living in fear is being a victim of life. 2. As long as people feel fear more than they feel love, fear wins. 3. Fear makes you do things that love would never make you do..  4. Fear feeds the 'dark side' of the human personality. Feeding it love renders it harmless. 5. Live in fear, live in love, we choose how life will be for us.



Getting what you Want, NOW!

We unwittingly stop ourselves from attracting the good things we want by convincing ourselves that we can figure it our on our own. That's what I thought and as a result of thinking that way, it took me years to attract the good things I wanted instead of  attracting them in a matter of a few weeks, often times, in matter of days.

I have made all the mistakes you could possibly make in regards to successfully using the law of attraction. The biggest mistake I made was not understanding the part 'resistance' played in attracting to me or pushing away from me the good things I wanted.

In fact before I became a master at attracting my good, I was at master at resisting my good. I didn't plan it that way, it just turned out that way because I wasn't willing to take the good advice of others who had faced what I faced and successfully worked through it to the other side.

If you are tired playing 'mental games' with yourself when it comes to attracting what you want,  the information on my web page about 'releasing your resistance' to the good things you want will make a difference in your life. It might just make all the difference. To read what I know about the good and bad sides of resistance, click here